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time teaches everything….. part 12 (pov’s)

Guys u forgot me or remember me u know now a days its my regular routine to say sorry so sorry again for being late. Sorry, please maf kar do actually muje eye infection ho gaya tha and uske bad masi Aa gaye and unki daughter 5 months ki hai u only think how come I write when a cute baby is there with whom I wanna play . sorry for the delay. Now I will be regular.pakka vala promise. Ok now stop of my talks let’s start today’s part

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Recap: swara prank opening up and swara fainting.laksh complete his dare and have to give a dare to ragini.

Today’s part:Ragini:u…..
Ok tell me my task what I have to do??
Laksh:not so soon just wait for the dare my miss scolding 😉😉
And again she went in her thoughts at laksh saying my miss fighting queen.
The word “my” is just revolving in her mind.
Ragini POV:
What this guy is doing to me his words are starting effecting me .
His every saying , his antics why they are affecting me?? Why I am thinking about this Mr. Fighting king Words…….. Ergh…….. What will he made me do now?.will I talk with swara about this?? No, I can’t I can’t create more trouble for her . she is now also so worried. What to do yr………..hmmmmm leave it……….Its the best idea leave it on Mr fighting king…Only by thinking more about him I will get confuse and confuse…… Leave it…… But why he call me his miss fighting queen?? ……. He is mad and I am thinking about a mad talks am also going mad leave it yr…………….. 🙇🙇
POV ends

Laksh came to ragini and say
Laksh:thinking about me??
Ragini(without thinking):yes.
Laksh:oh! Me or about the task?
Ragini(again without thinking): about u …..
Ragini(after realization):nothing like that I was just…,……
Laksh:u was just……
Ragini: vo I was thinking about the dare u r gonna give me so automatically I was thinking about u.😅
(Say as if she is trying to hide something).
Laksh start singing seeing her antics.
Laksh : Well, you could tell me
But I don’t have to know
I watch you bend when
You try to keep it low

It isn’t even that it means anything
I think you’re hiding something

And in the evening
When you come back around
You have a drink and
Keep staring at the ground

You’re like a sick bird
That’s only dying to sing
I think you’re hiding something
I think you’re hiding something

You could keep hiding
Or you could talk instead
And quell the angry mob
That’s inside your head

And I’m the only one
Who’d be listening
I think you’re hiding something
I think you’re hiding something

I think you’re hiding something
I think you’re hiding something

While singing he keep on moving around ragini revolving around her she is seeing him with shocked expressions.
Ragini mouth is opened in a ‘o’ shape. she is shocked how come he know about her hiding her thoughts from him.😮😮
Laksh:close ur mouth or else flies will enter and than u will get I’ll and than u blame me for that all………………(cutted by ragini)😁😁
Ragini:Mr. Laksh maheshwari u know what I am going mad on honking what is the dare ?? What r u gonna made me do?? What is going on in ur mind?? What?? What?? What??…….. And the hell what?? The answers is nowhere to be found and here u r irritating me like hell . what’s ur problem huh…… Its being one and half year we are together but u u r just impossible…….. Why u tease me so much why?? Damn tell me na??……. In my thoughts , in my mind, in my sleep, in my talks , in my work……. Why everywhere u came up in mind why??……😫😫
Laksh kept one hand on ragini mouth to make he stop from talking further.😷😷
Laksh:ragini take a deep breath . let ur breath in and out do it for sometime….
Ragini pushing laksh hand aside.
Ragini: first give me the answers.🙅🙅
Laksh: ok i don’t know what r u saying?? What did I do?? I don’t know about what thing u r talking?? And why I am coming in ur minds……?? I don’t have a answer that u only know na……
Ragini :its because of u only u r such a big dumbo u know when u gave me the dare till than u r coming in my mind that dare I am irritated because of the dare ………. I don’t know what is there in ur brain and u know I don’t like waiting so I am getting impatient and small angry also……..
Laksh:small angry😮😮
Ragini:ok ok I know I am very much angry . sorry for that.
Laksh:what did I hear just now??. Am I dreaming…😶😶
Ragini: I say sorry .
Laksh:hmmm its ok .
Ragini went from there

Laksh POV:
Is that the ragini whom I know oh! God what happen to this girl sorry and she . no sorry don’t suits her. I think she may be stressed for something but what is the thing?? Have to find it out else it go more late.
Ragini problem finding mission start . all the best lucky. U can do it ..👍👍
POV ends.

Swara was seeing all this.
Swara:god please make ragini realise what is there in her mind please show her the right path because she will not share with me as she is worried about my condition. Please god ji help her to overcome the problem. Help her god ji u r my friend na .🙏
Sanskar:what problem swara??
Swara:really nothing is there sanskar.
Sanskar pov:
I have to find out what is swara condition and why ragini is not going to share her problems with her. What happen to swara . I have to find it out. Else it got late.😶
Pov ends.

Swara pov:
Today sanskar is going to find out about my condition. But I will not tell about this to anyone if someone got to know it consequences will be bad. No I have to make the condition fine or else it would be late.
Pov ends.

Flashback ends.

Laksh:ragini if u and swara told us at that time than the
condition will not be the same . why always swara do like that yr??
Ragini:she don’t want to trouble us all laksh that’s why.
Laksh:but why she always face the problems and make us away from that all why god always take good people away??
Ragini:laksh please u don’t loss hope or else I can’t control the whole family myself if they got to know about that ??
Laksh:hmmm we have to keep it secret. We have to manage ourself. And I got something from sanskar laptop I think that will help us to find swara.
Ragini:hope so laksh.all the best.👍👍
Laksh:hoping the same ragini . please it work this time.
Ragini:it will laksh.

At swasan side:

swara is in hospital. sanskar is confused and shocked as what happen and how it happen. he is not sure what is going on all around him. he is in a state of shock where all the flashes of swara is going on his mind . the way they met her dramas , antics, her non stop talks, her talks with god, her making faces on different things, her making him agree for everything, her prank, her laugh , her voice , her telling him about everything , her making him travel the whole city and atlast how she fell unconscious after the words which she say sanskar don’t know what is going on his mind.
He went near God’s ideal and say:
Sanskar:god ji u know I never ask for anything from u but please make her all right . she loves u so much even she treat u as her best friend. Please make her fine na. I don’t know why my heart is saying to stay here she is precious for me which if go away I will not be able to live but mind is saying how can his much attachment happen in just in two days only I know her from tomorrow and she became So important that I am in this state. My heart is saying I know her from years but mind say it’s just 38 hours till I know her .and the last 1hour I live like a lifeless body what is this god why I am so concerned about her?? What is this felling I am going through ?? I never have this felling before this. What is going on god?? Please help me na god ji please please tell me who is right and who is wrong?? My brain or my heart??
He just close his eyes and fell his heart beat and the thoughts revolving in his minds. His heart has the beautiful memories which he and swara spend together and mind say that all things which didn’t occur . many more things which is expected but never done. He hear both things and at last got that heart always give us the true things still it hurt or heal and mind just portray the things which it images . he thanks god for helping him

He hear the voice of his heart and his heart is saying he love the person whom flashes fill up his heart which make him smile wholeheartedly after so much time.. He just love that girl who is lying on the bed.. He love the crazy girl who do so many crazy pranks to her. He is happy . his heart is happy, his soul is happy. He got it that he love her. He fell a layer of pleasure overpowering him when he got to know about his love .

Sanskar: I … I love u swara. I do I love u miss swara aashi .whoever u r and I want u to be get fine asap. I want to tell u this asap .
When sanskar is moving toward swara cabin neetu meet him in way her condition is also not good.
Sankar stop near her and ask her is swara ok??
Neetu:she will be ok.
Sanskar:what do u mean by that?
Neetu:I mean she will be fine soon.
Sanskar:neetu why u r sounding so low ??
Neetu: she is not fine just that’s why.
Sanskar: are u hiding something??
Neetu:nothing like that sanskar.
Sanskar:neetu please if u think I am ur friend than please tell me.
Neetu:there is nothing to tell sanskar.
Sanskar: this is about swara na??
Neetu:no sanskar nothing. Is here.
Sanskar: neetu please.
Neeyu brust out crying.
Sanskar console her.
Neetu: what wanna know?? Whom r u to know. About swara?? U know her from 2 days only na??
Sanskar: I love her neetu. She became my whole world in this 2 days. I don’t know how but it happens the love from which I am going away it happens.
Neetu: u really love her??
Sanskar:(without wasting a second) yes.
Neetu: can u do anything for her??
Neeyi:can u give ur life??
Sanskar: yes.
Neetu: can u take anyone life??
Sanskar: no.
Neetu: why ?? Is ur love so weak that u can’t take anyone’s life??
Sanskar: no, because its that very strong that I can’t take anyone’s life. Because swara tell me to give our happiness for others so how come I take someone’s life when I never take anyone’s happiness for her. It will hurt her the most. To take someone’s life for her. So I never did this for my love to prove my love I can do anything but not the things which my swara don’t like.
Neetu: u can give ur life that’s also the same na giving life for her also hurts her.
Sanskar: it can hurt her but it will hurt me if I can save her life by giving my life but I can’t if she is not in this world than how come she don’t like it ha??
Neetu:u think like her .
Sanskar: please tell na what happen to swara ?? What doctor say?? And what is reason for this all??
Neetu:she will be fine in sometime. And its just that she get some flashes and she got unconscious.
About the reason its a long story will tell u. Come..
Sanskar: but flashes of what??
Neetu: she looses her memory and and she got some flashes of that all things .this time also she got some flash that’s why she fall unconscious.
Sanskar is shocked as his state is the same.
Neetu: what happen sanskar??
Sanskar: I also lost my memory and get some flashes as swara do and at that time I also got some flashes when she got unconscious. Please tell me from start na.
Nertu: ok I will tell.


Guys today game is about songs. Ur favourite once.please do answer …ok so here u go…..
1.What is ur favourite song??
2.which sad song u love the most??
3.which song make u smile??
4.which song u make fun of??
5. Which song u think is funny??
6. Which is ur favourite part song??
7. Which song u prefer to dance on??
8. Which is bestest ever song for u??
9. Which is old is gold type song to u??
10. Which song u like to keep a comment on urself??
11. Which song shows ur nature??
12.which song describe ur looks well??
13.which song according to u describe me the well??
14. Which song give u moral??
Any language song u can tell and moral vale ka reason bhi de dena.

So guys answer the questions fastly and do comment so that I will got to know about my mistakes from ur comments and I will improve them . and the next update will be on tomorrow . love u all .


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