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yeh dooriyan (author’s special update)

Read the note in end and you will understand everything



**Sanskar’s pov**

Finally my international project is completed.. the project which had taken my love my Swara away from me.  That project only because of which someone has tried to kill me and my superwoman saved me.

Today it’s been six months to that day which has broken my all hopes. That day which has snatched my last reason to live. Now , I’m just breathing for which reason even I don’t know.

I came back MM and everyone has started firing their questions.

“Sanskar stop behaving like this!! Where were you last night? You were least bothered about informing us.” dad asked me. Actually he scolded me.

“I was in office and now please spare me. I’m already tired” I said in irritation

“Enough sanskar don’t be so rude with us. We all want your happiness only” ma said in little hurt tone.

“Yeah!  My happiness! Why not that’s why you have putted that proposal Infront of me” I said angrily

“Bhai calm down. Please” laksh said putting a hand on my shoulder

“Sanskar it’s high time, you have to live your life again. You can’t spend your whole life like this. You are 32 now. You should start a family” ma said

This thing got into my nerves.

“Yeah today only I got to know why you said that, you want grandchildren right? There was nothing like my happiness in that proposal but it was your greed. Isn’t it?” I shouted

“Grandchildren ? Where did this come from?” Dad asked

“Sanskar! You are getting us wrong beta” ma said

“Ha Bhai mom n dad doesn’t mean that” laksh said

“Oh please! Laksh you please leave this. I know why you are saying this your wife can’t give grandchildren to mom and dad and that’s why you are supporting their baseless demand” I shouted I know I shouldn’t have said that and it has hurted ragini alot but I can’t help it..

“Bhai it’s enough!! You really need to move on, swara won’t come back” laksh shouted

“I don’t care!! No one can take her place in my life. Mark this!”i said

“Sanskar laksh is right. Swara won’t come back. You need to accept this fact that she is no more in your life now. You have to marry. Again.” Dad said sternly

“I know my swara won’t come back but it doesn’t mean that I will marry any other girl!! No one can replace swara from my life!! NO ONE” I said holding tears back in my eyes not wanting them to come out.

“Sanskar stop being stubborn!” Dad said

“No I won’t!” I said

The tension was building up in the house, when someone came and broke this.

“Woo- hoo calm down angry man”

I know this voice!

“Ishani! ” Laksh mumers

Our gaze shifted towards the door. A girl in white jeans and floral kurti was standing with a suitcase.

“Ishani beta come na, why are you standing at door” ma said wiping her tears

“Ha aunty I will, n you Mr sanskar why were you shouting Haan? Don’t you know it’s bad manners to shout at your own parents and vese bhi they didn’t say anything wrong” Ishani said..

“Shut up ishani. I’m not in mood” I said angrily

“No way sanskar, you have to move on its been six months to that incident. We all know swara won’t come back to you. Stop this and marry again” Ishani said

“you want to marry me that’s why you are saying this correct!” I said

Ishani moved towRds me and hugged me “I love you sanskar” she said

I remembered swara whispering “I love you sanskar” in my ear before getting shot.

I immediately jerked her and went to my room.. I cares swara’s portrait with love and tears made their way from my eyes “why you left me swara? Why? Why you broke all my hopes to live? Whyyy???”

I cried hard holding that her pic as tight as I can.

**Sanskar’s pov ends**

So here Is the answer why I left it’s end incomplete. My all friends wanted me to write it till a happy ending but it can’t be possible with previous title. As when I had decided that title Sanskar should die in the end but bingo! It changed drastically. It will be sequal to yeh dooriyan.

This time I have a condition. I want YOU ALL TO CRITICISE MY WRITING and I mean it. I would appreciate that more. If you agree with this condition I will continue with this ff or else I would drop this idea!

So choice is yours

Ps: if you agree will start posting after ending kit2

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