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Vidha: I cant live without you OS

I cant live without you OS

A handsome hunk is shown speaking on phone,
Boy: I want to have a meeting with the CEO of Haider industries. So please arrange. And what about the personal assistant I asked you for me. Did you get anyone?

The man on phone: Yes sir I have fixed your meeting with him. And about the personal assistant, I have called one girl for interview. She will be coming by now, you have to be quick as you only have to take her interview.

Boy: yaya I will be there
And their talks continue when that boy clashes with a girl and all the files that girl was holding falls down.

Girl: You!!!! Cant you see and walk! In today’s generation the saying should not be
‘Do not drink and drive’ instead it should be ‘Do not talk and walk’

the boy gets annoyed, he keeps the phone,

Boy: Hello Madam!! Stop your nonsense. I don’t have time for argument!

Girl: As if I am very free to have an argument with a guy like you! I am already getting late! Bye.. see you never!

Boy: Huh?! Stupid girl!

They both go different ways!

Tripathi Industries,

We see the same boy opening his cabin named Mr.Viplav Tripathi.

He went inside and looked into some files and was waiting for that girl as well. He receives a text which had all the data of hers.

Viplav: Miss Dhaani Roy… lets hope that she turns out to be well. As I have had enough of interviews by now.

He goes through her data and looks quite impressed.
Viplav: impressive!

By now he had made up his mind to appoint her as his personal assistant.

Just then someone knocks the door,

Viplav: Yes, come in.
Girl enters, Viplav was busy going through his files.

Girl: I am Dhaani Roy. I am her for the interview.

Viplav: yes yes have a seat saying this he lifts his head.

They both are shocked to see each other. They both together say

Viplav: get lost from here!

Dhaani: who is even interested to stay her. So you are Mr.Viplav Tripathi. I have heard a lot about you! But today I realise everything was wrong.

Viplav: just go away! I am not here to listen your nonsense.

Dhaani was about to leave, but she stops thinking something. She turns back,

Dhaani: Sir please give me this job, please I am in need of money. My mom is ill and I need money for her treatment. Please. She smirks saying that.

Viplav thinks for a while and says ok! But stay away from me!

Dhaani: Then how will I work with you sir?

Viplav: Whatever saying so he gets back to his work and asks her to listen him.

Dhaani thinks wow now I got a chance to make loses in the company of this idiotic person! And she smirks.

Viplav: Hello??! Pay attention here.

Dhaani: Yes.. sure

Viplav explains her many things. From the next day she tried to make all possible mistakes. And this way they had many arguments! But one day as Dhaani was walking on the road going back to her home a truck came from behind and was about to hit her when Viplav comes and pulls her. She falls on Viplav. They both come very close to each other. They had never seen each other so closely. Dhaani for the first time felt happy with him, she understands that she was wrong and Viplav is good at heart as he saved her. They both had an awkward eyelock. Hearing the horns on the road, they get up.

Viplav: Aakh hai ya button? (are these eyes or button?) you cant see and walk or what? That day you were telling me and now what? Viplav wonders why she was not replying!

You keep on shouting and arguing so what happened today? Dhaani does not say anything and leaves. Viplav was shocked, STRANGE is what he feels.
Next day,
Dhaani comes to his office with two pastries. She goes to Viplav’s cabin, whereas Viplav was in a very bad mood.

Dhaani: Mr.Tripathi, thank you so much for saving me yesterday. I was wrong, you are not that bad also. So friends?

Viplavdoesn’t reply, Dhaani was waiting for his reply.

Dhaani: I have brought pastries for us on the occasion of our new friendship! Please say something.

Viplav: will you just shut up? Get lost from here! I don’t want this friendship, I don’t want you! Today because of your mistakes my company has suffered a big loss! He throws the pastry.

Dhaani was shocked, she had tears in her eyes not because the company had suffered loss but because her Viplav was angry on her. She didn’t like his behaviour. She was feeling guilty that because of her, her Viplav had to suffer! Note her words HER VIPLAV!

Dhaani: I am sorry, she said politely. Tears were flowing like hell from her eyes.

Viplav: Go away!

Dhaani: Before going I want to say something, I had actually pleaded you for job just because I wanted to play with you, to take revenge as you always fought with me, to trouble you! But now my views have changed. I have changed. I will not ask you to keep me as your Personal Assistant but at least forgive me. And yes my mom is all well, I had lied that day. I am sorry!

This was enough, no more than enough forViplav! He gets up, holds her hands and takes her out of his cabin, his office and his life.

Viplav: I will always pray to god that I never ever see your face again! He leaves saying that! Dhaani breaks down into tears, she sits down crying just uttering these words,

She doesn’t realise why she was crying so much. And as she was crying, the reason comes out of her mouth. I LOVE YOU VIPLAV…

She was herself shocked to hear those words from her mouth. She wipes her tears and runs back to her house.

Days pass by and Viplav and Dhaani were missing each other badly. They were missing each others company, their frequent arguments. Viplav was pissed off. He didn’t know why was he thinking about her so much! He finally decided to search it on google. He searches and finds that these were signs of love. He was shocked. How could he love her? His biggest enemy! He denied it! But as the days were passing by he was dying to see her. He started following her on facebook, insta and what not! And one day he saw her status update,
Getting Married!

Enough!! Viplav was shattered reading that message. He finally accepts that he loves her. He searches about her everywhere and finally after this he gets her address. He rushes towards her.
Whereas Dhaani was very sad as her mother wanted her to marry. She was waiting only and only forViplav, love of her life. She wanted him to come. She had already dreamt about him a lot! He coming and proposing him and what not!

As she was walking on road, with bags of vegetables in her hands, she again clashes with one person talking on phone, all her vegetables spread on the road!

Dhaani: Hey you!!! Cant you see and walk?!

She was shocked to seeViplav! Viplav was very happy. He didn’t bother to reply her, he just couldn’t control himself. He goes and hugs her tightly. Dhaani thinks this is a dream. Viplav tightens his grip and says I LOVE YOU DHAANI!! I never thought that my personal assistant will become my life assistant.

Dhaani was shocked as well as happy! No very happy!! She hugged him back and said I LOVE YOU TOO VIPLAV. They break their hug. Viplav bends down to pick up the vegges.
‘But wait I know this is also a dream’ Viplav looks up, she starts slapping herself and says ‘Dhaani, he will never come, he hates you!’

Viplav who was noticing all this had tears in his eyes, he thought that her Dhaani missed her so much! He gets up and holds Dhaani tightly by her shoulders.

Viplav: Stop it Dhaani! You aren’t dreaming, I am really here in front of you! I love you so much and I cant live without you. I’m so sorry that I scolded you that day when you had coming to begin a new friendship.
Dhaani: It wasn’t your fault at all Viplav, I was wrong, I cheated you at first, she said sobbing. But believe me Viplav I truly love you.
Viplav: Ohh really?! You were going to marry!
Dhaani: How do you know that I am marrying?
Viplav: All thanks to your facebook update!
Dhaani: What? You were stalking my profile? Very bad! She said letting out a soft laugh.
Viplav: I was stalking you everywhere! Facebook, Insta and every social media. You had become so important for me that I cant live without you! Your pictures made me live my life and when I read your status ‘Getting Married’ I couldn’t control myself and ran here just to say you that I love you!
Dhaani with tears flowing through her eyes: Aww I am so sorry for leaving you! Now I will never ever leave you!
Viplav hugged her tightly not allowing her to leave her ever again!

The End!

So how was the one shot? Nice or boring? Let me know through your comments. I am very eager to know your views and I will be posting ‘Is love Possible’ very soon so stay tuned! Love you all..


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