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Twinj -School Love (season 2) prologue

Hey guys ridhima here.
Thank you so much for your lovely response..
Glad to know you guys missed me…😘😘
Meri toh ankhein bhar ayi😢😢.

Here we go


Season 2


The scene starts with sun rising in the sky…
It is the most beautiful sight…
And if it takes place in shimla.. then its beauty increases many times…

A beautiful sunrise with cold ice😉

It is said a new day brings a lot of hopes with it…
So lets check what this day brings with it.

A hotel is shown…

A girl was seen banging the door of some room’s room..

Girl- Open the door bhai ( she shouted on the top of lungs.)

Finally the door opens and a man comes out…
The face of the man is covered by girl as she is standing in front of him.

Man- Twinkle stop yaar… Why are you disturbing in early morning.

Yes the girl is twinkle.. she turns and now we are able to see her beautiful face..

Twinkle- Lyk seriously bhai…(calling to that man who is samar of course…).. It is 7 in the morning. And we have a meeting at 8..
(She said angrily).

Samar- okk okkk but still i have 1 hour..

Twinkle- BHAIIIIII…😡

Samar- okk meri maa…ðŸ™�ðŸ™�… jata hoon main..

Saying this he left to get ready😉..

After about 45 minutes.
They were seen having breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant..

Twinkle- Bhai you are really lazy…who take 40 minutes to get ready…


Samar- hahaha… what can i do if my sister is not normal…

Twinkle- What…???

Samar- are a normal girl takes 3 hours to get ready and you get ready in 15 minutes.. so how can you be normal😉😉….

Twinkle- huhhhh…?? Hasna tha…??ðŸ˜�ðŸ˜�

Samar- Nhi meri bullet train…

Suddenly samar’s phone started ringing..

Twinkle- lo pahunch gye ab time pe😒😒
Samar sees her with puppy eyes…

Twinkle- Go goo… talk with your fiance..

Samar leaves and takes his call….

While twinkle sees outside through the glass window…

After some time samar comes back…

Samar- chalein twinkle…

Twinkle- Yes bhai…(she said turning towards him smiling)…

She stands up and started moving….
Samar holds her hand and turned her towards himself…

Samar- Are you fine..??? Means u know me and swa…(he was cut off in between by twinkle).

Twinkle- ohoo..bhai i m very happy for my bhai… but m sad for my bhabhi… bichari how she will tolerate you😜😜Samar- twinkle..??

Twinkle- yes bhai…

Samar- you know we have to go to mumbai tomorow…?? Do you want to go..?

Twinkle-(a bit of pain in her voice)- that does matter know what i want…. i have to go and you know this…
Saying this she left from there
While samar was standing there sad that he is not able to do anything for her sister…

Will be posting chapter 1 soon…

Thank for reading.
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