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Yeh dooriyan (Episode 38)

Yeh dooriyan



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Recap : Shonali’s truth out, swara kidnapped


*Swara’s pov*

It’s been a week since they have kidnapped me,they kept on changing my location, in all those days I just pray for sanskar’s well-being and I just hope he has signed the deal, although I make sure while shouting that sanskar heard me, I know if I would say that, that project is my dream he will sign that in anyway, he can’t let me down.

That’s what it’s called true love, in this one week I have seen worst side of Ashish, but everytime Shonali saved me. I’m still confused about her, but one thing is Sure that she has a soft corner for me. I just want to bring her good side up. I heard the door opening, it was Shonali as usual she came in with food. She untie my mouth and forwarded a morsel towards me.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked her as now I want answers.

“Have food swara, if Aashish came then he won’t let you eat properly” she said

“I don’t want any food Shonali, I want answers!!” I yelled

I can see her expressions changing at her name, her real name, Shonali. So I tried something, I just hope it works.

“Di ! Please di, tell me what’s this? Why you are behaving nicely with me? Please Shonali di” I was stressing the word ‘di’ in hope that she will respond to that, and yes she did.. but she left crying from there, making me shock.

*Swara’s pov end*

*Shonali’s pov*

I came out crying. I can face her, she is so innocent, so kind, even after all this she is calling me di. This guilt will kill me one day. I’m cursing myself why I trusted dadi? Why? I still remember, when I landed in India leaving sanskar at Singapore and I met dadi at airport. She told me everything. She told me that she knew that I am Shonali.

She told me how in childhood she had filled venom in my mind about swara and ma, she told me how she always manipulate things in such way that makes me believe that ma is discriminating between me and swara but no. Ma never does that. I came to know about another harsh reality that after getting saved from the waves an NGO contacted dadi about me, and she bribed them to send me to orphanage.

Only because of her hatred for swara she has spoiled my life also. In orphanage they use to treat me like servant. I use to crave for ma’s love, I want to sleep in her lap but it just can’t happen.

After knowing truth I tried to convince Ashish for leaving swara but this bastard has double crossed me. He started using swara for her own benefits, he was never with me, he just wanted to use swara fir spoiling sanskar’s deal.

Soon swara got to know about my real identity, I mistakenly heard her praying for me n it makes me guilty, I wanted to die that moment.

“Bhagwan ji! I don’t know what will Happen with me, but I can see that Shonali isn’t bad at heart there must be something, please God save her from the dark streets. Ma will be so happy after seeing her and even shonali will be happy. I don’t care whatever Happened with me. Just save my family” I heard swara praying for everyone except her.

This girl has a big heart. Sanskar use to say this many times that swara has a big heart but today she has proved this.i created this mess and I will sort this out. Now this is my turn to save my little sister.

I immediately dialed sanskar’s number

“Hello sanskar” I can sense him fuming in anger,which is justified as he love swara like anything, a match made couple.

“I will kill you if I see even a scratch on my swara” he said

“Sanskar look I know you won’t trust me but listen to me, swara is in outskirts in an abandoned factory please come here soon n take her otherwise Ashish will kill her, I will help you in everything but please save her I can’t do much.”

I said and hung up. I just hope sanskar save swara.

**Shonali’s pov ends**

**Sanskar’s pov**

I got Shonali’s call and she asked me to save swara. I can’t digest this thing, but this time I have no other option I have to listen her. Me and swyam soon reached that factory. We can see Shonali unting swara

“Swara sanskar can be here at any point, I have untied you but in case ashish saw you I am leaving this rope on you? Okay. Just go and never look back. Take care sissy” Shonali said and kissed her forehead.

We both were shocked to see this shade of her. We were about to enter the room when we saw Ashish clapping his hands

“Woohh!! Sister love Haan? What you thought you will cheat me and I will leave you? Never.” Ashish said holding Shonali’s hair tightly

“Let’s make a deal Ashish! Leave swara and do whatever you want to do with me”Shonali said

“Done!” He said and took out his gun and point that towards swara, my heart stopped beating! What if he shoot my swara?


“Swara run!!” Shonali said

Swara was freezed. Ashish pulled trigger and before he could shoot swara Shonali took swara in her embrace and we can see blood oozing from Shonali’s back.

“Diiiii” swara screams her lungs out

“One down one left” Ashish said and point gun towards swara before he could shoot her this time it was swyam’s turn to shoot his hand.

Shonali was loosing her senses but before that she said “I’m sorry swara. Please forgive me”

I took swara in my embrace and she started crying badly. Swyam has already put on shackles on Ashish’s hands and ambulance was on the way.

Finally everything is fine or it seems to be.. before going into police Van. Ashish somehow pulled gun from swyam and shoots a bullet towards me. I was completely unaware of this, but my superwoman has seen that she hugged me tight. I can’t understand anything

“I love you sanskar” she whispered in my ear and soon she was in my arms. It took me no time to understand that a bullet got into her neck.

I couldn’t react. I was numb. Again this girl risked her life to save me. I don’t know anything after that. It was just me and Ashish. I beat him over my power. My life was lying unconscious on road. I lifted her immediately and run towards the car.. all I can do was to pray for her life. Again.

*Sanskar’s pov ends*

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