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Unspoken journey of love – chapter 27


Hola guys sorry for disappearnce but i really try hard to make link with u guys but everytime one or another thing comes in way.


Chapter 27


in classroom

In class dere was 3 sitter benches .
Swara was sitting at first bench .

Sanskar was standing at door steps n was staring her continously while all other girls were staring him .

Just den some one came from back n deliberately pushed sanskar making sanskar to come out of his dreamworld.

Sanskar clenched his fist on glancing d person.

Person just passed a evil smirk .
N signalled sanskar Through eyes towards sanskar.

Sankar anger boiled to peak .

N all student knew dere rivalary.

Sanskar..dont u dare aditya .

(Aditya james…a hot handsome guy in college rival of sanksar feom school days. Just wanna snatch each n everything dat belongs to sanskar.)

Aditya..just passed a devil smirk n went forward towards swara n said .


Swara got fumbled with her books when she heard a voice n looked towards source.

Swara gave a confused look.

Adi…hi can i sit beside u.
Swara ..just nodded n resumed her work.

Sanskar has already seen a lot he directly to another vacant seat beside swara .
Now swara was sitting in between two

Swara got startled seeing at sanskar n afjusted her specs n fumbled.


Sanskar…not excused resume ur work .
He said in stern voice as he was already at angry mood looking at adi

Where as adi was smiling looking at swara.

Meanwhile in a corridor.

We can see a girl simple sweet n beautifull
Running at highest pace.
Murmuring something.

Oh god oh god rags ..today is ur first day n u are late suddenly she bumped into a wall.
When she looked upwards she found a extremely happening n hot guy
N got to know d wall source.

Rags…sorry i m really sorry .
Man..to hell with ur sorry u 3rd class people i know very well girls like u do it deliberately.

Rags..excuse me how dare u.

Just den girl came der running.

Girl..lucky wht r u doing here move come to class huge blunder is gonna happen adi is back.

Laksh was staring at staring at ragini with anger n same with rags.

Laksh …hearing adi name came to senses…what r u serious nuts…move quicly then.

Meanwhile in class.

Adi…hey hello beautiful may i know ur name pls.

Swara…looked at hin for a sec n was going to ans.

But sanskar interrupted .

Sanskar….why do u wanna know it .its none of ur bussiness.

Adi..obivously its my bussiness..each n everything related to u is my. Bussiness.

Swara was all confused.

Sanskar folded his fist n anger grewbin his eyes .

He held arm of swara n dragged her along with him.
Where as swara was protesting.

Precap..swara n sanskar tashan

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