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Will you miss Colors’ Swaragini?

Colors’ Swaragini is all set for a closure in December. The reason for the hit show to get shut is the low TRPs. After the disappearance of Namish Taneja from the show, the viewers highly missed Laksh and Ragini’s togetherness. For a good time, Swara and Ragini’s makeovers and new endeavors occupied the tracks. But, the female fan following wanted to see more of Laksh and Sanskar. Both the heroes of the shows along with the romance factor were missing.

That’s when the viewership got less by the repeated separation tracks. The show lost its charm by stagnancy. Swaragini lacked to sustain the freshness in the current track. One would get bored of seeing tears-shed and separation heavy dose drama. Swara and Sanskar are currently on a mission to get back Laksh in Ragini’s life. Nevertheless, the viewers can expect to see a good dramatic climax with the unions of Swara-Sanskar and Laksh-Ragini before the shutdown. The show has been entertaining the audience since March 2015. It could have got further continued, but seeing the new crop of shows waiting in the line, the show is pulled off air. Undoubtedly, the show will be hugely missed. After all, Swaragini has won millions of hearts by the simplistic and heart touching characters. Will you miss Colors’ Swaragini? Let us know in this poll.


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