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Udaan 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor getting angry. She says why does Suraj not understand the problem, Bhaiya ji wants to kill him. She thinks of Suraj’s words. Vivaan comes and asks what are you doing. She says I m leaving from here, I m leaving Suraj. He asks what. She says he is crazy and egoistic, he does not understand anything. He asks whats happening, why are you leaving Suraj. She says he is leaving me, he is mad and does not understand Bhaiya ji’s plan, I refused to villagers when Bhaiya ji gave them proposal of freedom, when I told this to Suraj, he did not take my help and told me that….. She tells what Suraj said and cries.

She sees Suraj’s watch and picks it to throw. Vivaan stops her. He says no need to be angry. She asks what shall I do, he does not understand, he is calling

me Jagat Mata, he forgot if I did not save him, he would have been in jail or dead. He says don’t feel bad, when he is angry or drunk, he does not think what is he saying, its my request, listen to me, we should not care what Suraj says, we know why we got away, we misunderstood childhood love as real love, we are still good friends, I m sure you will also get someone who loves you.

Imli comes and looks on. He asks her not to think of Suraj’s words, his ego is actually wine effect, it will be off in few days. Imli agrees with him and says how can you leave Suraj. He says I explained Chakor, if Suraj does not care for her, leave decision on Chakor, I will leave, I have to go for interview in morning. Imli says Vivaan is worried, when news spread about you leaving Suraj, Bhaiya ji is preparing to kill Suraj. Chakor says let Suraj die. She recalls Suraj and holds the mangalsutra.

Imli asks why did you wear mangalsutra and sindoor, if you had to leave him to die, you came back to save his life, you came to haveli to save a hen in childhood. Chakor says I will leave now, I tried hard to make him understand, now you have to do my work. Imli says I will help you, did I ever refuse. Chakor thinks we have to do this.

Its morning, Suraj wakes up and gets shocked seeing men pointing the pistols at him. He asks whats happening. Imli comes there and points gun at him. She says you have some time, recall anyone you want before death. Suraj asks are you with them. She says yes, they are my men now, if you decided to die, I also decided to support Bhaiya ji, please him, because your death will benefit many, Vivaan and my life will get better, Chakor and villagers will get free, why shall I not do this, Chakor would have signed on divorce papers till now, I have to give you to Bhaiya ji, I don’t care what he does, I have to give loyalty test to him.

Bhaiya ji tells villagers that when Chakor signs on the paper, they all will get free. Chakor says she does not believe them. Ragini asks her to read the papers and get sure. Bhaiya ji asks her to read it. Imli asks men to take Suraj. Suraj beats the men. Imli stops Suraj. Suraj asks Imli whats this joke. She shoots beside him. He gets shocked. She says you think its a joke, see I can do anything to save my family, you were ready to die, why are you scared now. The men catch him. Suraj says when Chakor knows you caught me and gave to Bhaiya ji, she will not forgive you. She says you made Chakor leave, now Bhaiya ji can do anything with you, he would have made Chakor sign and given freedom papers to villagers, maybe he will shoot you infront of everyone, none can save you, come.

Villagers ask Chakor to sign and get their freedom, atleast think of her parents. Imli gets Suraj there. She shoots on the ground and scares Suraj. Imli scolds Suraj and tells Ragini that she is supporting Suraj, kill him or leave him, your wish, give me permission for peaceful life with Vivaan, Chakor will sign on papers here and I will shoot Suraj. Suraj says you are doing bad Imli, leave me. Bhaiya ji gets puzzled. Imli tells Ragini that her men are not needed to hold Suraj. Ragini says I don’t want Suraj to run away, your hands can shake while shooting him, as he is your old love. Imli says don’t worry, Suraj has hurt me a lot.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor why is she waiting, give divorce to Suraj, get freedom for yourself and villagers. Villagers ask Chakor to sign. Chakor says fine, if you will free them of bandhua giri if I sign, I will sign, Suraj does not want to be alive, what will I do, Imli you shoot Suraj, I will sign. Kasturi and Bhuvan look on worried. Imli aims gun at Suraj. Chakor is about to sign. Suraj shouts Chakor, don’t sign, they will kill me. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to sign.

Chakor asks why Suraj, you wanted to die, you will die by bullet. Suraj says I want to be alive and do much against Bhaiya ji, I told that in drunken state, I did mistake, forgive me, I want to work with you to get Bhaiya ji punished. Bhaiya ji says leave him, come Chakor, sign. Villagers ask Chakor to get their freedom. She says you want to live to help me, not by your own will, thanks Suraj, I m enough to fight against Bhaiya ji, Imli shoot him, I will sign papers. Suraj says no Chakor, don’t sign, I want to live by my wish, its our fight against Bhaiya ji. Ragini asks Chakor to sign fast, see villagers are waiting. Bhaiya ji says yes, sign on it. Chakor says I will not sign, I won’t do anything under your pressure. Kasturi and Bhuvan smile. Suraj gets relieved.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji is getting fake freedom, I don’t accept this, I will end your rule and get them real freedom, your kingdom will end by my hands. She tears the divorce papers. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get shocked. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai……….plays…………………

Bhaiya ji says how to kill four of them. Ranjana says we can’t kill Suraj Chakor told media that you will be responsible, if media gets against Chakor then. If news spreads that Chakor and Suraj got separated, then we can do our work by killing Suaj.

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