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Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 12

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“Sanskar?!” Swara said but Sanskar didn’t reply.


“Sanskar…. What’s your problem? What have I done? Will you tell me?” Swara asked.

She began shedding tears silently, Sanskar can’t see or hear it.. So he doesn’t know that she is crying.

“We’ve reached home.” He told her and got out of the car.

Swara also got out of the car and went in the house. She was still shedding tears.(Sanskar is really angry with Swara. He’s not faking)
Swara’s POV

“What happened to him? Is he really angry on me? But what did I do? Did he get hurt when I told him to go? But I just said it in a joking manner and Sanskar knows me more than myself. But he is really angry on me.. As he can’t stay without talking to me.. I’m sorry Sanskar.. Please forgive me..

I began to cry but then wiped of my tears ‘No Swara.. You will not cry. You know that he is angry, and now you need to apologise to him.’ My mind said.”

POV ends.

Swara gets inside the house. She goes inside her room and hears noise in the washroom. She understands that he is in washroom taking shower. She too takes her nighty and waits for him to come out. Soon he comes out of washroom only with towel wrapped around his waist. He’s wiping his hairs. Swara is totally lost in his beauty.

“He looks so handsome!” She wondered and blushed a bit.

“Listen Sanskar… I’m sorry…. Please…” Before she could complete her sentence, he takes his clothes and goes to other room.

Swara gets disappointed but composes herself and goes in the washroom. She takes bath and comes out. She arranges the bed and lays on it hoping Sanskar would come but he doesn’t. She gets dissapointed but sleeps.

It’s been a day he’s not talking to her. He didn’t even have his breakfast and went to office.

“Today I’m gonna give you a surprise.” She wonders and goes out of her room, and closes all the lights of her house.

Sanskar comes home but sees all dark everywhere.

“Is she fine?? Did she do something bad with her?? She was deeply hurt that I was not talking to her.. But even I was hurt…” Sanskar wondered.

“Swara…. Swaraa..” Sanskar says and walks in his room.

It was decorated with candles, petals on the bed (you can imagine more..)

Soon he feels himself in a tight grip of someone. He senses the touch and it’s of Swara.. She is hugging him very tightly.

She’s wearing a red and black beautiful saree. With only one string blouse. Her belly can be seen.

“Swara..” He slowly whispers in her ears.

He sensed his shirt getting wet, and so quickly.

He forcefully released himself from her grip. He saw her crying hardly. They both are very close.. They can feel each other breath on their skin.

“Why were you angry with me?” Swara manages to ask while crying..

“….Because I was hurt that you aren’t giving me time and ordering me..” He says With a little tone.

“Then you could’ve told me… If you’re angry with me then how could I have known?” Swara says.

“I’m sorry Swara… But where’s the food? I’m hungry..” He told her.

“…….And you’re looking very beautiful, breath taking.” He tells her and both of them smile.

“Thank you my hubby… You are looking so handsome.. I wonder how many girls might have seen you..” Swara says and looks in his eyes.

“Let them see… I won’t care.. I just want to see my beautiful wife.” He said holding her from waist by his one hand and pulling her towards him. With other hand he is removing the hairs from her face.

“Let’s eat food… It’s getting cold..” Swara says and blushes.

Precap: Hmmm… Romance… (But not a proper one)

Next episode would be a romantic one.. But not proper one as I can’t write romance. I just tried it in my last episode… Don’t blame me that it’s not good… I’m telling everyone. (Hehe)

Link for all episodes: http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Tujhse+hi

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