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Udaan 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Suraj aiming gun at Ragini and asking Bhaiya ji to keep his gun. He takes Bhaiya ji’s gun and aims at both Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Bhaiya ji asks what will you go, kill us and go jail, come sit, we will talk and sort. Suraj says don’t care me of laws, i will kill both of you and then surrender to police. Chakor calls haveli and asks Bijli about Bhaiya ji. Bijli says Bhaiya ji went in hurry. Suraj makes Ragini stand on Bhaiya ji’s shoulder. Its same situation like Suraj made Imli and Chakor stand on him and Vivaan’s shoulder. He says Ragini has neck in rope, I will kill Bhaiya ji’s leg and then he will fall, and Ragini will hang. He says he will shoot in between their eyes, which has hatred for him. He asks Bhaiya ji to get ready, we will meet in hell. He aims at them. Chakor calls Suraj. He disconnects. Chakor thinks where can Suraj take them, I knew he will not forgive them and kill them. She rushes.

Ragini asks Suraj to shoot them, kill our stories. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is scared, he knows if anything happens to us, he will not get saved. He asks Suraj to shoot. Suraj aims gun at him and says look in my eyes, can’t you see the fun which was in your eyes that day, I m very happy seeing you like this, I should not waste time, afterall time is money, be ready to go up now. Bhaiya ji says I think he took us seriously, Suraj listen will you kill your father, did I give these values to you, tell me what you want. Suraj says stop this cheesy talks, you won’t get saved, I sent man to jail to kill you, that fool could not kill you, I will kill you and Ragini.

Bhaiya ji says I agree I did many mistakes, lets forgive each other’s mistakes, don’t shoot for your mummy’s sake. Suraj says shut up, you troubled my mummy, I will make you alive and kill again for that, think of Lord. Bhaiya ji shouts no Suraj and closes eyes. Chakor shouts stop Suraj.

Suraj asks her to leave. Bhaiya ji and Ragini ask her to explain Suraj. Suraj says Chakor just go, you can’t see them. Chakor says you won’t do this, you will go jail. Suraj says I will go jail. She says I did not save your life that you lose it so easily by going jail, you are not bad like them. Suraj thanks her for saving his life, but today he will kill them, Aazaadgunj will get free, they have to die. She says if you kill them, we will also end, when media and world knows my husband killed his father and sister, they will point finger at me also, I will become murderer’s wife, my sports career will end, you can’t kill Bhaiya ji, he should get punished in jail, maybe village will get free of torture, but their state will get worse.

She says Gandhu Bapu said eye for an eye will make world blind. Suraj says let us get blind, atleast there will be light for coming generations, go from here, they have to die. Chakor stands infront of Bhaiya ji. She says I won’t let you do this, he did sin, this is not punishment, can you shoot on defenceless man, shoot me first. Suraj asks did you get mad, whom do you want to save, your old enemy. She says I m saving my husband, not my enemy. Suraj asks her to move. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to stand here, Suraj will shoot. Chakor asks Suraj to throw pistol down. She asks him to do three murders instead two. She asks him to kill her also. Suraj says fine, if you want this, okay. He aims gun at her. He recalls how Chakor saved his life and supported him. His hand shakes and he throws the gun. He says you did favor on me by saving my life, so I m leaving you. Chakor thanks Suraj. She frees Bhaiya ji and Ragini.

Bhaiya ji hugs Ragini and taunts Suraj. Chakor aims gun at Bhaiya ji and says Suraj is not weak, he did brave thing by not shooting you, which few men do, by controlling his anger, he is not coward like you to hide and attack, be happy, if Suraj was weak, you would have been lying on ground, take your daughter and leave. Ragini says come Papa, we will take revenge from Suraj by other way. Bhaiya ji shuts her mouth. He asks Suraj is this way to treat father. Suraj pushes him. Bhaiya ji says he is very angry and leaves. Chakor says I m proud of you Suraj. Suraj says are you happy now, they are free today because of you. Suraj leaves.

Its night, Ranjana asks Tejaswini to work well, or shall I call Ragini. Ragini asks Tejaswini to leave. Bhaiya ji asks her to come to senses. Ragini says what does Suraj think, if I can’t kill him, I can kill his mother, now Suraj will cry, I will be happy. Bhaiya ji stops him and says there is no use to punish Tejaswini, what is this madness, if you do this, Suraj will also do this. Ragini says no, Tejaswini’s end has come. She aims gun at Tejaswini. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji moves Ragini’s hand away and she shoots. The vase breaks. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to take Tejaswini away. Ragini says you will not get saved. Bhaiya ji calms Ragini down. Ragini leaves.

Bhaiya ji says Ranjana, Ragini is right, but anger makes person weak. Ranjana thinks its right chance to take revenge. She says it would be good if Tejaswini gets hurt and Suraj feels pain, Ragini will like this gift on Bhaiya dooj. Imli and Vivaan talk about Chakor stopping Suraj. He says its good Chakor stopped Suraj, else all her hardwork to save Suraj would got waste. He sees rose petals in cupboard and asks why did you keep this. She says when you showered this on me, can’t I keep the petals, I liked it a lot, how did you do it at once. He says I practiced ten times and gathered petals again and again to make it fall on you, I can do anything for your happiness. She hugs him.

She asks when did you get time to call. He says I did practice in basement and did final for you. They laugh. Chakor goes to basement and sees Suraj angry. She thinks how to tell Suraj about Ragini’s try to kill Tejaswini, he will get angry, but I have to say. He asks her can’t you stay away from me for some time. She says I need to talk. He says I don’t want to talk, they both got saved because of you, you saved my life and now saved them, you got the price. She thinks if I tell him what Ragini did, I can’t stop him from killing Ragini. She asks why are you sleeping in basement. He says I don’t want to stay with you. She says this is not safe, if Bhaiya ji knows, he will kill you. He asks her to leave. She asks him to atleast start fan, how can he sleep in heat. He says you worry for me, fine. He switches on fan. The rose petals fall on Chakor. Suraj looks on and goes to her. He collides with stool and falls over Chakor. They both fall down and rose petals continue to fall on them. They have an eyelock.

Chakor asks what is all this. Suraj says don’t know which fool did this. She says it will be you. He says I think you did this. She says listen to me, I did not do this. They both leave. Its morning, Suraj comes downstairs. Ragini says its Bhaidooj today, you have to get Tika done by me. He asks does she want to joke, will he get tika done by her, she is not his sister, but an enemy. She says we both will not leave haveli, we should get friendly and forget enmity to stay under one room. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji not to make her leave from haveli, she will stay in any corner, I will not sign on paper. Ranjana says if there is no relation, sign on paper, else we have to call Ragini. Bhaiya ji says Ragini will be glad knowing about this, Suraj’s pain is Bhaidooj gift for Ragini, come on sign, else I can’t stop Ragini. Tejaswini agrees to sign. Ragini says we did not succeed to kill each other, we should get friendly, I found a gift for myself from your side. Chakor looks on and thinks what is Ragini’s new plan now.

Ragini says you would happy to know, Tejaswini is not Papa’s wife now, she signed divorce papers. Bhaiya ji says take her away, else I will insult her. Suraj says till I m alive, no one can make my mummy leave. Chakor says her divorce happened and now she has no relation with this haveli. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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