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Udaan 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj telling about the love realization moment for him. Chakor looks at him puzzled. Music plays…….. they look at each other. Everyone clap. Director says wow, beautiful, we will take a small break now. Imli asks them to come for breakfast. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana has run away seeing failure? Ranjana says no, I will not run, I was preparing to add fuel in fire. She shows some questions. He says its great and laughs. Ranjana says I just know to ignite fire. Suraj asks Chakor did you say truth or not. Chakor says it was truth, except the love story. He says coconut example was good, when did you see my soft heart. She says when you were with Imli. She asks about that moment. He reminds that Karwachauth moment. She says you liked me that day. He laughs and says no, I could


not tell truth, that your nose, tooth and eyes are bad, and I got hand ache lifting you. Director looks on. Chakor stops shouting on Suraj.

Director says the husband and wife who share laugh spend life happily, sorry I came to take sweets. Chakor says sure, I will give it. She gives sweets to her. She goes. Ranjana goes to director and tells her to find spice and add it in the documentary. She gives the questions for help and says these questions will add spice. Director checks the questions. Ranjana smiles and asks her to ask this. Director says now next round will begin, it will be fun to open secrets, I have imp questions for you Chakor, come. Ranjana smiles.

Chakor and Suraj get shocked seeing their bedroom pic, where they are sleeping away. Vivaan and Imli also get shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chakor asks how did you get this pic. Ranjana says we will see what Chakor answers now. Director asks why is loving couple sleeping away in bedroom, we want to know answer. Chakor worries. Suraj says as you know there is woman behind a man’s success, but in Chakor’s case, I m behind her success, she is very tired and I sometimes sleep on couch so that she gets her good sleep. Director says how romantic, you are so caring, this is called true love. Chakor, Vivaan and Imli smile.

Director asks Suraj about his affair with Imli, we heard Imli was pregnant with your child. They get shocked. Suraj says I will not answer these questions and leaves. Chakor goes and stops him. Chakor asks him not to run away but face this, Bhaiya ji wants our fight to come out infront of the world. Director goes to Suraj. Imli asks how did director get such cheap questions, we have to manage Chakor and Suraj, they can fight. Imli signs Chakor.

Chakor says Suraj, I know about your past and I don’t regret. She says I know everything, I did not like Suraj before, this was the reason, Suraj used to love Imli, they were together, but then they realized their ways are different, they got away, Imli got her true love Vivaan and I got Suraj. I accepted Suraj for goodness, I have seen how much Suraj respects Imli, I respect Suraj, I m lucky that Imli left Suraj, else how would I get Suraj, everyone has a past, past is not to remember, but to forget. Director says you know, I m glad to take your interview, else where do we find such husband and wife who give definition of love. Bhaiya ji gets angry and throws the stand. Chakor smiles.

Ragni covers up and keeps the lamp stand back. Director asks Suraj about his drinking habit. Vivaan says I think truth will come out, what will Chakor answer. Suraj says every man drinks, but my wife worries for me and stops me, I like drinking, I drink less. Chakor says you drink a lot. Suraj says see she started counting my bottles and glasses, if she stopped my drinking in room, I will go out and drink, she came here to stay, what will I do, any good man will be silent in such case. Bhaiya ji smiles and thinks they started fighting.

Chakor says good man is one who knows to respect wife and behave well infront of guests. He asks why is she staying with him. Chakor says you know why are we together…. Imli starts arguing with Vivaan to catch the director’s attention and show fights are normal between husband and wife. Vivaan asks Imli what is she saying. Imli says you always care for Chakor and have no time for me. Chakor, Suraj and everyone look on shocked.

Imli says I agree Chakor is famous and I m not famous, but it does not mean I have no importance. Vivaan asks what are you doing, its getting recorded in camera, what will people say. She says I don’t care, talk loudly if you have courage. He asks her to see camera. She gets gun and aims at the cameraman. They all get shocked.

She says its house matter, why do you want to show this to world, delete this recording. Chakor asks what are you doing, are you mad. Imli says don’t talk between us, I can’t bear this now. The cameraman deletes the recording. Bhaiya ji asks what is this drama. Imli says I m leaving, you ruined my life. Vivaan asks her to go, I can live without you. Imli leaves. Ranjana says leave Imli and Vivaan, focus on Chakor and Suraj, they are more imp.

Chakor says not now, I can’t give interview now, I want to see Imli. Director says fine, we will come any other day. Suraj says wait Chakor, we have to get Vivaan and Imli back, we have small family and their happiness is imp. I will come along to clear misunderstanding, come. They leave while holding hands. Director says they both love each other, their past don’t matter, their present and future are good, I m glad. Media leaves. Bhaiya ji looks on.

Chakor asks Suraj to save a man. She goes and beats the goon with a stick. Suraj looks on and saves Chakor.

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