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hey guys I am back as i promised that only one positive comment & i’ll be back with bang…. & here i am present at ur service with a brand new epi 2
I am so so so…..happy bcoz of ur comments guys. thank u all…
as I said I don’t plan anything but i just type it here as it came in my mind/head. so plz sorry if I do any mistake… try to understand me my friends…

here is the link of last epi, if anyone missed it


Epi 2

recap of epi 1:
annika feels hurt by shivay’s POV which is actually POV of tia. later she cries her heart out in the lawn.she confronts herself & determines something to herself.
but her whole self conversation is listened by ACP randhawa. she is tensed bcoz of his sudden appearance. but he tries to calm her down.


ACP was just staring at annika with plain look which made annika more uncomfortable just then ACP broke the ice

ACP: R U IN ANY PROBLEM ? may i help u ? if u don’t want to share then no problem at all…..but u can TRUST ME.
Annika: (she was totally confused) No, i am perfectly fine. it’s just sometime we expect more from someone which is impossible to happen…(she gave a weak smile)
ACP: (he was totally confused by her words but he decided to stop the topic bcoz it was making her uncomfortable) okay…. by the way thank u so much.
Annika: for what ??
ACP: for ur help…. (he smiled sweetly towards her)
Annika: HELP ???( she was trying to remember)
ACP: I can’t believe it !!!, u just forgot about that incident. okay i’ll tell…..

(((((((((((((( FB ))))))))))))

ACP was fighting with some goons, when annika was passing by that area she just saw him trying hard to defend himself. just then she noticed that one of the goon is gonna back stab ACP with a knife. She just rushed to his side to save him from attack. then she noticed one long stick there. she took it and with the help of that she beaten the goon. ACP got alert and saved himself from the attack.. just then the police force arrived and they handled the situation. annika asked ACP is he is okay or got hurt anywhere? he replied I am perfectly fine AND JUST BCOZ OF U so THANK U SO MUCH.
just then annika remembered something she said i think i know one of the goon. i know him, i know him…….
ACP was curious to know about it bcoz the goons belongs to gang member of the biggest drug dealer of Mumbai. tell do u know him ? he asked hurriedly.
yeah he is brother of my best friend roopa she lives in my colony.. but she is so simple how can her brother be like this.
ACP was astonished to hear her ans bcoz she just stand by truth side against her best friend…
he asked her to give the testimony in court regarding it and she agreed for that later he left from their thinking…..

((((((((((((( PRESENT ))))))))))))

ACP: (he just gave her the reminder about the incident) REMEMBERED IT OR NOT ?
Annika: ohh !!! about that day u r talking about… i got it. no need to say thanks after all u were fighting for a good cause hence i helped u..
ACP: (he was just said to himself she is just not like that i thought her to be after her testimony in favor of shivay singh oberoi) u know i am sorry my POV regarding u was so wrong….. U JUST PROVED ME WRONG FOR FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.
Annika: (smiled sarcastically) don’t be sorry everyone’s POV regarding mi is WRONG. but i don’t care.
Annika: (she was surprised by his reply) Hmm.. don’t mind. do u still doubt me ? bcoz ur presence at this hour of time, doesn’t make any sense…
ACP: NO NO it’s nothing like that. I am not doubting u. i said na u just proved me wrong. I TRUST U COMPLETELY….

just then shivay came to the balcony for a call & he noticed annika in lawn but he was unable to saw his face. so he thought about her security and rushed hurriedly to the lawn to protect her…………….

**************************************************** END OF EPI 2 *******************************************************

what do u think guys will shivay will come to know about the guy who is standing with annika ?
what will be his reaction after that if he come to know that it is none other than ACP?
will it form another misunderstanding between SHIVIKA.?

hey guys i think i should clear some point with my lovely readers regarding my ff
1. this is total SHIVIKA FF other characters r just for support

2. u may find it to much confusing or unnecessary of the ACP part but trust me this is necessary for story it will help shivika letter. (now run ur brains horses and think how it gonna help in shivika’s union & let me know about ur imagination regarding this.

3. this will be short FF which will end with obviously shivika’s union.
and the reason behind writing the short ff will make u happy for sure as i know many people r supporting me for my writing (think guys what is the reason which will make my readers happy )

4. i love annika so much her character, her attitude inspires me a lot & i am in love madly for the actress and her character hence my focus will be more on expressing her feelings OR her pov.

sorry if u feel the updates r short plz let me know ur suggestions i’ll definitely try to improve it
plz comment guys ans my que which i asked @ the end of the epi it will give me pleasure….

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