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Hey lovely people I am back with the 8th episode of this Fan Fiction, hoping you guys are enjoying the track and the way the story is proceeding 🙂

If by any chance someone missed out the previous update {Episode 7 + Summary} so here is the link for you to catch up with the story.


TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode # 7} + Summary (Twinkle’s Day!!)

Well now comes the most awaited revelation..so fasten your seat belt as a journey awaits you 😉

(Kunj’s POV…)

I was ready, in the golden sherwani, ready for this marriage or shall I say an agreement, a life long agreement.

I glanced at myself, standing in front of the mirror. Observing myself from to top To bottom, re-mincing Ishana’s words and her threats. That night still flashes in my mind, the scream, the allegations, the noise of thunders, each and every thing is still fresh in my mind. I once again had a glance over myself, thinking “Am I really the one?”

My chain of thoughts was broken by a voice which said, “Puttar!!” I turned back to find a lady in her mid fifty’s, dressed in a red patiala outfit and a small curve on her lips. She looked at me and she was none other than my Bebe. She came towards me and said, “Are you ready?” I nodded my head in a yes, while she caressed my hair, lovingly. I passed a faint smile as I still was tensed. She applied the kala tika to forbidden every evil eye falling upon me stating, “No evil eye fall upon you!” Though she was not my mother but much more than a mother. No one could say that she is my ayah.

There was a voice heard of a vase breaking, all of a sudden, diverting our attention. We turned back to find my mother, hardly standing there as she was inebriated and being highly under the effect of alcohol she was not able to stand. I rushed to her, stating, “Ma!!” And supported her, making her sit on the bed. She signaled me to sit beside her and I followed her command. She looked at me lovingly, as if she is happy for me from inside and this is the thing I craved for.
She touched me lovingly, on my hands, then my hair, and she looked at my face while she touched.
I looked at her as she asked, “Are you happy?” I smiled and replied, “As far as you are happy, I am happy!” She gave a warm smile back to me. I further continued, “Mom, you rest! I will bring your Daughter-in-law soon to you!” She passed a smile as I made her rest on the bed, and draped the blanket/sheet over her.

Bebe came towards me and smiled and touched my forehead as she blessed, “Stay blessed!” I smiled and hugged her tight stating, “I love you Bebe!!” Bebe said breaking the hug, “Uff…puttar…we are getting late! Let’s go!” I passed a faint smile as she left but I knew how much agitated I was with the word MARRIAGE!!”


Coming back to Taneja mansion, we found Twinkle fetching her mobile as she received a message a while ago.

She got hold of the phone as she heard a voice saying, “Twinkle be fast!! The barat has arrived!!” Twinkle left the mobile happily, hearing that his Prince Charmin has arrived. Her cheeks were blossoming, and she was having goosebumps due to trepidation.
There was another beep on the phone, which diverted Twinkle’s attention, but as she picked the mobile to check the message, Manvi and Soumya entered and took her away, throwing the mobile on the bed….BUT…………by mistake they tapped the video button and the video (which was just sent to Twinkle) started playing………………..
The video showed………….

It is a dark, rainy night and a midst all a car is seen, driven rashly. The car is focused and the driver is revealed to be Kunj! Driving in an inebriated state after having a fun @ party. It was around 3.00 of night. The place was dark and isolated.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man with long hair, dressed in a white, loosed shirt and a pant is seen crossing the road. But as of the high speed and Kunj’s condition…….The car raced over the man!!!!!!
The screen goes blank!!…All blank!!
Precap: The 7 rounds of marriage are going on.. On the other side Ishana is seen talking to a photo, “You bore a lot…now it is there turn to bear…I swear I will take your revenge!! Tonight itself!! This night will fall tough for you Mr.Kunj Sarna!” She says with a determined face.

So guys…how was it? I hope the suspense is over for you guys and many of you wanted me to reveal the mystery .. well the suspense isn’t over yet!

Well any guesses who is the victim? What views you have regarding the mystery? What is Ishana’s next step? Do you guys think i am going away of the title? Or any of your views but I want them in the comments!

Well for the Ishqbaaz viewers are you guys able to relate it with IB? What are your views over it? (As somewhat the track is related to IB!)

Anyways I am hoping that I am not boring you guys out!

And in the previous episode many of you put it off over me that it was a short update and left in the middle without unfolding the suspense so are you guys happy? Well to be honest I did not planned to reveal the suspense but only because of your insistence I revealed it 🙂

Anyways love u all ♡♡♡

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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