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Udaan 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj thanking Kasturi and Bhuvan for this big favor. Chakor and Kasturi apologize to each other. Bhuvan says Chakor is clever, you left Tejaswini outside knowing Kasturi can’t see anyone in problem and will get Tejaswini inside home. They smile. Chakor says we will leave now, we will worry for Tejaswini less. Suraj goes out. Chakor says I will go and leaves. Bhuvan says Kasturi did right thing. She says I did not forgive her. He says even I did not forgive her, but we have big heart, Chakor is saving Suraj and we are saving Tejaswini. She says we will see till when Tejaswini stays here.


Vivaan meets his friend and sees the office shattered. His friend asks who is Ragini. Vivaan says she is my uncle’s daughter, she did this, don’t worry, no one can attack you till I

m here. His friend says I can’t take risk in my new business, it will be better if you work with her. Vivaan says you got scared, I thought you will keep friendship. His friend says I have a family, they can do anything, sorry. Vivaan gets Imli’s call. Imli asks about his job. Vivaan tells everything and says his friend got scared of Ragini. She asks him not to worry, you will get new job, come back home. Vivaan tells his friend that he will get scared of others too. His friend asks guard to make Vivaan leave. Imli hears Vivaan reacting angrily. Vivaan leaves. Imli prays for him and cries.

Ragini says I m trying best that Vivaan comes to beg us for work, you made him free and did mistake without asking me. Bhaiya ji says you are crossing limit, no one spoke to me like this before, what did you do, Suraj is alive because of you. He says if Suraj and Chakor did not get divorced, its because of duplicate papers. She says sorry, tell me did Chakor answer. He says she will answer, I kept papers ready.

Chakor comes to Bhaiya ji. She says you made papers ready too. He says yes, you, Vivaan and Imli will get free if you give divorce to Suraj. Ragini asks Chakor when is she giving divorce. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to say she agrees, when is she giving divorce to Suraj. Chakor says I took decision, I will not leave Suraj and this haveli, I will not agree to your proposal. She tears the papers and throws. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Chakor says I know I hate Suraj, but not that much that I make you sacrifice him, I made Tejaswini out of here so that she gets saved from your tortures, she is at safe place now, you can’t harm Suraj and his mum now. Chakor goes. Bhaiya ji laughs. Ragini says Chakor insulted you and you are laughing. He says yes, I made the other plan already, I m sure it will succeed.

Bhaiya ji goes to the village. Bhuvan worries that its a problem again. Bhaiya ji tells them about the contracts, they will take money as much as he gives them, its big torture, so he decided to tear the papers and throw it, and free them of bandhuagiri, but there is a condition.

He asks them to convince Chakor to give divorce to Suraj, they can burn papers then, I will free all of you, its easy decision, one side is your happiness, other side is foolish Chakor, who does not want to leave Suraj. Chagan says Chakor will never leave Suraj, if she does, you will kill Suraj. Tejaswini hears them. Kasturi says Chakor will not agree to you. Bhuvan says yes, Chakor can’t risk Suraj’s life, she is his wife. Bhaiya ji reminds Bhuvan about the swapping of brides, it was wrong marriage.

He reminds how Suraj troubled them when he was in jail. He says you all should be happy when I m punishing him from your side. Kishor agrees with Bhaiya ji.

Chakor makes a plan and talks to Imli showing the map. Suraj comes and laughs on Chakor, playing spy game. Chakor asks him to say where is Ragini’s place. He says you should be smart. She says yes, I m a donkey, you tell me. He says I think Ragini’s place is close to the attack place. She says smart, did you see that place. He says no. She asks him to shut up then, it will be Suraj’s benefit to send Bhaiya ji to jail. Imli asks them not to argue. Chakor and Suraj argue. Imli holds her head and says nothing can happen of you two, argue more, then tell me what to plan. She goes. Chakor and Suraj argue. Suraj’s servant comes and gives bad news of Bhaiya j’s proposal, if villagers agree, it will be big problem. She asks what proposal. He tells them everything. Suraj and Chakor get shocked.

Chakor says you want me to give divorce to Suraj for your freedom. Chagan says its about time, why will you save us, go and save your family, just burn the village and go.

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