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Will sibling bond bring parents together (few shots) yuvani epi 1

Hi guys I’m summmaya I write ff on yrkkh and swaragini this is y first try on ssel so pls comment and tell me should I continue
And this starts from 18 nov epi where yuvani and sayyam were drinking

Let’s begin
Sayyam:you are lucky atleast you have yuvan your brother to share things I don’t
Yuvani:why I’m there no I’m your sister also
Yuvani:see I know our father is not same but mother is same so we’re siblings
(They were drunk and talking in drunk manner)
Some boys enter the pub
Boy1:see that girl with red tee she’s looking hot I think that boy is her bf
Boy2:yes see that looks pretty se*y she’ll be perfect for us tonight
Sayyam and yuvani hear that but ignore
Those boys come close to them
Boy1:hey se*y come with us we’ll make you enjoy and holds her hand
Yuvani:leave me sayyam help
Boy2:oh baby your sayyam won’t help you

They try to remove her jacket but get a hard punch from sayyam
Sayyam and the boys fight
Yuvani cry’s
Yuvani:let them go sayyam
Sayyam:no yuvani how dare they tell like this to my sister
Yuvani:leave them bhai come let’s go home
Yuvani drags him and they go to home
Everyone was asleep they were quietly going inside when yuvan saw them
Yuvan:stop where you went yuvani and that to with this sayyam
Yuvani:yuvan you know sayyam saved me from some boys who were teasing me
She tells him everything
Yuvan :thanks sayyam for saving my sis
Sayyam:she’s my sis also
Suddenly they see yuvani fell asleep on the sofa so yuan picked her and took her to her room
Sayyam followed them
Yuvan made her sleep on the bed and removed her one sandal while sayyam removed her other sandal
They covered her with blanket and were about to leave when yuvan saw sayyam stumbling so he held him and took him to his room and made him also sleep and them went to his room
While sleeping yuvan though that sayyam is not that bad

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