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Udaan 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kasturi and Bhuvan talking in Chakor’s favor. Bhaiya ji scolds them and asks them to think, they all will get freedom for one man. The villagers agree with Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells Ragini that he knew this will happen. He asks all of them to convince Chakor, else they will have to suffer, I want Suraj, you all want freedom, in whose hands is your freedom, its in Chakor’s hands. Tejaswini looks on worried. Bhaiya ji leaves.


Imli asks Vivaan where is he, come home. He says I m in market, I will come. She says I was worried for you. He apologizes and says I got angry that time. She says come home, I will do hair massage, and cool your mind. She asks him to get fruits for her, fruits are good for health, I m preparing. He says oh, I will get many fruits for you. She ends

call. He goes to buy fruits. He checks wallet and sees he has less money. He says I forgot money at home, just give fruits worth 100rs. The man gives him two apples. Vivaan asks just two apples?The man says yes, take it or leave.

Bhaiya ji sees the stable wall, and Chakor’s drawing. Ranjana comes and asks what are you doing here. He wipes what Bhaiya ji wrote. Chakor comes and recalls writing it. She says I had one motive to free villagers from bandhuagiri, I m at same point, Bhaiya ji did nit change, and I can’t change too. She taunts Bhaiya ji that he can’t erase tortures signs from heart. He says I m erasing this as you are leaving from here. She says I can’t believe you went to village, how can any father pay such big price to kill a son. He says I m paying for their freedom instead you. She says you will give freedom till you kill Suraj. He says Suraj is a cheater, I will kill him. She says you are afraid of Suraj, just he has courage to kill you, you think he will kill you. He says think anything you want, its fine if you are not able to take a decision, you can tell me later, Suraj or your aim.

Suraj comes and looks on. Bhaiya ji says lets see she saves you or villagers. Ranjana says I pity Suraj, his life depends on Chakor’s charity. They laugh and leave. Chakor sees this. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana will this work. She says I pray you succeed, Suraj has ego, he can’t bear his life depends on Chakor, you see, his ego will make him away from Chakor. Chakor sees Suraj. He hits the things. He asks why does she want to save him, instead so many people. She says I won’t let you die. He asks why, all your problems will end. Chakor slips to explain him. He holds her and asks why did you fall intentionally. She says yes, but why did you save me. He says you would have got hurt. She says because you worry for me, same way I worry for you and can’t let Bhaiya ji kill you, he will not keep his promise either, I will lose both ways.

Kasturi calls Chakor and asks her to come fast, all villagers are calling her. Chakor goes and meets villagers. She says I know what proposal Bhaiya ji gave infront of you all, listen to me, don’t think if we agree to him, he will give you freedom, he will trap you all again and use your innocence, your state will be same. The lady says we really need freedom, we can’t stay with one rupee earnings. They all say they did mistake before, and now they will not sign on any paper, they want freedom. Bhuvan says Suraj cheated and married Chakor, we are also angry. Kasturi says but we can’t risk Suraj’s life. Chakor asks everyone how can they sacrifice Suraj. Chagan reminds Suraj is their enemy and tortured them a lot, you don’t know, you were not here for 10 years.

Chagan asks is their freedom imp to her or not. Chakor says its imp. Chagan asks her to decide, she has to agree to Bhaiya ji to get their freedom, who is dear to her, Suraj or they all. She asks them to listen. They say you can’t sacrifice many for one. Tejaswini comes there. She defends Suraj and says Bhaiya ji has made him do all that. Chakor says yes, Bhaiya ji is our enemy. Kishor says you kept Tejaswini when they made her out of haveli. Chagan says now we are strangers, you will support them, burn this village. Chakor asks him to understand. Its bhaiya ji’s plan. They all get angry and leave. Chakor asks them to listen. Chakor worries.

Chakor tells Suraj that there is no risk to his life now, I rejected Bhaiya ji’s proposal. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Ragini says there maybe one reason that Chakor is saving Suraj, maybe she loves Suraj. Suraj says I don’t regret to die if many people get a life, but I don’t want to be live on anyone’s pity.

Update Credit to: Amena

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