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Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 14





“BHAI STOP!” Mahi screamed with yet another sound of a vase shattering on the ground into pieces. Broken glass pieces was the floor covered with , literally.

“Why did you even do this?” He screamed on my face and I bit my lower lip trying to assemble myself. “It was the right option” I mumbled back and there it goes another piece of glass broken.

“I warned you Twinkle about this” He hissed at me and I looked the other way trying not to look at him because that certainly would make me weak which at this point I don’t want.

“She did nothing wrong” Mahi grabbed his hand and made him sit on the bed. Kunj was in a whole new avatar. A raging one. Definitely not pleasant.

“Let me Mahi” I mumbled and she stepped aside as I kneeled down placing in front of him placing my hands down on his knees.

“You know that Mr. Larson had a condition in order to get this deal completed right? And you know it , the condition is of your company and your Dad’s company to he working together on this project.

“I know this is the biggest project and a really important one for you. But Mr. Larson doesn’t know this. He deliberately considered this condition because everyone knows you and your dad don’t get along.

And he wants profit by this which we aren’t going to give him. So , instead of loosing the contract this was the only option to go for. By agreeing to his condition Kunj. And trust me there is nothing wrong with this.

“He just gave us and hour and you didn’t agree and I knew we were going to lose this contract that’s when I told him that…that you do agree…when you don’t…”

I whispered by the end and looked at him as he glared at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his which now are nothing but unfathomable.

“They are continuing with the party Kunj. And Mr. Larson does want you downstairs” Dhruv tells him and I nodded moving towards the door with the rest.

“Twinkle I need you to stay for a bit” I stopped on my tracks as the others went outside leaving me there , Awestruck?

“Kunj..” I trailed off but my words were left as he yelled , “Don’t you even dare come closer to me” He cussed and that’s it , I lost my patience.

“Fine! I won’t and neither do I want to. But yes , you better be downstairs at the party. And yes , a relieving news for you. As the ending of the project still has time , I’m going to German”

“What!?” He asks astonished and I nodded. “Why?!” his tone was loud and I shrugged. “I won’t bother myself letting you know” I shot back and he groaned.

“I’m giving us a try Twinkle” I scoffed at his choice of words and stepped closer. “This..” I guested to the two us , “Is what you call a try…then guess what? I don’t want to give it a try”

I was about to leave the room when the old Kunj speaks up, “You are my PA” I laughed coldly at his same old reason and smirked faintly.

“I was. The contract was over yesterday” I shot back hotly and left the room biting my lower lip not to break down.

Be string Twinkle! Be strong.



“Would you guys mind?” I snapped at them and they went back to eating their food. I sighed pushing the plate aside and examined everyone on the dining table. “Would please stop glaring at me like that?”

I asked them and they scoffed giving me a cold shoulder. Right! Now what’s wrong with them. Isn’t is already enough that Twinkle is mad at me , now them too?

“What’s wrong?” I asked snapping and their eyes went wide. “WHAT’S WRONG?! LIKE YOU ARE ASKING US WHAT’S WRONG?” Yuvi being the melodramatic he is , began his acting.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU BHAI?!” I was amazed by Maira’s sudden out burst too. Well , that’s actually the first time she did that.

“I see. Yuvi has been affecting you a lot Maira” I tell her and she looks away flattered. What on earth?!

Why did Maira just blushed like that?!

“Why did she do that?!” I asked Yuvi gesturing him and he shrugged weirdly, “How would..umm..I mean how would I know?”

He stuttered giving me asked funny look and I nodded at his answer. Something is wrong. That what’s probably Twinkle would do.

Blush , get flattered by my name and my closeness. Is this because…? No No No! Kunj concentrate on something else. Humph! Such foreign and weird feelings these days.

“Guys….I’m sorry about what I did in the morning” I mumble smiling sheepishly and they rolled their eyes at me. Fine!

“Fine. It was a huge mistake and I was really really wrong to behave that like” I hope this helps. “Ugh! Okay…” I breathed out and began , “I’m sorry. For everything I did at the ceremony and I can’t promise but I would try my best not to break anything”

I kept on blabbering and Mahi shook her head. “Bhai , stop” She growled loudly and I shut my mouth instantly. “One thing , just one thing we wanted you to do”

She shot at me and I frowned, “What?!” I just a few minutes ago listed everything. What did I even miss?

“A sorry to Twinkle” She snapped and my eyes widened in realization. Oh God! How can I forget this ?


Just then Yuvi’s phone rang and he looked on weirdly before receiving his call. “Hello”

I obviously couldn’t hear the other side but tried concentrating on Yuvi’s expression. “Are you sure?” I got worried as he gulped hardly finding it difficult to even talk.

“Okay. We’ll be there soon. Just stay there and don’t worry” He quickly adds and cuts the call as we all waited hurriedly for him to speak up.

I could see the worry on his face and words couldn’t leave his mouth. “Twinkle…” He breathed out and my heart literally stopped beating as the thoughts pondered over.

“What happened Yuvi?” I pushed further and he sighed. “We don’t have time Kunj. Let’s go… please” He urged and I hissed at him , “Is she okay?”

“Kunj..” He trailed but I yelled at him , “Yuvraj! I’m asking is she okay?” Mahi holds me back and Yuvi nodds shocked at my sudden out burst.

“We have to go , now” Yuvi spoke as he grabbed her car keys and we all followed him along. I have no freaking idea what’s going on and one thing has been eating my mind.

Is she okay?









Last chapter was loaded with romance and sweetness and this one filled with rage and worries.

That’s what my story is about , a different shade and phases everyday.

Be ready for a really weird chapter. Maybe that would even shock you more. Because what happens when Maira is told of the real truth. Yup, Maira!

So, make sure you read the next chapter.

And THANK YOU, SUCH A BIG MASSIVE one for the love and comments.

Have you guys ever cried out of happiness , like you are on cloud nine?

I did today and I do sometimes when I get so much support and love from you guys.

You guys made me cry Haha. But in a good way. I just don’t know what I’m saying.

And you guys already got to know the reason of a long update for 6th December. And that’s because it’s Chiku’s birthday and she wanted me to write a long update which I’m going to.

I want to know you birth dates too..so drop them down..



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