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time teaches everything…….. part 16 (culture, cute fight)

Thanks guys for ur response on previous thanku very much . Glad that u r liking the games . so here we go with the next part.
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Recap: sanskar fulfilling swara two wishes and there going to goa. Laksh proposing ragini in a cute dare vala way.


Today’s part:

The next day come up with a new smile on everyone’s face, a new hope in there hearts.


swara wake by hearing some beautiful voices of music coming from outer side. She move towards the window and see many people wearing different type of dresses are standing there. It is looking like people from all the parts of India are there. Some time of cultural meet is going to held there. May be some celebration or may be some contest that this many peoples are there that too wearing different dresses. Than she thought to go down and see whats the matter is in real.she got ready and go down.
She see sanskar calling people to arrange that, do that…………. He is doing the work as he is the organiser of everything. Tents are all around to cover the beautiful view of the sky. And a stage is set at one end. Swara thought now what is going to happen . to know about the answers of her questions swara went to sanskar.
Swara: sanskar.

Sanskar: hmmm…. (Seeing something in a file)
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: hmmmm ( now also not concentrating)
Swara snatch the file from his hand .
Sanskar: swara what r u doing??
Swara: I am thinking I am calling u from past few minutes and u r not paying any attention to my calling. What is so important to u than my talks??
Sanskar: ur wishes.
Swara: ???

Sanskar: I am thinking to fulfil ur one more wish that’s why.
Swara: and what is that??
Sanskar: what do u think from the atmosphere??
Swara look all around and say.
Swara: the culture wish???
Sanskar: hmmmm to live in different culture wish.
Swara: what r u exactly planing to do??
Sanskar: just wait and watch my dear.
Swara: that’s not fair u always say that tell na.
Sanskar: u will soon get to know.
Swara:( making faces ) ok.
Sanskar place his hand in front of swara and swara see towards his hand than his face asking what ?? Sanskar sign her to hold his hand after holding his hand they both head towards the stage.
Sanskar taking the mike.say

Sanskar: good morning to everyone. People from all over the India who came here to spend some time with us to show different cultures and how the culture represents the personality of different people from Kashmir to kanya kumari and silchar to porbandar .different people representing the different cultures are here today . like all the India is standing here collectively are u all ready for the game??
Voice: yes.
Sanskar: so let’s start.so whom is gonna be first. From south or from north?? From west or from east.?? Let me ask for whom this all is going on. (To swara) so my dear which culture u wanna see first??
Swara: south, east…. Than west and north…..
Sanskar: ok . so firstly in list is tamilnadu.

1.}TAMILNADU:-some people came upon stage women wearing sari and blouse and men wearing lungi with a shirt and angavastra. They all came on stage and say vanakkam (namaste) (greeting in Tamil language). They tell their common use language as tamil.After that some people come up with some dishes on leaves containing dosa, idli, Sambar rice, Tamarind rice, Curd rice, Sweet Pongal, Chappathi.
They come forward and place it in front of swasan they eat a bite and ask about its origin and tell about there tradition than a group of dancers come and do various folk dances one after another containing :
• Kaliyattam
• Karagattam
• Kavadiyattam
• Oylattam
• Devarattam
• Kollattam
• Kai Silambattam
• Dummy Horse

• Peacock Dance after that they greet and left the place.
(Guys now I am only going to give state name they all do same as the firstKerala
Kerala, Andhra pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Orrisa, Chattishgarh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Madhyapradesh , Gujarat, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, ,Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bihar, uttarpradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir.
After the program got ended swara just can’t believe that for fulfilling her small wish sanskar organise this much. She is at short of words to how to thank him . she just hug me and whisper thanku . sanskar smile and say ur welcome. And than say let’s move have one more thing to do.

They went to the centre of stage and sanskar say
Sanskar:-guys thanku for such a beautiful performance , for showing different culture of India in such a beautiful way. Thanku for presenting it in such a beautiful way.
The famous things of India:-
Lucknow is famous for its monuments like bhool bhulaiya

Mumbai is famous for port.

Agra is famouse for Tajmahal.

Cochin is famous for its busy harbour complex which has found a safe haven in the Vembanad Lake waters.

Shahjahanpur is famouse for Carton and Tilhar place of Shahanpur district is famous for Laung sweats.

Sitapur is famous for Basen laddu.

Ratlam is famous for Ratlami save namkeen.

Andhra pradesh is famous for hyderabad biryani and haleem ,spicy foods, ladies wear in hyderabad, redchilly from guntur

Assam state is famous for Tea.

Goa is famous for beaches and church.

Kerala is famous for cocunuts and cocunut oil,backwaters, lagoons, hill station.

Maharastra is famous for industrys, shipping.

Karnataka is famous for Bangalore IT professionals and engineering, coffee.

Kashmir is famous for apples.

Utter pradesh is famous for sugar, varanasi temple,taj mahal, handicrafts, aundh cuisine, etc.
Gujarat is famous for textiles, industries, shipping.

West bengal is famous for calcutta sea foods, houra bridge, market, shipping.

Chattisgarh is famous forr mines, forests, steel plant.

Tamilnadu is famous for shipping, beaches, charted accountant proffessionals, rice,silk sarees, south indian foods, hill stations.

Nagpur is famous for orange center.

Orissa is famous for unique lifestyle people

Arunachal pradesh, sikim, tripura, meghalaya, mizoram, manipur, nagaland is famous for unexplored paradise in india, beautiful landscape, cheap holidays, handicrafts,

Rajasthan is famous for desert, cuisine, handicraft, camels, summer heat

Punjab is famous for land of 5 rivers, land of tandoors, golden temple, ludhiana-cloth city

Himachal pradesh is famous for himalay ki god

Jammu & kashmir is famous for heaven with its own hell

Madhya pradesh is famous for tigers, khajuraho.

Kanpur is famous for Leather

Surat is famous for Textile

Varanasi is famous for Sarees

Ludhiyana is famous for Woolen and Sports Material

Merrut is famous for Sports Goods

Buland Darwaja is famous for A high gate in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra built by Akbar.

Amritsar is Famous for Golden Temple

Famous Cities in India

All of together there all lots of thing in India to see or cultures to look for.
Thanku all of u for making our day wonderful.
All: our pleasure.
Till this. Time it is night to they both went to a walk in the way they both started talking.
Swara: sanskar the gift is so beautiful I never think that u will fulfil my wishes in such a beautiful wishes.
Sanskar: mine pleasure dear.
Swara: sanskar why r u calling me dear again and again??
Sanskar: that u will get to know till the end of the wishes got completed.
Swara: sanskar why u add so much suspense in everything.
Sanskar: because the whole fun is in suspense na.

Swara: one day this suspense will take my life.
Sanskar: swara never ever say this lines again . why u always think to end up ur life??
Swara: because it is truth .
Sanskar: swara in everything u think positive but in life matter not why??
Swara: I too don’t know sanskar but I say the truth which everyone is saying. After all everyone have to go one day or the other . some early or some late so why can’t u believe the fact??
Sanskar: because I know this fact can be changed.
Swara: why do u believe so??
Sanskar: because my heart say so.
Swara: ok so u remain in ur dreams .
Sanskar: swara u read the story of the doctor .
Swara: which doctor ??
Sanskar : I will tell u.
Once upon a time there was a doctor may be named ramesh and it is believed that whomever he treat and say that the person have chances of survival they survive and which not they can’t . as he always say the truth and whatever he say became reality as he treat his patients. People start believing that if he say that someone will survive the most dangerous disease they will survive and one time his very close friend came to him and tell him his disease after examining him he got to know that their is no chances of survival. But as he is his friends how come he say that he is going to die so just to give him courage he say that he is all right and in mind he is tense because he knows he will not survive ..

But u know what happen swara??
Swara: what happen sanskar tell na u stop at this situation only. Tell na I am curious to know.
Sanskar: than as the time of his death came near he became well. It say that by the words of the doctor who never say lie . his one lie became true. Its just his word magic that he survive as by his so much popularity and his words everyone have a belief that what he say is true and when he say a lie people took it as a truth and got well . his words give his friend the power to be alive.
Swara: hmmm nice…. But what is the story and mine connection??
Sanskar: it is said that if we say a lie about a 1000 of times than it converts to truth. So why can’t u believe that.
Swara: ok so from now on I am gonna say I will live a thousand year.
Sanskar: that’s good.

They both move to the hotel and than both sleep.
Scene changes to raglak:-
They both got to know about swara and are very happy that now finally they will be able to see their swara after so much time . the same happiness are there which was some months ago when swara came back by fighting from death.
Flashback continues:-
The next week after the proposal raglak plan to visit the whole town and they both started visiting going to movie, mall, shopping, eating everything . they enjoy the whole day very much.
And than the most bad news is waiting for them the news of swara disease . one day when they came to collage and are busy in there regular work that is fighting .
Ragini: laksh that’s not fair its mine.
Laksh:no ragini its mine.
Ragini: no its mine.
Laksh: no mine.
Ragini: no mine
Laksh its yours.
Ragini: u agree.
Laksh:hmmmm what is urs that is mine according to that its mine na.
Ragini: its cheating.
Laksh: everything is fair in love and war.
Ragini: so…
Laksh: so I love u na.
Ragini: love u too.
Laksh: so its mine na.
Ragini: no mine.

Laksh: ok u take it.
Ragini: really laksh. U r so sweet.
Laksh: hmmm that’s I am by the way the pen tip break down when we r fighting so no use now.
Ragini: laksh u again cheated me .its not fair.
Laksh: everything is fair as it is love.
Ragini: but u break the tip na. My favourite pen.(caressing the pen)
Laksh: pen is more important than me.
Raginj: yes.
Laksh: (jaw hung due to shock): why??

Ragini: because I love it na.
Laksh: means u don’t love me.(act like crying).
Ragini: love u but not more than the pen.
Laksh: what . a 5 rupee pen have more importance than me??
Ragini: yup. Because ur importance I can’t describe in my life. Its more than my life to me.
Laksh is happy hearing ragini confession as she never say such things till now and he is confuse , happy , shocked at the same time as how come he got such a beautiful partner who care for him so much .
Ragini: what happen??
Laksh: nothing love u.

Ragini: love u too.
Just than ragini phone ring its from shomi. Ragini pick up the phone and is shocked after hearing the other side.
She can’t able to stop her tears they make their way from her eyes.
Laksh: what happen ragini?? Whose call is this??
Ragini: mom .
Laksh: why r u crying ragini say clearly what happen .
Ragini: actually laksh swara have a disease and she got operated her operation was successful but the disease remain in her just a medicine is needed to eat for one year so that it will remove from the roots only.
She started crying again.

Laksh: so why r u crying swara is alright na.
Ragini:vo laksh swara fall from stairs and got injured and loss her blood and because of disease only family member can give her blood and mine blood is needed.so we have to move asap so that we can reach her. Before it become too late.
Laksh: ragini have trust on me we will reach there soon . don’t worry about swara.
They both move to parking area and than move to airport than Bombay and hospital as soon as possible they do the journey and reach hospital atlast. The blood transportation happen.
Doctor say to wait for sometime . it need total 24 hours to tell whether swara will be alright or it cause some harm to her body.
Ragini keeps on ragini. Everyone try to console but of no use. She is blaming everyone to not telling her about swara condition. Nobody is able to handle her . atlast laksh tried to console her and he succeed he make her eat food and make her stop from crying.
Everyone is shocked what effect laksh is having on ragini. May be because they all don’t tell her about swara that’s why and laksh also don’t know and is able to console her. But their main focus is on swara at that time.
After 5-6hour doctor cane and told swara is alright but have so problem if again anything occur on the Same injury on the head. Any problems related to brain so they suggest them to take care of the injury so that nothing will happen to her for 2 years time after that she is alright.
All are happy by hearing that and wait for the time when swara got consciousness.


Thanku for reading guys..

Oko first tell me about these
*Apne sare freinds ko send kren or dekhen apko kitne or kon se flowers milte hain…..*
*🚺💐Lilly: Tum main bahot attitude hai, softly behave krna chahiye:/*
*🌻Sun flower: Tum sirf mere hi rehna;)*
*💭White rose…. Tum smart ho,or nice persnality ho p*
*🌾Jasmine: Tumhare jesa cute frend mai khona nahi chahti/chahta:*
*🌹Red Rose: Tum sub k dil main bahot jaldi jagha bnati/bnate ho:*
*🌑Black Rose: Mujhe tumhari company bahot achchi lgti h:)*
*🌷Pink Rose: Tum me bahot atraction hai*
*🔮Purple Rose: Tum bahot well mannerd or nice person ho:*
*🍥White lilly: Tumhare styles k sub diwane hain:*
kon se flowers mujh pe suit krta hai plz reply jaldi krna……

Today game start so go and answer:
1. Do u know Hindi??
Oko today have a question share the funny experience that u ever had in ur life and till now when u remember that u always laugh
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