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Unloved (Prologue)

“I will allow you to keep the house.” He said standing an inch away from her, “but on one condition.” He continued.
Hope surged through her system , ” What is it?” She asked.
A cynical smile replaced his angered expression, causing her to frown. “Sleep with me.” He said.
She blinked a few times to catch his words. “W. What?” She whispered.
He inched closer to her evading her personal space ,forcing her to shift back, trapping her along as she hit the wall. He placed both his hands on either side of her head, stopping her from further escape. “I said you have to sleep with me if you want the house back, love”
He was adamant about taking revenge, revenge from her. He wanted to crush her just like she had done to him 5 years ago, leaving him alone, standing at the altar. Now he was back fully prepared to seek out his revenge. He wanted to ruin her.
She was a widow. After her husband’s demise, she thought the bad phase of her life has finally come to an end ,until his return .



Hello guys! I’m Kiara! It’s my first ff. Though this isn’t exactly my story, (it’s inspired from a story that I really liked) but I’ll be giving my own parts as well. It’s more like an extension to that story. Please be patient, I really hope you’ll like my effort. Please please please support me and please do comment. I’ll go with this ff only if I get good comments. Please give me a chance!

P.S. Choose a pairing: SwaSan or RagLak? The one with highest no. shall be selected. �

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