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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mihika asking Romi who is this Vidyut, and you are getting ready to meet him. Romi asks don’t you know him, he is ex cricketer and now became a commentator, I got two passes and going. She says I made plan, cancel your plan. He says please, I will get chance to listen to his commentary, don’t do this. He gets Vicky’s call and says I will reach in 5mins. She says you always do this. He leaves. She says now Vidyut got imp than me, I will ask Ishita will she come for shopping with me. She calls Ishita.


Ishita does not answer the calls. She gets a message and says messages started on not answering calls, this is madness sign, I have to delete all messages. A lady gets her daughter for treatment. Ishita asks the girl to come. She does not delete messages and


Raman gets Pihu home and tells Shagun that he took Pihu to play badminton. Shagun thanks him and acts. He says please, I m not Pihu that I don;t catch your lies, I understand everything. She asks what do you mean. He says you made rules and can’t change, I know Pihu is trophy for you, not a daughter, don’t neglect her, I will not bear this. He goes. She says he spoiled my mood, first his wife used to give lecture, and now he started. Maid says I made Pihu sleep, shall I set your bed. Shagun says yes, Raman is helping me a lot, else I would have not managed Pihu alone, its good to get rid of Ishita.

Ruhi asks Ishita to sleep. Ishita says I have to do surgery tomorrow. Ruhi goes to get her phone. She finds the phone lock. Ishita asks whose message is it. Ruhi says why is your phone asking password, you never kept passwords. Ishita says yes, but now its there, everyone has it, you also have, I m the mother, I should ask you, why are you asking. Ruhi says I m not questioning, I have password in phone but… Ishita says but your case is different, we are equally human, whose messages will I get, bank etc. She asks Ruhi not to bother, go and sleep. Ruhi goes. Ishita answers call and says why are you making so many calls and messages, its risky, I have children and family here, my daughter was sitting here, I can’t answer them, no we can’t meet like this, is it so necessary, fine I will come tomorrow, sleep now, good night. She ends call and smiles.

Its morning, the society committee head talks to everyone and tells about the complains. They complain about a woman Poornima, the building is losing name. Secretary says we will ask them to vacate the house. Mrs. Bhalla says no, who are we to tell about her character, she is a nice woman, why can’t she decide whom to meet. Mr. Bhalla says yes, her husband left her, he used to beat her, if there is a man in her life, whats wrong. The lady says we have responsibility towards children, we have to see its effect. Ruhi come with Adi and claps.

Ruhi says I m really proud of Dadi and Dadu, we will support you, sorry to say, I m young, but still you were saying about influence on kids, we are educated, sensible, if we behave with Poornima, where will she go. Ishita hears Ruhi. Ruhi says we are creating difficulty for Poornima, she will decide for her life, if she decided to move on, we should support her as good neighbors, everyone needs a companion, her inlaws are supporting, who are we to stop her, she did not leave her husband, her husband left her, what’s her fault, I m sorry, I just came to ask for cupboard keys from Dadi. Mrs. Bhalla says I m proud of your thinking, you did not say wrong. Ishita smiles reading a message and goes.

Ruhi asks Adi what wrong did I say. Adi asks did she think we are in same situation, Papa has left Ishi Maa, there is no one with her, this thing applies to her, if Ishi Maa moves on, will you say this, its same situation for Poornima aunty and Ishi Maa. Ruhi says no, this does not apply for Ishi maa, she can’t think of moving on, will she leave us, there was no love between Poornima and her husband, Papa and Ishi Maa have love in their relation. Adi says Papa left us and did not call us since a year, you think Papa loves Ishi Maa. She says yes, he loves Ishi Maa. He says Papa did not see family, even Ishi Maa has right to get someone who loves and cares for her. Ruhi asks how can she think of someone else, what are you saying. She goes.

Ishita meets someone at cafe. She sees a necklace and says its so beautiful, what was the need for this expensive set. He says why. She says you should have not sent flowers at home, Papa ji saved me, but it was awkward for me. He says its okay. She says its not okay, if anyone sees us meeting like this. He asks her to come along, trust me, it will be fun. She asks what will I tell family. He says say anything, conference or anything, its one year, maybe you got a new chance to start love. She gets call and says I can’t do this. He says I m trying to convince you, your passport, see, I got your visa done. She asks what, did you take my passport for this, Australia…. he says its a beautiful place, you will love it, book the tickets, I m going in next flight, shall I book your tickets. She says no, I can’t be spotted with you, today I noticed my family supporting a woman who wants to move on, my family is amazing, very supportive, I feel why am I hiding everything, why don’t I tell them, I should tell them. He says not now, when right time comes, tell them. She says I should rush to clinic. He says fine, we will meet in Adelaide. She goes and leaves the necklace there.

Shagun asks Pihu to come and have food. Pihu says please make daal chawal, Papa says we should not eat burger and pizza. Shagun says fine, I will ask maid to maid it. Pihu says I want to have it now, made by you, please. Shagun agrees. Pihu says love you mumma. Adi reaches the cafe. The man asks did you come from Ishita Bhalla’s house. Adi says yes. The man says she forgot this valuable gift here, we got her number and called home. Adi thanks him and sees the diamond necklace. He sees the note and asks are you sure, this is Ishita Bhalla’s gift. The man says yes, I know her, she is dentist, my daughter went to her for treatment, she was with a gentleman. Adi asks who. The man says Vidyut, ex cricketer, they have come together many times here. Adi says okay, I will give this to her. He thinks of Ishita coming here for lunch. Adi leaves.

Ishita is on the way and thinks what to do, what to tell family. I have to book tickets for tonight. She gets Adi’s call. He asks where are you. She lies that she is going market, she was in clinic since morning, is there anything. He says no, just asking. She says fine, see you later. He ends call and says why is she lying…..

Mihir asks Adi whats the matter, tell me, why are you hiding. Adi says I m tensed because of my friend, his Bua got separated from her husband and wants to move on, my friend is worried about his decision, will you give any suggestion.

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