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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with staff waiting for Adi. Adi comes office and thinks of Ishita’s gift. Peon says Romi asked me to take your sign on this file. Adi says later, if its necessary, take Mihir’s sign. Peon says Adi never did like this. Adi thinks of hotel man’s words. He sees the necklace and says whats happening, shall I talk to Ishi Maa about this necklace or not, no… whom to share this with. Adi asks whats all this flowers and all. Peon says its for you, someone got this. Adi receives it. Aaliya calls him and asks did you like it. Adi says its written happy anniversary. She says yes, did you forget last year we got engaged on this day and Raman and Ishita got married, here was much chaos, we kept Shagun away, our love story is exciting, you send me a selfie with the flowers

and gifts. Adi asks her to stop this kiddish things, shall I remember this day, Ishita and Raman are not together, I m busy, bye.

She says how rude, I surprised him, he did not remember anniversary date too. He says Aaliya does not see mood and time, always celebrations. She says he did not come to meet me, he is ignoring me, I will not answer his call now. Her phone rings. She says I knew he is going to call. She sees its Mani’s call. He asks how are you. She says fine. He asks her to come Adelaide with Shagun and Pihu. She says no, you carry on, I m angry on Adi, he forgot our engagement anniversary, I have sent a surprise, he ignored me and asked me not to do kiddish things.

He says Adi will be disturbed, you know Ishu and Raman got remarried on this day and now they are not together. She says he would have said it calmly. He says you are saying it angrily, you asked me to think calmly that Ishu can’t do that with Shagun, when the brakes fail matter was going on, thanks to you, Ishu and I sorted out the matter, you talk to Adi, he is stressed as his mom and dad are not together, you have to be easy on him, shall I book tour tickets, you want to go India to meet him. She says no. He asks her to smile. She says I m smiling, I will sort out the problem. He says keep smiling. She ends call. He hopes Adi is fine. She says Adi is lying and making excuses.

Pihu likes the daal chawal and says Papa never lies, he said right, you make this very well, I will tell Papa, pack this for me and Papa. Shagun agrees. Pihu gets Raman’s call and talks to him. Shagun says all day Papa Papa, Raman may ask her to accept Pihu, I have to break their connection, Pihu is close to Raman, it means she can get close to Ishita.

Mihir comes to Adi and likes flowers. He says Aaliya has sent flowers right, what a sweet friend. Adi thinks to talk to Mihir or not. Mihir asks why are you tensed, tell me, share with me, whats the matter. Adi tells his friend’s problem, his Bua got separated from her husband, she wants to move on, my friend does not know this decision is right or wrong, will you give any advice. Mihir says there is one advice, to share things, we are lost in work and phones, we don’t talk, keep communication channels open, all problems get solved, like your friend needs to talk to his Bua, you should talk to Aaliya, Aaliya has sent all this, did you thank her, this is the problem, Mani called me and said Aaliya is upset, I felt I should talk to you, she is your fiancee, you have to talk to her, she is sweet and did all this, you should thank her.

He explains Adi well. He asks him to help himself first. Adi says I will call Aaliya in sometime. Mihir says why later, call now. He calls Aaliya. Aaliya smiles. Mihir asks Adi to talk and goes. Aaliya says I will not patchup till you say sorry 100 times, keep on calling. Adi says answer it. Aaliya answers and says say it. He says what. She says what you should say. He asks how are you. She says fine, even weather is good, you can ask stupid questions but not say sorry, don’t call me. He says listen, I m sorry. She asks him to book her ticket. He agrees. She says now I got him. He thinks how to tell Aaliya all my worries.

Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she is going Singapore for imp conference, else she would have cancelled it. Adi comes and asks what. Mrs. Bhalla tells Adi about Ishita’s trip. Ruhi says I will come along, Ishita says no, you will be bored there, I have work. Simmi says we will plan family trip and go together, when is Ishita coming back. Ishita says 7 days, I will be back then. She goes to pack bags. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to get Ishita’s signed cheques, and thinks how will business run without her, I will tell Amma, maybe she will make snacks. Ruhi says I will give shopping list to Ishita, and asks Adi if he needs anything. Adi gets thinking.

Ishita talks to Vidyut and says I m packing bags, you already reached there, its long flight, it will be tiring, I got that shopping bag, thanks, see you in Adelaide. She checks a file and keeps the packet in cupboard. Adi is on call and tells Aaliya that he is booking tickets now. He says I love you, I will call you back and ends call. He sees Ishita’s boarding pass and recalls Ishita’s words. He says maybe she did online checking. He checks and says she is not going Singapore, she lied to me, she is going Adelaide.

Adi shows the gift to Ruhi and says Ishi maa went with some man on lunch, I think there is something. She says relax, are you sure. He says there is something, flowers, letter, gift, this gives hint. He gets a call from restaurant manager and thanks him. He tells Ruhi that Ishi Maa met Vidyut Sahay. She says why will she meet him. He says he is ex-cricketer and commentator, I think she is going Adelaide him, as he has work there, next cricket match is there. She says I will ask Ishita, I will give this gift, okay, relax. She goes to talk to Ishita. Adi hopes Ruhi finds the truth and truth is not what he is thinking.

Ishita says I m so stressed out, we will meet in Adelaide, it will be problem if anyone sees us Vidyut, my children are doubting on me, my daughter Ruhi questioned me, I don’t like lying to them. Ruhi gets shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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