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Udaan 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting angry. Ranjana hugs him and tries to calm his anger. She asks him to come and have food. He asks her to leave. She says Ragini made plan and I assure Suraj will die. He says its enough that Ragini keeps an eye on Suraj and Chakor. She asks him not to worry, I want to show you something that ends your anger. He asks what. She asks him to come.

Yogesh prepares havan kund. Chakor and Suraj are brought to him. He smiles seeing Chakor. He says Suraj, I heard of you coming and got ready for marriage, I have won Imli in gambling as Duryodhan won Draupadi, I will marry Imli now. Chakor and Suraj try to scream. Pandit chants mantras. Yogesh takes wedding rounds with Chakor. Suraj beats the goon and gets free. He shouts to Yogesh that she is not Imli. Yogesh asks

what and checks Chakor’s face by removing the cloth over her face.

Ranjana gets Bhaiya ji to the village. She shows Tejaswini washing clothes. He starts laughing seeing her. He makes fun of her. Tejaswini says I m repenting for my sins, you think of yourself, Vivaan and Suraj will not be there to give you fire when you die, no one will do your final rites. He laughs. He calls her mad. Ranjana says come, I will take you to dhaba and get your fav food. They laugh on Tejaswini and leave.

Yogesh asks Suraj why did he joke with him. Suraj says its not a joke. Yogesh shoots in air and asks Chakor to be quiet. Goons catch Suraj. Yogesh catches Chakor and asks pandit to complete the mantras fast. Suraj says you are doing wrong. Yogesh asks is she your girlfriend, why are you angry. Suraj throws the goons away and stops Yogesh. He comes in between and shouts she is my wife. Chakor looks on. He fights with Suraj. Chakor holds Suraj and says Imli can’t come, as she got married. Yogesh says she was going to marry me. She says she married Vivaan Rajvanshi. He says Vivaan, Ragini’s brother, you cheated me Suraj, you will get punished. He shoots in air angrily. Yogesh says you did not do right Suraj, you cheated me, you have no right to live. He aims gun at Suraj. His sister comes home. She says I informed you about Suraj, you said you will not do any bad thing today, keep gun down and take prasad.

Yogesh apologizes to Lord. He takes prasad. She says let them go. Suraj says sorry, Imli’s story is long. Yogesh says enough and sits crying. He asks Suraj to pay for it. Chakor says your sister said you can’t do anything wrong today. Yogesh says yes, I will kill Suraj tomorrow, you both will be in our clutches. Suraj asks will you not meet my wife, she is my wife Chakor. Yogesh asks what, Chakor? He laughs and says are you joking again, is she sports star Chakor. Suraj says yes, she is the one.

Chakor says I m Chakor, why don’t you believe us. Suraj says did you not see her on tv, she is very popular, let us go now. Yogesh stops them and sees bandhua stamp on her hand. He says yes, she is bandhua Chakor. Chakor says I m Chakor, I m not anyone’s bandhua. Yogesh laughs and says you used to hate Chakor, you married her, this is your punishment, how did you get married to her, tell me, Chakor is going, go and convince her.

Suraj stops Chakor. She asks did you hate me so much. Yogesh says I know Suraj since he was 14 years old, you used to trouble his father, he used to find ways to kill you, see he married you. He laughs. Chakor asks Suraj again. Suraj says we can talk later, do for what we came here, I will ask him. He asks Yogesh to help him. Chakor gives the notes and asks the address of the house taken on rent and by whom. Yogesh checks and gets details. He says I can’t kill Suraj, I will think what to punish you. He says you both have to kiss infront of me, as you both hate each other. Chakor and Suraj get shocked.

Chakor and Suraj talk and argue, that they have to do this. Suraj holds Chakor to kiss.

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