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TWINJ: When Friendship turns into love (OS)

Hello everyone. It’s Sarah from Pakistan. I’ve pbeen a silent reader since the last almost 5 months. I’ve been reading each and every single ff on Twinj. And, I won’t at all hesitate to say that you guys are doing an absolute amazing job. The way you guys describe everything is just beyond perfection. To be really honest, I first thought that these ff(s) ain’t of any use but I remember when I just started reading them, I was so freakin addicted to them. It’s for the first time that I’m trying to write an OS (one shot). I hope it’d be appreciated by all. Thank youu.
Character sketch:
Kunj Sarna: a business tycoon. Has been forcefully married to Twinkle Taneja. Tries his best to maintain his friendly behavior with her. A very simple and down-to-earth person.
Twinkle Kunj Sarna: a very well known fashion designer. She too was forced for this marriage, but like Kunj, she too tried her best to maintain a friendly relation with him. A very sweet person.

Twinkle’s POV:
Oh God. Please help me for how to tell Kunj that I’ve to go London for the showcase of my new collection. I know quite well that kunj won’t be able to live without me. He’s so used to of being with me, sharing his entire day’s experience with me. I know that he too is so busy with his business that he can’t come with me. What to do.
*End of POV*
“Twinkle. Twinkle..” Kunj rushed into the room. “I’m here Kunj, what happened? All set?” Twinkle said from the balcony facing her back towards him. He quickly rushed to the balcony, picked twinkle up and twirled her all around. Twinkle was quite delighted to see kunj si happy. “Kunj what happened? Any good news?!” She asked. Kunj kept her down and said “oh yes Twinkle. Today I got the news that my name has been nominated for the *best business tycoon in India* in the Global business awards. I’m so glad. And you know what, the award show is in London, so we both are leaving for London this Saturday!” “No excuses” he added. Twinkle quickly hugged kunj and said “Wow. That’s such a big news. And you know what, the showcase of my latest collection too is in London. I was just thinking for how to convince you for coming with me! You know naa that I never feel comfortable without you.


Anywhere” “Aww, my darling wife” he said and pulled her into a tight hug. Both of them didn’t want this moment to end, but were disturbed by the servant who knocked the door to call them for dinner.” They both felt bit awkward realizing their position. Twinkle was blushing like hell, and hide her blush, she buried her face in Kunj’s chest. Kunj, who noticed her blush smiled widely and caressed her hair. When Twinkle realized what she was again doing, she quickly left kunj and ran out of the room leaving a smiling kunj behind.

After the dinner, they both returned to their room. Both were sitting on the couch using the laptop searching for which hotel to stay in. Kunj was scrolling down and showing Twinkle the hotels when he felt some kinda weight on his shoulder. It was non other than Twinkle who had fallen asleep on his shoulder with her hands around his arm. Kunj tried to wake her up but she tightened her grip with her hands over Kunj’s waist with her head on his chest. Kunj smiled, caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. He wrapped his hand around her and went in deep sleep. It was morning, when the sun rays disturbed Twinkle’s sleep. She woke up and smiled broadly seeing her and her beloved husband’s position. She slightly kissed his cheek and went to the washroom to freshen up. As soon as she left, kunj opened his eyes, touched his cheek and smiled. “Now I can’t wait to confess you my love Twinkle.” He mumbled to himself.

It was Saturday (the day when twinj were supposed to leave for London). After a long travel, they finally reached. They first went to their hotel and rested for a while. Then kunj took her to Kynance Mews(one for the most romantic street in London). Since it was quite late so there weren’t many people there. Kunj went to the middle of the street. He held Twinkle’s hand and said “Twinkle I know that we both were forced into this marriage. And I know it was quite difficult for both of us to manage with each other. And by time, we both became friends.

Actually, the best of friends. I don’t know how and when did this friendship turn into love. Yes Twinkle, I love you, I really love you very much. I don’t know how this all happened but what I only know is that this Kunj Sarna is nothing without his Life, Twinkle Kunj Sarna”. Twinkle was so damn happythat years started gushing down her cheeks. She quickly turned towards kunj and hugged him as tightly as she could. It seemed as she’ll never let him go! ” I love you too kunj. I too am nothing without you. I love you!” was all she was able to say. Suddenly they heard some sounds of claps, to their surprise, it was of the locals of London clapping for them. Kunj smiled at them while Twinkle blushed endlessly. They both entwined their hands and left for the hotel and the two bodies became one!

After a week, the winner of the Best Business tycoon in India was announced and it was none other than Kunj Sarna. Also, Twinkle’s latest collection’s showcase was a huge success. That trip to London was undoubtedly the best one for both of them!


So, I hope that you all enjoyed enough. Since it was my first attempt, so all kind of comments are welcomed. Apology for any kind of errors! Thank you. ❤

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