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Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 37)

Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changed is made according to my fiction.

I can’t write such a passionate one bt i am trying my best plz excuse me if I failed to reach ur expectations.


Chapter -37

The Titanic is set on her journey, crashing the opposite waves of North Atlantic ocean, with a high speed, she is enjoying her first ever journey. All the big shots, sailors, workers,passengers everyone spent their very first day of their voyage with lots of happiness, dreams n passions.
It was meant for all ppl from the richest to the poorest.

At night, a dinner party was organised and all were enjoying thr dinner with a lovely music being played in the background. Drenched in the old Red wine.

At one corner of the table.
One gentleman: so, all set na? Naman
Naman: ya, everything is done, I am just waiting for the biggest day.
Saying this he took twinkles hand n kissed it, she just smiled and took back her hand.
One lady: what abt the invitations?
Twinkles mom(can consider leela): they are almost sent to all before we reached US, everything will be set.
Finally my girl is getting married i m so happy fr her.

Twinkle just smiled at her mom many thoughts are running swiftly than the waves of the ocean. She was lost in the middle of the ocean.

Twinkles pov:
My heart was restless as the wedding topic was going on. For any girl if anyone talks abt her marriage she will be the happiest but in my case I was restless, I could nt bare that talks. Everyone seems happy, my mom she is the one who is the first person to be happy fr this bt it’s all against my wish. I can’t imagine my life with him. Even I am nt ready to share my life with him. For a second I imagined myself in the church and the priest askinh me frr the consent of my marriage.
All people, my family,my relatives, my mom, Naman everyone around me are looking at me with eagerness,may be it’s not eager I was unable to make out things around me.
At this moment though I stopped my imagination I also wish I could stop this marriage also but I know it’s the hardest thing on this earth.

With an excuse I just came out of that place with a heavy eyes full of tears. No one noticed it as they won’t try to do that also…never.

End of twinkles pov

At the retired end of the ship.
Kunj s pov:
‘Have a drink my frnd finally we are set free’exclaimed aman,he was completely drunk.
I denied his offer as I am lost in my dreamy world of US.
I smiled at him n turned towards the water. I am waiting fr my destination to arrive.
‘U see buddy, life is really unpredictable, u can’t expect things to happen in ur way. It’s all destined to happen.’ He was nodding with a smile.
‘Hey I can see the statue of liberty from here only’ I exclaimed for which he laughed hard drilling over the floor, spilling the wine.

I too laughed at him rather myself also.

As I turned it saw a girl running towards the end of the ship, the same girl whom I saw in the morning, the expensive beauty. In her red frock with a black netted design over it. Her hairs were tied into a bun with a side hair on her face. She was running as if she gonna die. I was suspicious abt her.

**Kunj s pov ends **

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