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Why me? Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Hey guys before starting this update please welcome our special guest GG akka Goldie Gupta, so here is her CS
She is evil, bashes other people for their likings, hates SwaRagini, cause of her brother RG akka Crybaby Rahul Gupta, she is 20 years old, is getting engaged to TiK and she hates The Masked Angels!


Nidhi’s pov
“Why is crazy so silent and smiling for herself?” Malika asked me. “I don’t know, but I will ask her!” I said, then I went to Crazy. “Hey Nidz!” She said to me. “Hey Crazy, how are you?” “I’m fine Nidz, what about you?” “I’m fine Crazy!” “So crazy, why are smiling for yourself?” “Nothing Nidz, just like that!” “Oh, just like that and what is this on your neck?” “Nothing, it’s just a moth bite.” “Oho a moth bite!” Jazzy said, who overheard mine and Crazy’s talk. “But, I heard you moaning!” A naughty Fizz said, which made Crazy blush. “I’m back Crazy!” AK shouted, then he saw us and a blushing Crazy, so he understood everything. “What the hell, did you do with my sister?” Malika shouted at him and Crazy said: “Malika di, I love him and he loves me!” “Crazy is right I can’t live without my angel.” AK said, while he was looking at Crazy with pure love. “Okay!” Malika said. “Thanks Bhabhi!” He said happilly and then he went home. “I’m so happy for you Crazy!” I said.
End of Nidz pov

IK’s pov
“Where is AK?” TK asked us. “Don’t know!” SK said. “Here comes our brother!” TiK said, while AK came in. “Where were you AK and what’s this?” I asked him, while AK blushed. “It looks like an hickey, I know, from who he got it.” VK said naughtilly. “From who?” TK asked. “From Crazy.” ShK said. “Oho, romancing your girl and what about me, my wife is angry at me!” TK said and AK answered back: “I have an idea bro, today is Malika bhabhi’s birthday, so surprise her with the dress you bought for her.” “Wow my brother, you are getting very intelligent, cause of your Crazy!” RK said. “Hahahahaha, very funny RK!” An angry AK said.
End of his pov

Malika’s pov
“No, one is congratulating and now they went to a weddingparty of one of Swara bhabhi’s friend.” I thought to myself. “Why is it so dark here!” I said to myself. Then someone started to sing Happy Birthday to you Malika, first it was Ragsan, then Swalak and at last but not the least the K bros and my sisters. I was very surprised, then I cut the cake and wanted to feed my sisters, but they said no and said, that I should feed TK at first, so I did, then he fed me and the rest did too. I’m so happy, but Sinzo doesn’t seem to happy, so I went to her and asked her: “Sinzo, why are you upset?” “TiK is getting married to GG akka Goldie Gupta.” “Who’s Goldie?” “A SwaRagini hater or should I say SwaLak and RagSan hater!” Sinzo replied back to Malika. “What, we should do something you can’t just let your love go away from you Sinzo!” “I know Mali, but it hurts me so much to see him with someone else, cause I love him!”
End of her pov

JazzBhir romantic scene(Cause it’s Jazzy’s punishement😜😜😜😜😈😈😈😈)
I was walking towards my sisters untill RK pulled me towards him and took me to a room, I tried to hit and punch, but then he said: “I need to talk to you Jazz!” “Ok, what is it?” “It’s about us, we all k bros are going to America, cause of dad and he’s getting TiK married to GG!” “And I want to tell you, that I will miss you my super cute angel Jazz.” “And wanted to spend my last day with you, I know you hate me, but I just can’t forget you, cause I love you till the end!” “Who told you, that I hate you idiot, cause I love you my dumbo, you are just like your sister Anjali a dumbo.” “Oh, stop it my jaaneman(my darling).” RK said romantically to Jazz, then he hugged her passinatly and kissed her forehead. She kissed his cheeks, he kissed her nose, she kissed his forehead, he kissed her neck, then they kissed for a very long time, she kissed his neck, he kissed her nose and it went like that for a few minutes. “I love you RK!” “I love you too Jazz, for so many years I waited for this moment my darling, will you marry me and be mine for the rest of our lives, even when we are old?” “Yes, I will my cute RK.
End of their scene

Author’s note
So guys, I would love to read your feedback for this update, silentreaders do comment, vote as well and negative feedback is also welcome.

With love Crazygirl😘😘😘

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