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Tum ho….mera sukoon aur dard (intro and episode 1)


mera sukoon aur dard


Hii frnds!!! Im Aksharaa frm chennai. Im new to this page. I have written few stories and now only i got some confidence to upload this. Mesa story mein mera frnd bhi hai patner she is Baavana she is my bff she also helps me with this story. I want alk of ur true and lovely comments im carefree type so u can comment anything as it is ur basic right. If my dan fiction is not good tell me and i dont mind it as u all r my frnds im sorry lovable frnds. I pray to god that let u have the best day everyday. Please to read and comment .
-Baavana and Aksharaa with lots of love


(Pairs r varun as aarav kapoor and helly as sruthi mehra)

It was a police station.The inspector is enquiring someone there and he keeps on asking him to wait for few mins as one imp person has to come. Suddenly a young pretty girl wearing mordern dress(business women usually wears)steps inside everybody there stood up and greeted her. She didnt react walked towards Inspecyor and asked him to leave that man. Inslector refuses saying that he beated one man to his death and he have filled FIR. The girl tells him,”do u think im asking u??my GOD !! Im odering u come on release him now!” He again refuses and she replied with an awesome attitude,”Im SRUTHI MEHRA odering u to release him now otherwise u will face the consequences haan not just consequences young wire,Sruthi’s consequences remember it!” Then the constable near him murmur into his ears asking him to release that man as this madam is greatly powerful and dangerous to compete with . The Inspectors agrees and releases him . The man thanks and praises her influence she proudly replies her,”this is Mumbai mera dynasity this is my kingdom and im the queen there is no one dare to disobey the queen. And this queen dont need a king for ever”she asked him to go and she walks away styly putting her coolers on.

An open field concert

Half of the north india was present there. Everybody was screaming like anything. Its not clear but it is clear that everybody is very eagerly waiting for some one.then one person came into mike and anounced,”now let me invite the handsome hunk whom u r waiting for ur cutie is now here before u clap well to welcome the one and only cutie now!!”then he goes and the noise was deaferring it was ten times more than yhe whole noise pollution of India.

Now a stylish young man wearing jackets anc jeans with a electric guitar in his hands came before the crowd its was an wow moment everybody left silent.he smiled a little pridly seeing yhe crowd and started in a blooming voice his voice just melted everyone’s heart,she started in a steady pitch “mein rooh ka parinda padpadaye….meri dua ho …….he looked up the crowd with a light smile in his lips and sung the very line mein ki kara mein ki kara …..he started highly raah chadh si yaar bulleya …..”bulleya was the song. Everybody just screamed and now its clear the were screaming AK AK AK …he finishes the song and req them to keep silent.then he told “hi boys and girls thank u fr lotx of love and support i love u all guys and a special thanks to all girl fans as they r theback bone for my success”he finishes and rushed fr another concert everybody there is not ready to stop yelling his name.he came out and steped up in his car there his frnd ask him “u have such alot of girl fans y dont u love somebody ” and he replied “i want a girl who is humble sweet funny and light hearted and i didnt meet her till now” his frnd jokes that he would find such girl only in amazon forest and aarav again jokes him that amazon means they might be his family so he asked his frnd to introduce her they laugh and goes.

Guys is my update is too big …..if it is so then tell me yaar

Do u loved intro comment ur thoughts eagerly waiting for ur suggestions …..
Lots of love frm akshu and baavu


While driving for Aarav’s car bumps into Sruthi’s car and Aarav yells at Sruthi and asks her to come out of the car.Sruthi ws taken away by his looks and came out of the car looking into his eyes.

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