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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pihu telling Shagun that Raman made her project. Shagun says its lovely. Teacher asks Pihu to come and keep the science model. Raman goes along. Mani calls Shagun and asks how is she, Pihu, home. He says sorry, I m travelling. She says I m fine, don’t take stress, I understand your business, where are you. Mani says I m in Australia, its beautiful place, you should also come here, you will love it. She says I m bored here, but you will be busy there. He says make a plan and I will take leave. She says no, keep travelling and sending me gifts. He laughs and asks about Pihu. She tells Raman has made the science model for Pihu, Raman is helping a lot, else it would be tough, I will talk later. Mani says Pihu has to win, as her father left entire family for her.



and Ruhi address everyone about the event to felicitate fathers. Ruhi says we are glad to nominate our Papa in this and thinks of Raman. She says my Papa is my superhero and my best friend. Adi says I can’t imagine my life without my Papa, who made many sacrifices for us, who is a true inspiration for us. Mihika and Ishita come there. Adi smiles seeing Ishita and says I want to introduce you all to my Papa, our Ishi Maa. Ishita and everyone get surprised. Everyone clap. Adi says on father’s day, we came to congratulate her, she gave us mum and dad’s love too, we love you. Ruhi says yes, I love you Ishi maa. Everyone clap. They go and hug Ishita.

Pihu and Raman are in the function. Pihu wins the first prize for best model. Teacher asks Pihu to thank her teachers. Pihu thanks her teachers and Raman. She says Raman is world’s best Papa, I want to share this with Papa, its father’s day today, its a small gift from my side, love you Papa, please come and share this trophy. Raman smiles and says love you too. He goes on stage and hugs Pihu. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………….

Later, Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi that she packed parathas for Ananya. Neela says someone got the flowers, its for Ishita. Mihika says its lovely. Simmi says who can send this, maybe Adi. Adi asks what. Simmi says we know you have sent this for Ishita. Adi says I did not, maybe Ruhi did this. Ruhi comes. They tell Ruhi that bouquet is cute. Ruhi says I did not send this. Ishita comes and says its beautiful bouquet, did I miss anyone’s birthday, why are you all looking at me. Simmi says this is for you. Ishita asks for me? She sees the card and smiles. Ruhi and Adi look on. Mrs. Bhalla asks who is this loving person.

Ishita says I don’t know, maybe its a prank. Simmi asks Ishita to say it, very few know you like white lilies. Ishita says no one. Mr. Bhalla comes and says I know she likes white lilies, so I have sent this, she has managed this house as a son, I don’t miss Raman or anyone. Ishita thanks him and goes. Appa says I m lucky that Ishu got such loving inlaws. Mrs. Bhalla says we are lucky to get such son-bahu for us. Mr. Bhalla says I want to make her happy and end her loneliness, I will be glad the day when Raman comes back. Everyone get sad,

Raman attends call and is leaving for meeting. He goes to have some food. He does not get anything in kitchen. He thinks to order food. He orders food. He says Delhi was good, home made food…. He recalls Mrs. Bhalla and gets sad. He gets a call and says what shall I do for 10 mins. He sees Ishita’s videos and smiles thinking of her. He says I miss everyone, what to do, I can’t come there even if I want. He gets the food delivered.

Ishita thanks Mr. Bhalla for saving her. He says its fine, I understand, but who has sent the flowers, its okay if you don’t want to say. She says I have to go clinic. He asks her to go. She leaves. He worries and says my doubt was right, I think there is someone in Ishita’s life, I can’t tell this to Toshi ji, Raman has left Ishita, she has her own life.

Shagun tells the man that she is bored of kick boxing, change my workout regime. A lady greets her. Shagun says sorry, I did not recognize you. The lady reminds her and compliments her looks. Shagun says my husband’s business shifted to Bangkok and we shifted here last year. The lady asks her why did she not come in reunion, we should meet. Shagun says we will go for a drink, else my home. She takes her number.

Shagun is happy to know some gossip, it will be exciting. She says I had to pick up Pihu today, one person can help me. Raman talks to his staff. He gets Shagun’s call. She asks will you pick Pihu. He says its your turn, I pick Pihu on Fridays. She asks what, confusion, I made plans, please pick her. Raman says she has no confusion and making excuse. He says fine, I will pick her up, don’t worry for my meeting, your plans are more imp. She ends call and thanks him. Raman cancels meetings and says nothing is imp than my daughter.

Shagun talks to her friend. The lady asks are you happy with your marriage. Shagun says I have designer sarees, diamonds, everything. The lady says you are bored now. Shagun asks how did you know. The lady says you were liked by many guys in college, you used to date guys and leave them, you never thought to settle with anyone. Shagun says Mani is good, but there is no excitement in marriage, this happened with Raman too, then Ashok came in my life, I thought to marry him, he was commitment phobic, then Manoj came in my life, suddenly I got attracted to Raman again, then in this process I got married to Mani.

The lady says you had many relationships. She reminds Vidyut, college’s head boy, India’s ex cricketer. Shagun says I don’t remember. The lady says everyone knew you like her, meet him once. Shagun asks are you crazy. The lady asks her to meet him and whats harm in flirt, you have to go back to husband. Shagun agrees and says there will be some excitement in life, Vidyut….. interesting.

Ruhi asks Ishita… Ishita says everyone has passwords in phone, even you have, I m mother, why are you asking me. Ruhi says ya I have password but… Ishita says but your case is different, we are equally human, its okay, whose messages will I get anyway, normal bank etc.

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