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Two Angels n Their Arrogant Love ( Darkness v/s light)-Raglak n Swasan Prologue

Hello guys i m kristen sorry 4 not posting my ff but i will sure post my ff soon n this is my new story supernatural power this is my frist attempt to write like this so support me

A man sleeping n he saw a dream where he is with a girl dancing with her loving her but suddenly some1 come n stanch her he wake up n shout a girl come n says laksh


In Angle world

A girl running here n there to save herself n hide under a table a man came

man-where r u angle plz come to me i will never kill u like i killed ur family


That angle cried n scared n sobbing

man-caught u(man shout n that angle got scared)plz come my angle plz come ragini plz(ya guys she is our ragini)

Ragini-plz leave me sanskar(ya guys that man is sanskar)

Sanky-i will never bcoz of u i will bcome most powerfull beast in the world(he start laugh evily) n suddenly some rays come with full of lights sanky eyes bear this much light so closed his eyes after 2 min when he open his eyes ragini was not there he search her with his evil power but failed

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