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time teaches everything….. part 10 (diwali with aashi)

I completed 10 yuhu is this true … Hope so its true means seriously I completed it.
Thanku malika di because of u I started writing the ff.thanku very vala much if u don’t encourage me I never start writing it. Now I complete 10 parts yuhu. And thanks to all silent readers and IQRA(my silent reader who break silence), rabia, devihaa,maha di, umamehek, fairy, Simin, ashnoor, mahajabeen di my sissy, krissann di, tharu di, febi, kakali di, krsytle s, tank, mica, Afra96, sreevijayan, A.xx, SNY,rafee, s, ragz teju, Lisa, asra, hellu teja, nikky, lovely, j. , hemalatha, sanjanaagarawal, cutiie, twinkle, saranya , anu. Saumya, crazygirlS.P, teja , silent writer, tulina, anshupriya, reyaa and navi . u all encourage me one day or other in the journey thanku for that if I forgot any one name thanku for ur all support ok now stop of my talks let’s start the next part.

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Precap:- swasan journey not seeing each other face and sanskar Congress he select aarshi . raglak and old aunt swasan and old couple raglak fight on choosing things.

Today’s part:-
Sanakar:congrats miss. Aashi.
Aash: thanks Mr.😮
Sanskar:sanskar sanskar maheshwari.
Aashi:thanx mr sanskar maheshwari (she said with a mischevious smile on her face)😃😃
Sanskar: so we will start our work from next week ………..(cutted by aashi)
Aashi: next week… That’s too far why can’t we start our work now onwards.
Sanskar: now but how come we start now. No office nothing is there yr.
Aashi:holdon holdon mr. Maheshwari u know what i was not talking about office work .
Sanskar:😕than which work u r talking about??
Aashi: we are partners in business right??
Sanskar: nope i don’t think i am partner with u i am partner with mr.rakesh kukreti.
Aashi: and whom am i u supposed??
Sanskar:( thinks : she is a girl and her name is aashi so how could be she rakesh kukreti its a guy name and still if her name is that than also she is a girl and that person is supposed to be a man and that too in between his 50s how could she be …… r ergh … Let it be)
Aashi: i think i ask u something.
Sanskar:u r aashi and mr. Kukreti is supposed to be a guy and u r a girl so could it connect that u r mr. Kukreti no u can’t its just u r A girl yr . what is this all confusion.
Aashi laUghed whole heartely hearing this.her laugh make just sanskar to forgot the surrounding. he is lost in the musical sound of her laughing. He again get a flashback someone speaking very fastly and girl laughing on that.he jerk the thought and give aashi a look like what??
Aashi:i am hi.s daughter not mrm rakesh kukreti and u are thinking i am ….,..she start laughing again.
Sanskar also start laughing with her
Sanskar: hmmm so we r businesspartnerss so,
Aashi:so, we both know about each other firstly.Sanskar:hold on we r not geting marry that we have to know each other.
Aashi: when did I said that we r getting marry. I only say that as we r going to work together so we have to know each other.
Sanskar:no need of that we can do work by not knowing each other also.
Aashi: Mr. Maheshwari we have to start work and in this we have to know each others like and dislikes so that’s why I am saying u that we have to know each other .
Sanskar: hmmm u r right so, we will start our work from tomorrow.
Aashi: tomorrow is diwali.
Sanskar: than what??
Aashi: who work on diwali day??
Sanskar: we will work..
Aashi: no we will not.
Sanskar: why??
Aashi: because we r gonna celebrate diwali.
Sanskar:crackers and all and help in creating pollution . no way am not in.
Aashi: who say crackers and all??
U never hear my whole talk just start ur own talk.
Sanskar: ok so what we r gonna do.
Aashi: now u take rest I will tell u tomorrow morning and yup do one thing buy 2 aeroplane tickets for Amritsar of tomorrow morning.
Aashi: because we r going Amritsar.
Sanskar: and that’s why??
Aashi:in everything is there any need of why??
U r like this from childhood or some defect after that.
Sanskar: what r u talking about?? And how dare u to say that I have a defect??
Aashi: I am talking about ur why ,what and how problem and I dare to say it through my mouth.any thing else u wanna now.
Sanskar :(think how could I manage to work with her) giving a bechara look😩😩
Aashi: ok good evening and soon to be goodnight.
Sanskar : in mind: thank god
To aashi: good evening and good night.
Aashi start moving.
Sanskar: thank god she went (say very slowly)
Aashi turn and
Sanskar: in mind: she hear oh! God now what will she do .
Godji help me. He remember about swara and laugh on her antics.
Aashi: actually I forgot to take ur number so.
Sanskar give his number and aashi and sanskar move to their respective rooms.

On raglak side:
As morning rays fall on the beautiful couple they wake up and wish good morning to each other.
Ragini:good morning laksh.
Laksh: good morning ragini.
Both at same time.
Raglak : happy diwali.
Than again together
Ragalk: thanku
Ragini:laksh u remember how during our first diwali in collage we do.
Laksh: I remember ragini.
Laksh is trying to call ragini and there ragini is trying to call laksh to wish happy diwali but actually for teasing each other .
But as both of them are trying it is stating that,” the number u r trying to call is currently busy”
(They both are talking in their respective homes)
Ragini:whom he is talking from so long whenever I am trying to do something this all happen.
Laksh: this girl na her talks never end from so long I am trying to call her but her phone is busy. Whom she is calling from so long.
Ragini: is laksh having any girl friend. No no this can’t happen . he and girl friend no no this can’t happen how could he have a gf nothing like this will happen than her eyes fall on his pic . why not ragini he is so handsome . how can he not have a gf even girls die for him. Hold on why I am thinking this.I am going mad this laksh na. I will kill him . because of him what what I am thinking.
Laksh: this ragini na I will surely kill her today whenever there is important work ok ok no important but teasing work she is busy what to do with this girl. But with whom she is busy. May be her friends. Absolutely there is no chance that she will have a boy friend after all if she would get she will eat him or her angry glares no bf will be there for her . haha ha she is a mado girl whom ever will be his life partner will be a mad person or he will be so much patient and mahan person don’t know who is the person who will lead a life with her . I fell pity on him . bechara.
Here the phone call is went to ragini and she already pick it up and hear laksh all talks now her ange is on 7 sky.
Ragini:laksh(as she is in front of hima and shouting at her peak)
Laskh: rag….. RAgin…..ragini…….
Ragini:yes me what happen laksh?? U r saying something na.
Laksh: me…. No.no I am not talking …….. Anything…….. Ha vo ……. I am saying that……… U r…….
RaGini:I hear everything.
Laksh: ragini ……. What u ….. Hear
Ragini: I will surely kill ragini ………… Remember something laksh.
Laksh: ragini I am sorry u to know na I am a mad , crazy , ….. What not person. Why r u taking my talks seriously.
Ragini: ok ok stop it I forgave u.
Laksh: thankgod
Ragini: by the way whom u r busy with??
Laksh: me …. I am not busy with anyone.
Ragini: but I was calling u from so long and it is saying that u r busy.
Laksh: I am calling u and it also say the same.
Ragini: okk than same pinch. I will give u after coming.
Laksh: no no…… Ragini its ok with saying only…. Says while rubbing his arm where ragini pinch on karvachauth day.
Ragini: ok laksh says almost controlling her laugh.
They both say together.
Raglak: happy diwali.
Again say together.
Raglak: thanku
Ragini:meet u in evening in my place.
Laksh: ok will meet in evening.

In evening:
Sanlak come to swaragini place with maheshwari family as they are business partners so no one object.
Elders go inside and swasan and raglak went upstairs on Terris to light up the diyas. Ragini and laksh start from one end and swasan from other . sanskar and laksh picking the plate in which diyas are kept and swaragini placing and lighting them up.
After placing the diyas they start making rangoli and sanlak adore them .
Laksh: ragini what r u making??
Ragini: peacock
Laksh: from which angle it is looking like peacock it look like many colours come together.
Ragini: when it got complete than see.
Laksh: ok will see how much ugly u canake it.
Ragini:laksh just keep quite.
Laksh: no I will not
Ragini: laksh.
Laksh: ragini.
Swasan: raglak stop it guys.
Raglaak : ok

After sometime swaragini complete their rangoli swara make flower with diyas on every side and place a diya on it .
Ragini make a peacock with the mixture of various colours it look like real peacock .
Seeing it laksh say.
Laksh: u r right u can do some work goodly.
Laksh: that too it happen by chance or else u and perfect work no way. God also sometime for make u happy help u .
Ragini: laksh u .
Laksh and ragini start running they go downstairs and run in the whole house after sometime they stop and ragini say
Ragini: see u tomorrow let’s go for Pooja now.
Laksh: hmmm let’s move.
Swasan and whole family are present there and on raglak coming they started the Pooja.
After the Pooja they take parsad swara want more but she don’t take.
Gadodia family is shocked.
Sanskar and laksh ask ragini what happen all of ur looks change.
Ragini: swara and not asking for sweets for first time. How come this happen swara??
Swara: nothing like that.
Ragini: something is there na….,
Swara: nothing like that and she run to her room.
Shekhar: may be because of mm she do that as she is somehow shy and silent type.
Ragini: hmmmm ok I will go now to see her.
And mm also went to home as they have to do Pooja after going home.
Flashback ends
Raglak smile after remembering there moments how they used to do all the things .
After sometime they went to market and buy all the material of Pooja and decoration and in evening light up the diyas and do Pooja.

On sanskar and aashi side:
Aarshi and sanskar as planned to went to airport and than to Amritsar. The whole way aarshi eat sanskar brain with her talks and sanskar atlast ask her why they are going to amritsar? and she say
Aashi:because amritsar diwali is very famous. And these year u r gonna see amritsari diwali.
Sanskar:why amritsar diwali is so famous?
Aarshi:tell u after reaching.
They reach amritsar.
Sanskar:now we reach now tell.
Aarshi:first we will explore Amritsar.
They went to sitla mandir,model town,ram tirath,and than jallia vala bagh than their destination golden temple(harmandir sahib).
Sanskar:now tell me .
Aarshi:give ur handkerchief.
Aarshi:give me.
Sanskar give her and she say him to cover his head and she cover her head with scarf.
They enter in by keeping there footwear at the place where people take it and give a token .(jaha footwear jama karte hai)
they went in and come downstair. Sanskar saw stairs and than a door.
Sanskar:aarshi why there is also a door?
Aarshi:there are 4 doors to enter harmandir sahib.
Aarshi:it state that hindu,sikh,muslim,isai everyone is welcomed in harmandir sahib.they all are brothers. There is no discrimination on the basis of caste. Everyone is equal in the eyes of which every religion state.
Sanskar: ok got it.
Aarshi continue her talks now sanskar also started enjoying her company.
They start moving.
Someone from back shout:swara
sanskar see is she calling the swara he knows.
Aarshi looked confuse.

Recap:past: raglak on a tour present:visiting harmandir sahib with swara aarshi

Thanks guys for ur support and now u do ur work and tell me my mistakes and if it boring I fell like it is going boring so do tell me if u fell like that and today game is sweet as sweets
Here u go:-
Ok tell me which chocolate u think me or u fell I am like that chocolate
Silk – i miss u
Perk – Just Friend
5 Star – i like talking with u
Munch – i like your attitude
Gems – ur cute
Dairy milk – i love u.
Bournville – u r dashing
Nutties – ur naughty
Bubbly – Best Friend
Temptations- u r smart
Milky bar –no 1 can replace u
Crunch – u r my crush
Kitkat – Best lover
Melody – Hitler
Bornvill – Propose
parle – Hate
Coffee – like u

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