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Tum mera ho.. Episode 23

Hiiii guys.. Thank you all for supporting me.. Thanks to all my silent readers too.. Your comments mean to me a lot.. Damn sorry for the delay. So many works.. That’s why.. Apologise me please..Ok.. Let’s move into our episode..

The episode starts with Abhi and Purab doing sit-ups…


Purab: leave us Shaitan…
Alia: as u used a bad word.. U hard to do 50 sit-ups..
Abhi: let him do.. Pls leave me Alia. You are my angel na..
Purab: don’t leave him Alia.. He was the one who told me to call u as Shaitan..
Alia raised her eyebrows..Abhi gives a oops reaction😨😓.
Pragya and bulbul comes inside..
Pragya: Alia.. Please leave them..
Bulbul: I think you should leave them Alia..
Alia: Okok. I will leave them…
Purab: Bhai.. I told u right.. My bulbul would come as my saviour.. She can’t see me like that..
Bulbul: yes.. I can’t see my Purab suffering like this..
Abhi: Not only your bulbul.. My fuggi also came for my aid..
Pragya: yes.. How can my Abhishek suffer. When I am here???
Alia: enough of your talks.. Come let’s enjoy..
The day was filled with happiness for them..

At night..
Pragya and bulbul go to their home..
Bulbul: maa.. Hum agayen.( maa.. We came..) maa.. Dadi..
Pragya: gar mein Koyi Nehi hain..( None of them are found in home)bulbul.. Switch on the light…
Bulbul switches on the light…
Pragya is shocked seeing someone. She runs and hugs him..
Pragya: papa…. 😱😍😍😍
Maneesh( Pragya’s father): how r u my princess…
Pragya: I am fine pa.. How r u??? I missed you soo much..
Maneesh: even I too missed u Pragya…
Pragya: when are you going to take me to London??
Maneesh: very soon…
Bulbul: I think so someone forget me here…
Maneesh: arey na Chellam.. Neeni etla neenu marchipothunu??( arey.. My darling.. How could I forget u??) and extends his hands.. Bulbul hugs him..
Sarla: enough… Come lets eat dinner..
They have dinner..

At night..
In Sarlas room.. The door is open.. Pragya passes that way..
Sarla: You can ask once to her about that na..
Maneesh: I know my daughter will follow her fathers words..
Sarla: even though.. This is her life right??
Maneesh: I love my children very much.. I only search good things for them… Pragya is going to marry my friends Son.. And that’s it.. And moreover I know very well that My Pragya will accept this( Pragya’s father don’t know about Pragya and Bulbul’s love matter)
Pragya was having tears in her eyes.. She ran to her room and shut the door and started crying…

The episode ends here..

Sorry for the short episode guys. I promise that next one will be big.. Guys dont think that I am going to separate them… I will not and moreover I cannot.. There is a twist here.. And it will be interesting.. For that you have to bear 2-3 episodes.. I hope you will.. And keep supporting me guys.. Love you all..😍😍😍😘😘 Bye guys take care..

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