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Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 2

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Chapter 2

“Ms. Twinkle the court is waiting for your decisions.?” Asked the judge.

“Yes. I want divorce ” she said closing her eyes to stop tears from falling down.

The judge sighs.

” What is your decision Mr. Sarna?” He asked kunj.

Kunj looked up not wanting to believe what twinkle said. He looked hurt but he do know that twinkle is more hurt then him.

“NO” kunj said.

Twinkle and Samar looked towards him.
Twinkle being confused but Samar being angry.
Being a protective brother who dont want to see her sister in more pain.

He moved towards kunj and held his collar.

“What is left..?? Haan why you dont want to leave my sister.? What you want to do more to break her.? What you did was not enough.?” He asked several questions shaking him.

While kunj didnt answered even a single one while he keep looking towards twinkle may be asking from her the answer for this questions. Still believing some where she will answer the alligations which kunj is facing.

But she turned her face and let tears fall from her eyes not been able to see his condition.
While his eyes started watering feeling the lack of trust in der relation.

“Mr. Samar you are creating problem in court’s hearing.?” Judge said.
But samar was not listening and was still asking him the questions and almost forcing him to chnge his answer.

Finally judge asked him to leave the court room and he was pushed out.

“Sir i want divorce. I dont want to live with him” she said.

Judge’s pov(😛😛)…

Like always i am here sitting in the court room having a great responsiblity on my shoulder.

This court room witnessed many couples getting separated and many families meeting.

But today i have one of the most difficult cases.
This couple Twinkle and Kunj. They are standing in front of me asking for divorce.

They dont want it but something is stopping them to tell their feelings.

I can see the love they have for each other in there eyes and the fear of pain of separstion in there hearts.

Anybody on seeing them can sense it.

I just dont want to take a decision which will destroy there life.

“I want to give you another chance to think over your decision. The time period of 3 months. In which you have to be with each other like a normal married couple.” I said.

May be the period of three months will help it.

“No. I dont want to see my sister hurt again.” Said samar.

O god this man. I throwed him out but still he is.

” and mr. Samar is not allowed to meet any of you two in next 3 months.” I said.

I know i can’t separate her brother from her. But sometimes the overprotectiveness of a brother can be a trouble in a relation.

They looked shocked but i didnt care to change my decision.
I left the court room leaving the left decisions on them.

Hopefully they will do what is right..

Judge’s pov ends…

Kunj moved towards Twinkle.
But before he can say anything she said.

“I want to make it clear that these 3 months will not chnge my decision but the feeling i do have for you will increase. The feeling of hatredness..” she said and left.

Samar and Twinkle left from there and went to kunj’s place.

On the other side.

Kunj was still reminiscing her words sitting in the court room.

To be continued.

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