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Twinj -School Love (season 2) part 1

Hey guys ridhima here..

Chapter 1

Here we go.

Mumbai the city of dreams. Many people achieve there dreams over here and many dreams get shattered.
Clock strikes 10.
A man was seen sitting in the corridor on the chair holding his face in between his palms.

“Mr. Sarna “ some announced coming in the direction in black coat looking like a lawyer or may be a lawyer.

The man stands up and is revealed to be none other than Kunj. He stands up will his face looking tired and pale. His hairs in a mess and his puffy red eyes can tell he cried a alot.

“Is Twinkle going to come.? “ he asked.
Before Kunj can reply back some voice came from the other direction.

“ She came Mr. Banerjee” said Samar who was coming with Twinkle giving a glare to Kunj and moving forward.

Twinkle’s pov…

I and bhai boarded a flight to Mumbai. All the way i was just thinking how i am going to face him again.
I know i love him now also but i have to control my feelings and not to fall weak. I trusted him more than anything but he betrayed me. I fought with bhai and supported him but he made me believe that i trusted a wrong man. No relations are bigger than blood ones and love in school is just soo childish and fake.

SCHOOL LOVE can never last long.
U can never judge what is right and what is wrong.? How the person is.?
Its all just fake.

Our flight landed in Mumbai and we get a cab.
The cab left us to the place which read District Court.

The place where today me and kunj will part our ways forever.

We will get divorced.

I dont know how i am going to face all this.. face him again..

My heart started beating faster. I was occupied by alot of unknown feelings which started to eat me.

I just wanted to run from there and go to a lonely place and cry till i get completely separated by this feelings.

We started moving and there i can see kunj standing infront of the lawyer completely looking like a mess.

My heart ached to see him like this.
I wanted to run and envelope him in my arms and want to forget every bitter past memory.
But then bhai held my hand which bring me back to my reality and i remembered the pain i bear my family bear because of him.

We walked further and now i am standing in front of the room where our future will be decided.

We sat down.
The judge came and after that all i can remember is my moments spend with Kunj. I am not able to concentrate what ever is happening beside me.


Twinkle was seen standing and cutting onions in the kitchen while tears was coming down her eyes.

Kunj came in the kitchen and saw her crying and moved towards her being concerned.

Kunj cupped her face
Kunj- Twinkle. What happened? Why are you crying.? Twinkle speak up. I m getting tensed. (He said being concerned).
Twinkle didnt said anything and smiled seeing his concern while kunj was confused by his smile.
She pointed towards the onion and kunj understood the situation.

Twinkle- I can never cry if my kunj is beside me.
Kunj- And your kunj will never leave you.
He wiped her tears.
And turned towards the kitchen counter and started cutting the onions.
Twinkle- Kunj… what are you doing let me do.
Kunj- madam i will do this. U do another work. I cant bear tears i n your eyes either for any reason.

Twinkle feels loved by his words. She made him turn towards her and slightly pecked his lips. While kunj looked shocked😉…

He understands what his twinkle did and pulled her back to his arms and placed his lips on hers.
A sweet but a passionate kiss pouring all the love for each other.
****flashback ends****

I came back to the present when someone announced my name.

“Do you want a divorce from Mr. Sarna and without any pressures?” the judge asked.

I dont know what to ask. I was standing there confused. Yes I want divorce but this words were not escaping my mouth.

***to be continued**

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