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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love(47)


@Twinkle’s ward–
Twinkle is conscious now..
usha, manohar, adi , pari n their baby priya are present there..
USha is sitting beside twinkle on stool.. manohar is standing just behind her.. all others are scattered in room.. theiremotional talks are goig on..
uv n kunj are watching twinkle from outside only..
usha- twinkle puttar…(emotionally, having tears in eyes) tu bilkul bhi dhyaan ni rakhti na apna.. dekh kya halat bana li h..(roaming her hand on her hairs n she was lying on bed)
tw- m. ma.,maa .. m .. m to de.. dekho.. b.bilkul th.thekk hu.. s.. sher puttar hu na m aa..aapki…(stammering due to weakness)
u- bas bas rehne de.. dikh ra h meko kitni theek h tu.. (fake anger)
(again got emotional) puttar aaise na kkia kar.. dekh sab kitne pareshaan h tujhe aaise bed pe dekh kar..
(wiping her tears) aacha chal.. aab tu aaram kar.. aur jaldi se theek hokr ghar vapas aaja.. aur aab tu yha nhi rahegi.. humare saath amritsar chalegi.. jab tak tu bilkul theek ni ho jati m teko kahin ni jaaane dungi..
tw- par.. par m,. ma.. m amritasr kyu??
i mean.. m yha rhe kar ..b..bhi th.. theek ho jaungi na ma..
u- aab koi bhes ni… ek bar bol dia to bol dia..
tw- .paa..papa ji.. aa.. aap samjhao na maa ko.. m .. m m kaise amritsar vapas aa sakti hu.. aur abhi to m. meri internship bhi..
are ha.. in..in ternship se yaad aaya.. m mahi.. mahi kha h?? i mean.. i i need to take care of her na.. she .. she is pregnent..
(got excited telling about sid uv n mahi) aap.. aapko pta h ma.. sab log na bhot aache h.. mahi to mere badi bhn jaise h.. kabhi kabhi to lagta h .. m uska ni vo mera khyaal rakhti h.. aur uv jiju.. vo vo bhi bhot sweet h..
bilkul karan bhaiya ki tareh.. aur papa ji aapko pta hid na.. vo bhot hi khaddos h aur pta h aapko m na usko sadu bolkar bulati hu. aur vo humesha chid jaata h.. i like to irritate him sooo much..
laking fir bhi bhot cute h bas pura din naak par gussa rehta h but saath me vo mahi aur uv jiju se bhot pyar bhi karna h.. (she got overexcited while telling these things that she didnt notice that is getting difficulty in breathing)
she was heavinly panting.. while telling all this…
u- shh.. shh mera baccha .. (worried seeing her condition) theek h .. theek h sab log aache h .. (patting her head) aab bas tu aaram kar… jaldi se theek hona na..
twinkle just nooded n started getting unconscious due to the effects of medicines.. meanwhile adi after seeing her condition hurriedly went to call doc..
on the way kunj asked him abt twinkle’s health.. adi just nooded n patted his shoulders lightly..
Doc checked her n gave twinkle injection to calm her down n she slept under the effect of medicines..
Doc asked them to meet him in his cabin as he wanna talk with them personally regarding twinkle health.

@doctor’s cabin—
doc- plz have a seat..
usha n manohar sat on the chairs.. adi n kunj were standing behind them n pari was in twinkle’s ward with her..
m- doc.. kuch serious h kya?? twinkle iss tareh kyu behaive akr re thi..
d- maine aapko.. issi bare me discuss karne ke liye bataya h..
m- ji doc batayae na..
kunj was just listening to their talks silently only his heart knows what he is feeling this time seeing his love in this condition..
d- ji aab aap log shanti se mere baat sunyae..
m- ji doc
d- i have already told u abut twinkle’s brain damage,.. she have serve injury on her head due to which her 2 nerves are not working properly.. i m not saying ki its not working at all but blood is not flowing smoothly through there nerves due to which sometimes she can loose her senses..
emotions can overpower her..
like.. when u get emotional.. u are under ur control which is possible due to ur brain but in her case.. she cant control her emotions whether its happinesss.. sadness.. joy.. excitement anything.. n anger is most harmful for her..
jaise ki abhi aapne bataya ki apne friends ke baare me baat karte hue vo bhot excited ho gayi thi.. yha tak ki unhe pata bhi nhi chala ki kab unki saasein rukne agi.. issi tareh vo apne kisi bhi emotion ko jyada de control nhi kar sakti h.. n she can harm herself due to this..
sometimes she can behaive childish n sometimes like mature.. u just have to handle her with care otherwise it can be dangerous..
u- (tears flowing from her eyes) ye kya ho gaya meri hasti khelti bacchi koo..
manoher was consoling her..
adi- par doc.. iska koi to treatment hoga na.. har time twinkle aais eto nhi rhe sakti..
d- ji treatment to h but uske bhot se side effects h.. aap apne pyar aur care se bhot had tak twinkle ko sambhal sakte h.. jab bhi vo jyada agressive hone lage ya aapko lage ki uske emotions unpsr itne havi ho re h ki unhe nuksaan ho ra h.. to aapko ek injection dena hoga unhe turant..
adi- but doc.. tw theek to ho jayegi na..
d- aap log kuch 2-3 months tak unhe dakhiaye.. agar unki halat me sudharr hota h humari medicines se to it will be best.. lakin agar nhi to fir hume unhe operate karna hoga..
but i will suggest u not to opt for operation as she can loose all her senses, may be she can go in coma or her life can be in danger also as brain is human’s most sensitive part n brain ke saat ched chad karna aasan nhi h..
m- ok doc.. we will take care of her..
d- n yes i will suggest u to give her love n care n plz not give her any kind of stress otherwise we have to operate her if anything wrong happens her now.. i hope u understand..
m- ji hum twinkle ko ghar kab le ja sakte h??
d- ek bar hum unhe thoroughly check kar le .. kal tak aap log sab formalities puri kar lejiyae n kal hum unhe discharge kar dange but she should be on bed rest for 1 month.. as she is still weak.
adi- ok.. doc.. we will take care..
m- doc can we take her to amritasr, her native place..
d- i suggest u not to make her travel n if she need any immediate treatment then it can be available her but not sure abt amritsar as we are handling her case..
m- ji ok doc..
at the mention of taking twinkle to amritsar, kunj’s heart stoped for a moment but her felt releived after listening doc’s words..
All left the doc cabin..

hello friends.. again i m sorry for late but m kya karun i went to my home for diwali vaccations..
Actually i wanna ask u something…
i know u gys wait for epi but i m not regular but i m sorry i cant be..
so ques is this… i can give u 2 choices..
1. i can write this ff regularly for aprox 8-10 days. after that my preparatory leave will start n then final exams so may be i wont be able to post anything upto mid dec after these 10 days..
or i can give u updates whenever i get bored with my books n all..
even i have completed all my internships also…
to i wanna ask u.. whwther..
1. i will complete this ff in 10 episodes…
2. or u can wait upto dec after these 10 days.. i can give u 1 epi in a week if possible in middle..
jo bhi aap logo ko theek lage plz mujhe bata dena.. i will do as per ur request..
thank u so much for bearing me this much..
n i m not even active on comments also.. m sorry for that too..
byee.. hope to see u soon..

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