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Twinj: A journey that led to U Teaser

Hey ppl….
Been long tym ryt…
I know… Even after my readers request I cudnt post…xms were on my head so cudnt give tym for writing..
Xms are not yt been over but I got a gap so thought to post this one…
Tqs a ton for all those who commented on my previous epi…😘😘😘
And I missed u ol 😊😊😊😊
Sorry cudnt write more than this teaser…
But vl soon be back once first phase of xmz gets over

Recap: Twinj gets out of the lift…next day kunj sees latika(twinkle) accepting kunals proposal


Log Kahete Hai Ki,,,,,,?
“Hathon Ki Lakiron” me Kami Ho Toh
“Taqdeer” Mein “Mohabbat” Nahi Hoti,
Par Sachchai To Ye Hai Ki,
Jo “Hathon” Mein Ho Agar Apne “Pyaar” ka “Haath” Toh
Lakiron Ki Bhi Jarurat Nahi Hoti…

It was a pleasant evening… Well our surroundings can only be distinguished by the mood we carry…
Nature is the same everyday, it depends on how we see things…
Lyk they say “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”
Everything remained the same after that incident which he witnessed…
Well that is what he thought ,wenevr he saw her everyday at the office……

S: aaru..
AM: hmm
S: bhaiya KO kya hogaya hai,,,,asked munching he’s snacks in the noon
(What has happened to bro)
AM: thoda kam soota hai..aur kuch zyada kam karne laga hai…..
(We works more and sleeps a lil less)
S: wrong guess!!!
AM: bata hai…
Aur kya bolu
Tum toh aise puch rahe ho, jaise tumhara bhai devdas bangaya ho..
(I know its a wrong guess…
What else can I say…ur asking as if kunj has turned devdas)
S: devdas toh nahi bane par…
(He hasn’t turned devdas but…)
AM: kuch gadbad hai na!
(Sum thing is wrong with him..ryt?)
S: haan..tumne bhi notice kiya?
(Oh yaa…u have noticed too?)
AM: kuch galat nahi..per kuch sahi bhi nahi…..
( nothing is nether wrong nor correct)
S: aaru yaar…aise baat mat kar jo meri samajh se bahar hai…
(Aaru don’t talk in this way…which is beyond my understanding)
Armaan smiles at him…gets up from the sofa..
‘Gotta go ‘ he said
‘Yaar what vl I do being alone at home’ asked sanchay, following AM to he’s room
‘. Home Alone part 4 , banale’ said AM busy wearing he’s overcoat
‘ mein joker nahi hoon…ohk?’said sanchay
(I’m not a jokr OK?)

‘ Teri jokes bohot acche hai…par abb mere pass tym nahi hain…toh vl continue in the evening…’ Said armaan with a smrik
(U jokes are too good…but now im running short of tym so let’s continue in d evening)

‘ sabke sab pagal hoo… Sab meri tang kechne ke mauka dund the hai’
(Everyone has gone mad…everyone is interested only in pulling my legs) complained sanchay and followed AM who picked up he’s car keys and moved towards the door…
‘ dats y I need bhabi by my side’ added sanchay…

For a sec armaan stopped in the midway and turned back and said….” Shayaad iss janam me naa mumkin hai”
(May be its not possible in this lyf)
and moved towards he’s car and drove off
Sanchay stood their clueless…not understanding what to make out of armaans words…

On the other side…
Latika looks at a pic which she took out from the drawer and stares at it for a long tym sitting in her cabin…
A tear escapes her eyes… She wipes it b4 anyone cud make out dat she was crying..

Few hours later…
As sanchay entered the office aftr almost one month… The last tym he came here was wen he found dat latika to be twinkle..
He moved towards aarus cabin ,found it empty ,hence peeped in kunjs cabin to find both he’s brothers leaning on the oak table
He went in and looked at them with a confused face….
Armaan picked up the paper on the table and handed it to sanchay…

Sanchay read it silently,,,,
Tere mere rishte ko kya naam dun,
Yeh naam dun ya woh naam dun,
Is duniya ki bhid mai naam ho jate hai badnaam,
Kyun na apne rishte ko benaam hi rehne dun.

S: yeh toh bhabi ka handwriting hai na,,being astonished
(Its bhabis handwriting ryt?)
AM and kunj silently nodded…
K: its a new piece of paper
A: we found it on the table…. Lyk we used to find it earlier….amid of files
S: but y vl she write it to u now…
And how did it land up here
K: only one person can answers these questions
S: who
A: om
K: This tym we need to clear up every Lil mess

Make ur guesses dear…
Y did armaan say lyk dat to sanchay?
Whose photo did twinkle have in her drawer?
And where did the dairy paper cum from?
What vl om answer them..?
Vl every lil mess get cleared up?

Vl try coming back very soon….
Luv u all…❤
Plz do comment….

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