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Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 39)

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Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.
Chapter 39:
Kunj pulled twinkel up n she fell over him. At the same time fr kunj’s bad luck, Naman with his family arrived thr.

Naman: officer, arrest this rascal.
He went to twinkle n made her sit near by n covered her with a shawl to protect her frm cold.

Naman: are u fine?
He asked her holding her shoulder.
Twinkle: yeah…
She nodded
Twinkle was in shock still as she nly knew that she went to the verge of death m came back. She could nt make out wt had happened with her as it was just a bad decision toon by her in the heavy time.

Naman told a maid to take twinkle inside. Maid came to her n held her n took her inside.
Here kunj was arrested.

At twinkle s room

Naman along with an officer with twinkle s mom was present thr.
Naman : so, what was he trying to do with u?
Twinkle was silent
Officer: u can tell the truth without fear mam.
Twinkle hesitated.
Twinkle: he just saved me when I was about to fall.
Naman: what we’re u doing thr at that time?
Twinkle didn’t knw what to say as she can’t say that she was thr to kill herself.
She looked at the officer who was waiting fr her answer n at her mother who was gesturing to speak the truth
Twinkles mom: tell twinkle, what happened? Why were u thr? Did he…
Twinkle: no mom, I was nt feeling well in the party so I went to get sme fresh air n i just claimed the railing….. (little silence)….n…..I slipped…..but he was thr on the time n saved me.
Officer:but ..he come he was….
Before he could continue,
Twinkle: I SAID NA, (she went to naman) he saved me,make him free nw. It was my mistake nly.
Naman nodded.
Naman:hmmm…u go n take rest. I will take care of it.
Twinkle smiled at him n went to sleep.
Naman: officer, set him free.
Officer just nodded n left.
(If u would hv watched the film u will cme to knw hw was the interiors of titanic)

Here kunj has been interrogated.

Officer: so…u r telling that u saved her
Kunj: yeah..
Officer: what we’re u doing thr
Kunj: i was smoking thr, n i saw her shouting fr help n rushed to her.
Officer: so u had time to remove ur shoes n socks when the girl was shouting fr help.
Kunj: no….before nly I was bare footed.
Officer: then…hw ur shoes were present near to….

Before he could question, Naman with othr officer came.
Officer 1: release him
The othr one just nodded n made kunj free.

Kunj just made his way out, Naman saw him going,’ Keep an eye on him’, he ordered to the officer. And the officer nodded in yes.

Precap: kunj meets twinkle they have a nice talk. Kunj is invited fr dinner n kunj shows her hw low cls party will be….etc….as u ppl knw according to movie.

Sry fr small epi, I hv no time.

Biochemistry exam, hv to study. Next epi will be posted soon n i promise a big one.

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