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We will die until we tie comeback with summary……

Hii guys…. missed me? nahi na i know as you don’t even remember my name.
But i missed you all. Ok lets play a game “Do anyone is able to recognise me with next few lines”?

Soncha tha hoga zindagi bhar ka saath hamara,
Par kisi majboori ne hamein yu tha mara,
Do mahine tak na raha aap sab ka sahara,
Aur maine samjha ki aap sab ke bina na hoga aab humara guzara,
To kya phir se aap banna chahoge dost hamara?


Guess kiya….Who I am???
I know nahi kiya hoga……No worries…..U guys r not at fault…..Mai ayi hoon itni late almost after 2 months

So shayad apko yaad hoga ki Lover naam ki ek writer thi jisne apna ff ‘We will tie until we die”ke kuch episodes post kiye the way back in September……No problem if u have forgotten….Here is the summary

Lekin usse pehle ek important baat….I will continue only if u guys want. Pls share ur frank views below in the comments

So here we go with the summary


Kunj : Smart,handsome man. Was in jail for 8yrs has been released recently. Always seen with different girls.

Twinkle : A nerd, beautiful at heart, a working woman. Works for Yuvraj, has a crush on him.

Yuvraj : Rich handsome business man. Doesn’t even bother to look at Twinkle

The story begins with a family rejecting Twinkle’s marriage proposal only because of her looks. Twinkle is seen crying her heart out nd thinking y does this always happen to her….she finally cheer’s up by thinking “Never change yourself for someone but wait for one who loves your imperfection.”

The next day Twinkle does early morning pooja nd prepares Breakfast for everyone. When Leela and Rt come down they r surprised to see Twinkle with and smile on her face She tells them not to worry about her because she knows that she has been the reason of their worrier.

Leela and Rt cut her and tell how can she even think so nd that everything that whatever they will do for her and whatever she gets would be d best.

Suddenly there’s a voice “Wow” which is of Mahi she expresses her distress by saying that her parents always cared only for Twinkle and never bothered whether she was alive or dead…she continues to speak but Leela stops her nd was almost about to slap Mahi when Twinkle interupted and sent Mahi in.

So ye thi Summary….ab shayad kuch kuch yaad aya hoga….Abhi tak nahi aya toh
👇 Here are the links….(padhlo lamba nahi hai😉)

We will tie until we die by lover (episode 1)

We will tie until we die by lover (episode 2)


We will tie until we die by lover PROMO

Once again….I will only continue only if u guys want…..Pls comment below and share ur views
Eagerly waiting to read them

Hum yun aise chale gaye ki apne begane ho gaye,
Aur jab mud kar dekha sapne anjane se ho gaye,
Kal tak waqt hamara tha aur aaj hum usme kho gaye,
Phir bhi himaat se badhaya haat lekin kya kismaat ke sitare bhi so gaye,
Jo dosto ne bhi na pechana humko jisse hum gum ho gaye…

Bye…. Let me know what you want…

Thank you. Kruti…


  1. its awesome nd do continue soon

  2. l good nd do continue soon

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