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I guess that you guys are hungry chicks 😉 Just kidding 😛 yaar seriously I posted 2 episodes back to back and still you guys want me to update soon 🙂 Itna bura hai mera FF ke tum log chate ho ke yeh jald hi khatam ho jaye 🙁
Okay now leave all this … Sorry I am not giving you guys an episode as I guess I have posted a lot today 🙂 Anyways promo chale ga?? Of course 😛
Before I get to read a comment stating “Post the next part soon..” (I am damn sure my gold gem wale readers Monica, Chiku will definitely say it :P) so I want to say that if you want to avoid these long breaks of updating so I have 2 options for all of us…First one is that I post an episode alternatively but I guess you guys enjoy back to back 2 episodes more (Just a guess :P) so I will post back to back 2 episodes on every Saturday and Sunday. Now it depends on you what you want, 3 episodes (Mon, Wed, Fri) a week or 4 episodes (Sat and Sun) a week. Anyways posting on Sat and Sun will be more convenient 🙂

Now let’s get to the promo….
Bhasam ho ne chala hai Twinkle ka pyaar nafrat aur inteqaam ki aag mein…(Twinkle’s love is to burn in the fire of hatred and revenge)


Ishana is shown talking to a photo frame and says, “You have suffered a lot because of him now I promise that I will take your revenge!!” Says Ishana determined.

Wahan toota Twinkle ka bharosa Kunj pe… (On the other side Twinkle’s trust over Kunj has been broken)

It is shown that Twinkle sees Kunj in the arms of his girlfriend in a drunk state making Twinkle shattered.

Kya Twinkle nibhaye gi saath Kunj ka ya chod de gi uss ko aag ke iss daldal mein?? (Will Twinkle remain with Kunj or leave him)

Twinkle, Kunj and Ishana are shown …


Thanks for reading! Hope you developed interest. Tell me your suggestions and if you want me to suggest anything for the plot please do so.

Love u all ♡♡♡

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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