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hey guys I am back with another epi. hope u all r enjoying my ff specially the silent readers trust me if u find any mistake or u want any improvement then i am just a pm/ comment away just message me my dear friends……

and for those who commented on my ff and messaged me their precious suggestions thank u from the bottom of my heart… u guys just made me feel proud of myself
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tomorrow is my exam i am pursuing last year of my computer engineering i have to study but still i can’t resist myself from typing the next epi for my lovely readers hence i took a break from my study & started typing & don’t worry i will manage my study by staying awake in night. i am used to it…

i just want to score good marks like which i scored in last semester of my exam. in my all previous exams i was very well at my studies & i know this will be continued for my last year also but now i want to type next epi bcoz many of my lovely readers requested me for it & u know i can’t deny such good supporters hence i am here

so enough of my bol bacchan i know i am wasting my time so let’s start……………

here is the link of my previous episodes for them who missed it

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Epi 3

ACP is concerned for annika, he want to help her but she denied for his help. being an understanding person he just stops the topic and changes it to another track. he thanks annika for helping him in some case which is totally forgotten by annika. he just gives her the reminder of that incident which proved him wrong regarding his thinking about annika. he trusts annika completely but annika is doubtful about his sudden change in behavior, on the other hand shivay notices that annika is outside of Oberoi mansion standing in front of an unknown person. he just rushed to her thinking about her security……….


after seeing annika outside in the lawn at this time just made him restless.this girl is crazy, who is with her? i must check saying this shivay left to the lawn to secure annika from that person…..but when he was going in that direction he just saw something & went in that direction with confused look on his face…..

[ back to lawn where annika & ACP were talking]

ACP said NO NO it’s nothing like that. I am not doubting u. i said na u just proved me wrong. I TRUST U COMPLETELY….

annika: (she was bit surprised by his reply) glad to know that there is someone who trust me…
ACP: annika, i am sensing that u r really in pain but it’s ur decision to share it or not, i will not force u bcoz i trust u it doesn’t mean that u will also have to trust me it’s upon u to trust or not…
(annika was going to speak something just then his phone ringed & he excused himself for attending the call, it was some work related call. he finished it and looked toward annika)
hey i have to go there is one urgent work in police station, then should i leave?

annika: yeah sure, work comes first.
ACP: just go inside it’s not safe to be here at this time ( she nodded her head & agreed to go inside, he turned to leave and goes toward his car just then he remembered something and turned back towards annika) i just forgot to give u something by saying this he gave a chit in annika’s hand and left the place for police station…..


(after he left i suddenly felt billu ji’s presence behind me. i just turned back & there he was standing right behind me. he was looking tensed.)

annika: u here at this time?
shivay: hey i must ask u this question not u okay. what r u doing here…
annika: (he started his tadibaazi again, ohh i forgot we can’t ask him anything bcoz he is the great SSO) It’s none of ur business!!!
shivay: (her ans made him angry but he remained calm) actually i saw u from balcony. who was there with u? i was worried….
annika: (she was angry on him bcoz of that POV misunderstanding so she just don’t wanted to talk with him regarding anything) u r asking me as if u care a lot…..????
shivay: what do u mean of course i care for u don’t u know this (he was loosing his temper bcoz of her ans)
annika: i very well know MR. OBEROI that what do u think about me, i got clear regarding ur point of view regarding me………
shivay: (listening Mr. oberoi he felt a lot of pain in heart something pierced deep in his heart… & he loosed his temper ) why can’t u just answer simply is it needed to talk in puzzles….
annika: Actually MR. OBEROI i don’t want to talk with u hence i am leaving

(by saying this she started to go inside for completing her work she passed by side of shivay just then she felt a jerk & in no time she was in between of the tree and shivay. he was standing so close to her her lips were just inch away from shivay. anger was clearly had been seen in his eyes.., they were just lost in each other finding their answers in each others eyes. just then annika came to her sense & tried to get ride of his grip and leave for work but he was so powerful…., he just tightened his grip and came closer.)

annika: just leave me Mr. oberoi, i have a lot of works…
shivay: i asked u something ans me dam who was there with u??(his eyes were burning with anger THE MR. OBEROI words were just pricking him a lot)
annika: why should i ans u, who r u to ask me this? plz don’t care about this..(she glared at him) I AM ABLE TO HANDLE & TAKE CARE OF MYSELF (she said firmly)
shivay: bcoz u r mine….(he stopped in mid and fumbled ) mine…. mine, mine employee
annika: it’s so great of u mr. oberoi but i am not in need of that care, bcoz u should not care about a low std girl like me, or what u say (she acts like remembering ) yeah a road side trash…….., it doesn’t suit u. and as i know u said me once that we should keep relation with them who r equal to us….. AM I RIGHT OR WRONG MR. OBEROI?
(by saying this she got out of his grip and started to left inside)

Annika’s POV –
i am mad that i thought to save u from tia, i forgot u r the great SSO. thanks for showing me my place in ur life. i’ll not try to do anything against tia pinky promise. i don’t care at all.let him get married to tia….
my work is to do wedding arrangements, i will do it and then will leave all this including u also… i will just get out of ur life forever…annika don’t think all this u just concentrate on ur work & try to finish it ASAP.(by thinking in mind she just entered inside and was confused bcoz of the scene in front of her eyes……)

Shivay’s POV
WHAT THE F**K !!! (he banged his fist on tree in anger)
what happened to her suddenly, why she is behaving so strange till morning everything was normal, i accept the fact that after the stalking incident she was little tensed but she was normal to me…. now what happened?? i can see the pain in her eyes but why?? is she angry on me but what did i do now? we didn’t even argued today…

and why the hell she is calling me Mr. oberoi why is she not calling me by my nick names which she kept for me…..( he was totally lost in his thinking or may i say he was hurt by her behavioral changes…. but suddenly he remembered something and rushed hurriedly inside)

shivay reached inside & was standing at the entrance along with annika both were equally confused bcoz of the scene in front of there eyes….



what is there in the chit which is given by ACP to annika……
why shivay got late to reach annika what diverted his mind…….
why both shivika r standing at the entrance and looking at the scene being confused………………….

so here is the third part of my brand new ff. i tried my best to entertain u my dear readers. think i have typed the long one but don’t know it.i will come to know when it will be published…
sorry if it is short i don’t have time as i said i took a break from my studies so i am stopping here for today’s update

hope u will like it..
and i always say just give me ur valuable suggestions & lovely comments……

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