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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” (SS)(#5) “Anu”

So I am back! Firstly tons of apologies as I know it has been a long time since I updated and also I failed to post on my birthday 😉
But seriously guys…Thank you so much for showering your wishes over me 🙂 I feel blessed to have friends like you all 😘😘😘
Happy Birthday Kruti di! And belated happy birthday to Angita!

I turned to find Jasmine standing with a box in her hand. Only 2 minutes were left before my birthday would get over and I will turn to 20 years and 1 day. God…she looks so damn amazing in that peach dress and golden churidar with a golden dupatta pinned to her shoulder, leaving her silky hair open, with the smoky eye make up (if anyone watches Ishqbaaz here so you can see Anika’s [Surbhi Chandna] dress up in yesterday’s episode) making her look simple yet elegant! She smiled and said, “Happy Birthday!!” I also passed a smile. She proceeded towards me but as fate wanted, she slipped due to her heels, falling in my arms as she tugged tight to me due to fear. As the clock struck 12, the fan (nearby) made the rose petals blew over us…We were lost in each other! But……a cough…..broke the serenity of the environment. Zain coughed, which made us to come back to the reality. We composed.
She gave the box to me wishing me once again.


Zain walked to her and said, “Excuse me! Now it is my birthday!”
She looked towards him and with a mischevious smile said, “So….”
Zain’s face turned pale and said, “So you were ought to bring a gift for me!”
She grinned and said, “Really?”
Zain was fed up and said, “Jasmine stop your acting and give me my gift!”
She laughed and said, “Acha baba..Go to your room! Awaits for you…..your Video games!!!”
Zain’s face lit up as he said, “Really Jasmine ! I love u for this!”

And he rushed to his room like a small kid. We smiled at his childishness.

There was a minute of silence between us which I broke by saying, “Thanks for the gift 🙂 !”
She smiled at me and said, “You did not open yet!”
I was embarrassed.
I opened the box and a small curve appeared on my face to find a beautiful cube with my pictures in each of its side 🙂 I looked up to her with a million dollar smile and wanted to hug her tight for such a beautiful and the best gift for me 🙂 But all I can do was to pay a token of gratitude which I did so!
She looked at me saying, “Zain always says ‘Dosti mein NO SORRY NO THANK U’ so no need to thank and also this is not only the surprise something is there for you!”

She held my hand as she proceeded towards the terrace.
I was ammused but somewhere I was happy.
I kept on adoring her all the while till we reached terrace.

She asked me to close my eyes for a while and I did so. It was around 5 minutes when she asked me to open them and I was left surprised to find the whole terrace lit up with small colorful lights, and in the middle an innocent glory was putting the candle on the cake, which had my picture over it.

[Mera bichra yaar…

Kho gaya woh
Jo chura ke
Meri aankhon se nindia
Le gaya the
Door ek gaoon has
Wahan thandi chaoon has
Behti Nadia hai
Jana has Nadia ke paar

(Siddharth proceeds towards her)

Mil gaya woh
Jo chura ke
Meri aankhon se nindia
La gaya the

Kar mera intezaar…Mera bichra yaar
Meta bichra yaar…..]

(He reaches to Jasmine and sits on his knee near Jasmine as they share an eye lock while the candle blows between the 2 souls)

Mera bichra yaar……Mera bichra yaar]

As her phone rang, we got back to the world. I don’t know why I feel connected to her….She stood up as she received the phone call. She hanged up saying, “I will reach soon Chinki! Bye!”

She turned and looked at me and said, “Sorry! Woh…it was my friend cum sister!” I just replied, “No problem! And you just said ‘Dosti mein NO SORRY NO THANK U!’ So you forgot that rule 😉 But what is all this?”
She smiled and said, “Happy birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you… (she held my hand and picked the knife)Happy birthday dear Siddharth (we bend towards the cake as we got more closer to each other) Happy birthday to you!”

And we finally cut the cake as she clapped.
I was adoring het as she smiled……..

Precap:Chinki and Jasmine fight…Siddharth plans an unintentional date for him and Jasmine. Jasmine vents her anger over Sid!!!

So I hope it was not boring. Well I guess it was 😞😳 moreover I have noticed a drastic downfall in the comments and not only on MY FFs also on others. Well comments don’t matter as of writing is the best part and recreating the magic of Simon aka Twinj so if you don’t comment on my FF so it will not hurt but after taking out time from my hectic schedule I guess expecting a word of appreciation or criticism is not unfair 🙁
Anyways keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

Love u all ❤❤

(Ignore mistakes!)

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