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Udaan 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Ragini to leave Suraj. She tells everyone to have patience and peace, trust me, I will get freedom for you all, do you want freedom by getting someone killed, Bhaiya ji is playing a game. Bhaiya ji says stop, I will get freedom for them. Chakor says they can see all the truth, every game has to end some day. Villagers say don’t know who is saying truth, our life is joke for them. Suraj pushes goons and go. Imli tells Chakor that Suraj does not know our plan. Chakor says I will tell him, don’t worry.


Imli thinks to meet Raunak as she got her gun out today. She goes and aims gun at Raunak. She asks why did he not help Vivaan in need. He says I was helpless, Ragini threatened to kill me. She says Ragini wants Vivaan to help her in managing her business, so

he came to you for work, you are a coward, I m more dangerous than Ragini, till Chakor and I m with you, Ragini can’t harm you, tell me with whom are you. He says with you, I m ready to keep Vivaan on job. She says its good, call Vivaan and tell him you are ready to hire him, my name should not come out. Raunak calls Vivaan. Vivaan asks what, are you calling me to insult, what for work? Are you saying truth, thanks. He says Imli will be glad knowing this.

Bhaiya ji shoots the vases and shouts they both did drama. Ragini and Ranjana calm him. He says there is no way, we have to kill Chakor before Suraj, I wish to shoot her, how to kill her, she is sports star. Ranjana says if media who is supporting Chakor gets against her, if we spread news that Chakor and Suraj got separated, she will get old answering media and we can do our work by killing Suraj. He likes the suggestion and says how will this happen. She says leave it on me, calm down. He says I want to get rid of Chakor. She goes. Bhaiya ji angrily goes to some locked room and sees a big trunk. He opens it and gets a stamp with bandhua written on it. He thinks I still remember the jail handcuffs sound, I will get free of it by hearing screams of the cheater, I will give punishment worse than death. He laughs.

Chakor asks Suraj why did he get so many vegs. He says I wanted to thank you. She says you are different and found just this way to thank. He says I heard you like these vegs. She asks why is he thanking her. He says I wanted to apologize, I told wrong that day, I was drunk, Vivaan was lucky that you were in his life, but he got his true love and I got you, else I would have not been alive today, I m thankful for your favor.

She says I did not see anything thanking with vegs. He says I told servant that methi and Lauki of entire village should be here. Servants gets more. Chakor holds head and says what will I do of so many vegs. Suraj says you don’t get happy by anything. She says ordinary people have many ways to thank, but you are not common, Imli and I had to save your life. He asks what did you say, you and Imli saved my life. She says I told Imli’s help to explain you that its necessary for you to live. He says you want to prove I got scared seeing death, I m coward.

She says leave me, I was not scarring you, I was explaining you, life is got once and one should not leave life for ego. He says you nearly killed me. She says no one can harm you till I m there, Imli did that on my saying. Her dupatta gets stuck. He says don’t think you did any favor, you are my wide, Bhaiya ji and Ragini are alive because of you. She says you would be in jail today, let me go. She turns and sees her dupatta stuck. He throws the gourd and argues with her calling her liar. She says you are liar and played with my emotions. They both argue.

He says I will make you out of my room. She says you can’t, as you need me. He says I don’t need you. She calls him weak as he drinks wine a lot. Ranjana claps and says I m glad seeing such love of husband and wife, show this to them tomorrow. Suraj asks who is going to come. Ranjana says press is coming to make documentary on Chakor and her husband, save some love for tomorrow, so that fake love and marriage truth is known to everyone. Suraj and Chakor get shocked.

Imli tells media is coming to take your interview, everyone will know. Ranjana asks Chakor where is Suraj. Bhaiya ji says Suraj does not want to come. Chakor worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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