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Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 13 (Romance)

Hello everyone, it’s me back with another episode.. Hope you enjoy reading this and yes…. I’m not good at giving romance… So……don’t get angry on me..

The episode starts with SwaSan talking. His hands are still on her waist.


“Let’s eat food. It’s getting cold..” Swara says and blushes.

“How do you manage to blush Swara? I just loose my control over you..” He says in a naughty manner..

“Sans…” Before she could speak further, he joins there lips and it turned out to be the most rough one!

After 5 minutes, they break the kiss and joins their forehead.

“Please Sanskar… I’m hungry…” Swara says.

“Okay.. Come.” Sanskar says.

He lifts her up in his arms and carries her to the chair. (In their balcony.. It’s a big one… Not a small)

“And now.. You won’t irritate me by saying ‘Someone might see us’ am I right?” He says while winking and she’s still in his arms.

“That’s also true..” Swara wonders.

He makes her stand and she was about to grab a chair, but he pulls her towards him and she ends up sitting on his lap.

“Arre… Sanskar.. Let me go and grab another chair..” Swara says and tries to remove his hands around her waist.

“No.. Just sit here and eat with me and…..I will make you eat…” He says.

“Okay.. Fine..” She says and gives up.

They both make each other eat.

“May I have this opportunity to dance with my beautiful wife?” He asks her while sitting on his knees.

Swara keeps her hand on his hand and he gets up. They both dance on Sanam Re.. 

In the whole dance they were continuously looking in each others eyes, they were speaking through eyes. At the end, her back hits and chest, he makes her turn and they both kiss. But this time it was a soft, passionate kiss which was only filled with love. After 20 minutes,they both parted away.

“Will you ever leave me?” He asks her.

She immideately  keeps her finger on his lips.

“Sshh.. I’ll rather die then………..” Before she could speak further, he again captures her lips.

“Never say that…” He says between the kiss.

This time, they broke the kiss after two minutes.

He kisses her forehead, eyes, nose, lips, neck and belly. At last he carries her to the bed and comes over her and keeps blanket over them. They consummate.

They both are tired and are hugging each other.

“I love you Sanskar……” Swara says while smiling.

“But I hate you..” He says while smriking.

Precap: Why did Sanskar say ‘I Hate You’ to Swara?

Guys guys guys, I want someone of you to pinch me… Am I dreaming? In last episode, I got 21 comments!!!! I can’t believe!! Thank you everyone for commenting!!!! That really made my day very very special! I would like to give a special thanks to Diya di, Shalu di and Isha di for breaking your silence!! Please comment regularly!!

Thank You

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