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Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 13





I couldn’t end my laughter at the whole rant she gave a moment ago. Yes , I knew she was a bit cracked but this much?

Despite all this , I have strange and unknown feelings for her and upon which thinking makes me go mad every time.

“Twinkle..” I finally stopped my laughter session and she crossed her arms hell annoyed and frowned.

“I’m sorry..actually you have never looked so cute…OH and so funny ever” I chuckled and her jaw dropped to the floor. Not really though…

“Kunj..” she whined throwing her arms in the air , frustration on the pinnacle. “Yes?” I ask in a sweet tone and sat beside her on the couch.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled and her eyes literally popped out of her eye sockets. “Are you really apologizing to me?” astonishment took over her beautiful face and I nodded smiling whole heartedly.

“Yup! For being so bi-polar and for making you go crazy , jealous , and giving you opportunities for almost killing someone through a roller coaster”

Twinkle laughed too and I pulled her closer wrapping my arms around her body. She snuggled closer but stopped immediately as I spoke , “I want to make it work”

She froze and I gulped. Did I say something wrong?

Twinkle turned facing me and I stroked her jawline as her gaze never left mine. “You..You wa-want to..give us a try?” She stuttered and I nodded.

“Yes” my voice was low and she smiled hugging me this time. “I was nearly gonna loose you” I mumbled against the crook of her neck and she pulled back.

“But you didn’t..” she whispered and I looked away. “What’s wrong?”

“What if I ruin it like I always do?” I murmur and kept on ranting about loosing her and looked up but she kissed me. My heartbeat raced along and she couldn’t help but smile.

I kissed her back slowly and tenderly. My grip on her waist became for firm as if she’s a glass and would break any second.

Her fragile heart is what would break and I won’t let that happen. Hurting her is what I have done many times previously but now the thoughts of it are like daggers to my heart.



He places his lips on mine and they fit perfectly. My mind is buzzing with a million thoughts as he takes me over and everything I do , he matches.

I move my hands up to his chest and in response he wraps his arms around me. He deepened through kiss until I couldn’t breath.

Kunj makes me feel wanted, understood , loved and cherished. The feelings I have for him are deepened every day and with him claiming me his , they are pushed further to me more stronger.

My worries and all the burdens I have are released as he holds on me. I know I can’t lose him. And with him holding me so tightly in his arms is the indication that how much he wants me near him.

He can’t lose me , he just can’t and neither I can. We both are aware of it. I pull my hands up and up to his neck and rubs my back soothingly.

My heart is racing my brain to see which can go faster. I’m not aware myself of what’s happening but I let him take control over me.

He pulls back slowly and I stare into those eyes that read me over and over. I smiled gracefully and ever so brightly I ever had.

“The moon in correlation shows signs of being not so considerably wondrous and elegant like you. Your exquisiteness subsides it’s charisma Twinkle”

A small gasp left my mouth hearing those ravishing words and flushed at the showering if those breathtaking words and he snickered.

“It’s past midnight. You should sleep , we have the ceremony tomorrow” He pecked my forehead and went to his room.

“Goodnight Kunj” I mumbled sleepy and settled down on the bed.

The mess I have in my mind is unfathomable and most importantly even I can’t understand what ahead we both have for this relationship of us.


“Good morning!” I chirped and sat next to Yuvi for breakfast. “Are you excited?” Rey asks and I grinned. “More than anything” I laughed and he joined along.

“Is bhai awake?” Mahi asks coming downstairs and hearing his name made my heart increase its heart beat to the unstoppable level.

“Yeah! He’s already at the ceremony place. He asked me to tell you all to move your butts and be there on time” Maira tells us and we nodded.

“I don’t get it. Why are we going?” Yuvi asks sipping on his mocha and I slapped the back of his head. “The future to Kunj’s business” I laughed gesturing my hands to show his success and he laughed along.

“Come on guys…hurry up and get ready” I ushered them to buck up.


“It doesn’t actually seem like a ceremony. Mostly , like a party” Rey examines the place and I nodded. Wasn’t it supposed to be a ceremony or anything?

Well , Kunj and his different shades!

“Everything checked? Great!” I heard Kunj coming through the corridor talking to the guards and I wanted to laugh seeing his state.

Messy hair , a baggy shirt and jeans with vans. Are you kidding me? Where’s Kunj actually?

“What on earth! Look at bhai” Mahi mumbled eyeing him and we all laughed. And Crap! That was a mistake.

Kunj’s attention was drawn towards us and he sighed moving towards us. “Finally! Now help me guys?” He asks laughing and Woah! A whole brand new Kunj.

“Sure!” the others chirped and I am amazed at them being pretty enthusiastic today rather than dragging their lazy a*s in the morning.

“Yuvi and Rey , check the table arrangements and the seat settings”

“Mahi and Maira you both on the menu side” and that leaves me there with no work. Okay….

I was about to go with Maira and Mahi but Kunj grabs my hand pulling me back. “You have a lot of work to do , too” He adds smirking and I flushed at his words.

“I need your help” He sighs and I frowned , “Help? How?” I bombarded him with questions and he growled. “Shh! Come with me”

He led the way and I followed along just like I always would and want to. Ugh! Twinkle stop being so hysterical today at least.

“And why aren’t you dressed yet?” I ask folding my arms and he grinned. “That’s why I need your help” He replied gesturing to a rack full of clothes.

“Really Kunj really?” I shook head my head laughing and paced towards the rack eyeing about so many jeans , v-neck shirts, T-shirts, denims , tuxedos….

“I got it!” I exclaimed taking out a black tuxedo and Kunj beamed. PHEW! Glad he liked it.

“Tuxedo it is” He confirmed and went inside to change. Well well , the compassion of him before the eruption arrives.





So ,

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So I have selected four , but I also got other ideas through personal messages.

One about Twinkle and Kunj going on a picnic by anu.

One about hatred into love by Twinjfan.

One about forced marriage by sania.

One about arranged marriage by kaira.

One about memory loss by atika.

One about love after marriage by sara.

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