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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman getting his bag. Everyone cry. Raman says congrats for your family, the house where my daughter is not there, I won’t stay there, when I see Ishita’s face, I will realize I got away from Pihu, you stay with the ones here, I m going to stay with Pihu, no one can make me away from her. He cries and leaves from the house. Mrs. Bhalla asks someone to stop Raman. Everyone cry. Ishita cries. Ruhi and everyone console her.


One year leap is shown. Scene shifts to Bangkok. Shagun talks to servants and asks whats good about this morning, this city is boring, is there anything new. The maid says there is a new mall. Shagun says I visited it yesterday, its ridiculous. She drinks tea. Maid asks her to try new nail colors. Shagun says no. Maid asks her to go on

city tour. Shagun says down market, why will I do there. She talks to her friend and says I will meet you on lunch. She says I don’t know how I spent a year here.

At Ishita’s clinic, a lady asks receptionist to check for the doctor, I will wait, my nephew just wants this doctor. Ishita treats the boy. Lady praises Ishita. Ishita talks to the patient. The doctor asks Ishita how does she get energy, working without a break, don’t you get bored. Ishita says I have no time for boredom, my work and family, so many patients are waiting. The doctor praises Ishita and says we are number one dentist clinic today because of you, you did not take any leave since one year, why don’t you take break. Ishita says no break for me. Doctor goes. Ishita sees Raman and Pihu’s pic and cries. She recalls Raman and Pihu. Aansun ka rishta…….plays…………..

Ruhi talks to Raman’s pic and cries. She says its one year you left us, Papa I really miss you, please come back, since you went, we have tried finding you, don’t know what happened to Ishi Maa, she just works all the time, please come back. Adi calls out Ruhi. Ruhi records video message. She hides Raman’s pic. Adi asks her to come for arrangements. He says we are late because of you, everyone reached venue. She says you go, I will just come.

Ruhi cries and says I can’t tell anyone that I was talking to your pic Papa, no one has forgiven you, but I really miss you, come back Papa.

Raman answers call and asks where is the helicopter, does any thing gets done on time or not. The man gets the helicopter. Pihu calls him. He says what, your science project started, I m coming with the helicopter. He cancels all the meetings and leaves. The lady says Sir came here to manage business or daughter, Sir does all the work, what does mother do. Shagun plays cards with the ladies.

The lady says your husband always goes on work tours and gets gifts for you. Other lady asks what does her first husband get for her. Shagun calls them jealous. She says I m bored, I will go. Lady says you could have stayed for more time. Shagun says its boring, there is no excitement in my life. Lady says I know, its all settled, you have no wish to acquire anything, you have everything, no fights and challenges.

Shagun says yes, there was phase when I tried to get Raman back, it was fun and challenging, even Ashok is not here, I made many guys dance on my fingers, Raman and Ashok, and now everything is on my toes, I wanted to get Pihu’s custody, I got that also, I fought with Ishita and it was so much fun, Mani is a great guy and does everything for me, diamonds, brands, I don’t know, I m so bored. She gets a call and says sorry, I will reach in 10mins. Lady says finally, there is some excitement in your life, it was Pihu’s call right. Shagun says whats exciting, I have to do mother’s duty. She goes. Lady says she feels mother’s duty boring, women love to have children and duties.

Ishita talks to other patients. Lady says I hope Pihu is fine in Bangkok. Ishita recalls Raman’s words. Mihika meets Ishita and says I told your secretary to cancel the appointments today. Ishita asks why. Mihika reminds they have to go in birthday party. Ishita refuses and says I will go home and sleep. Mihika says you have to come, whats wrong with you, you are looking beautiful, you don’t have to change. Ishita goes to freshen up. Mihika calls someone and says we are leaving from here.

Pihu calls Raman and asks where are you. Raman smiles seeing her and says I have come, I got the helicopter, I came walking. Pihu asks did you come by walk from office. He says yes, I can do anything for you. She calls him world’s best Papa. Shagun comes and says sorry to be late. Pihu says Papa made this for me.

Adi congratulates Ishita for being their mother and father, and wishes her happy fathers day. Pihu gives speech on father’s day and says I have to gift you something.

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