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wanna be in your heart (OS)

It all started one morning on a rainy day. The rainy season had begun, the college buildings were half wet and half dry; a beautiful sight, there was this sweet smell of wet sand, drops of water on leaves which sprinkle down on you when you shake the tree. I was walking through a corridor next to the chemistry department on the way to my department. I was sent to meet my HOD for throwing chalk on an irritating staff.

“Dude stop”, one of my friends’ interrupted me, “Don’t irritate us with description of leaves, trees and their barks, come to the girl directly”.


I started.

My eyes fell upon a pair of pipette and burette, or rather the girl holding it. Her lovely eyes were watching the drops of liquid falling from the burette intently, her heavenly face was getting anxious on seeing the professor nearing her table.

My heart fluttered as a smile broke on her face after an appreciation from him, the most beautiful smile my eyes had ever seen.

The dimples on her cheeks were like black holes to me, they were sucking me out of this world. My eyes had seen their most beautiful woman.

I dragged myself to the HOD’s room. When I came out I was wondering about the feminine voice of my HOD, the dimples he had. I smiled;

effects of love.

Someone patted my back and asked why I had barged into the CSE HOD’s room as I was from ECE. She was a hot tempered lady. I grinned broadly, effects of true love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the third time I saw her this week. Every time I saw her, I was hearing a beautiful symphony in the background.

I felt she looked at me and smiled, but then girls are like paintings; they seem to stare at you from which every angle you look at them.

I saw her in the canteen, in the mess, in the library, every available place on the campus. I decided it was time to talk.

One morning I came early to the college for practice and I saw her alone walking along our department corridor behind me.

Suddenly she walked fast towards me (my heart raced) and asked, “where are your bunch of friends who keep on playing some symphony behind you when both of us nearby?”

Oh god! And she kept talking.

She said, “I liked you very much the moment I saw you in the college”.

I stared at her with my eyes wide open. She continued, “I would like to be friends with you if you would not mind. And by the way do you know my name”.

I shook my head saying a no. She extended her hand for a shake and said, “My name is …………….”

It suddenly started raining and I was out there jumping in joy. I was the happiest person in the planet that day. And suddenly…..


“A**hole get up, I am pouring water on you and you are dancing. It is time to go to college”.

I woke up and thought about talking to her today.


I got ready and went to the clg and started searching for her to make my dream come true.

If it not atleast i don’t regret in future saying that i didn’t expressed my feelings to her.

Their she was standing in canteen munching a choclate. Damn she was looking so s*xy.

I walked towards her. She stood shocked looking at me.

I was so nervous that i started ranting.

She uttered “dude, relax. Whatever it is be slow, calm down and tell me. Am not gonna beat you”

Her voice is like a music,so meladious as i thought in dream.

Shutting my thoughts i stated that
“can you find my heartbeat.., i need it badly bcz it skips a beat daily when falling in love with you”.

She blushed after registering my words and i was anticipating for an answer when she replied

“sure .but i always wanna stay in your heart {Rehnaa hey tere dil mein} ”

this day can’t even get better.

I jumped and hugged her immediately, we blushed uncontrollably after that moment. It felt good.
Before going to home i asked to her what is your name. She laughed and replied – “twinkle”.

I smirked and replied “i thought that your name is Mrs. Twinkle kunj sarna”

She blushed and uttered even i can’t wait more to become “Mrs.twinkle kunj sarna”


I hope you all liked this sweet cute proposal. 🙂


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