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time teaches everything…….. part 15 (wonderful day)

Thanks guys for ur response on previous thanku very much . so here we go with the next part.
Previous parts: Here
Previous part: Here

Recap: sanskar knowing swara bucket list and laksh getting to know which type of guy ragini wanted . sanakar decide to fulfill swara wishes and laksh to make a good husband like ragini wants.

Today’s part:

Flashback continues:
Saying this laksh went from there .
Ragini get in deep thoughts.
Ragini thought’s:
What surprise laksh is gonna give me . every time when ever he meet now a days he increase my tension . now what is he up to?? What is he planning to make my day wonderful. And why he is gonna make my day wonderful?? Ragini if u think more u will surely get mad now stop thinking about all this . this all answers u will get tomorrow from laksh only . and what u say to him u wanna him as partner means really life partner . u r going mad rago swara is also not there or else she will help me to know my feeling but now I am fully blanked what to do swara yr. Please came back soon . hmmm now try to solve ur problem rago ………u always feel something when laksh is around , u feel happiness when he is happy, u feel pain when he is in pain, his sadness means ur sadness. His ignorance is like everything is ended up …….. His one sweet talk make my day and one foolish will make my day worst this all are the signs that laksh affect me and if someone affect us. It means they are important and he affects he is important my heart beats for him . my heart say I …….. I love him……. Ireally do…… I love u laksh…… Love u very much……
Pov ends

Ragini starts jumping in excitement that she loves laksh. She sorted out her feelings.
Laksh is seeing this all from a distance.
Laksh: thank god u tell her what is their in her heart . thanku god ji. U r great……. God is great………
He looks towards ragini and see her in amazement as what she is gonna do??
Ragini go near a plant and take one of its flower carefully and starts removing pankhudia (buds) of flower one by one murmuring something to know what she is murmuring laksh goes near her and hear.
Ragini: he loves me ……. He loves me not……. He love me…… He love me not……, he loves me not…….. He loves me …….. Yay he love me ……. He love u rago…… He love u.
And she started jumping and laughing like mado and dancing………. Laksh start smiling seeing her cute and funny antics……………..
Laksh: now I am sure tomorrow is gonna be a wonderful day of ur life.
Laksh went to his home ……..
Ragini also after sometime went from there.
Laksh reach maheshwari mansion .

He go to sanskar room.
Laksh: bhai bhai ……… Bhai…,…… Where are u yr??
Sanskar: came from washroom and say what happen laksh??
Laksh start dancing with him. Than start jumping and dancing all around the room.
Sanskar: r u gonna tell me what happen or just do crazy doings??😕
Laksh stop and came to him.
Laksh: bhai she love me….. She love me.
Sanskar: whom??
Laksh: ragini. She love me.
Sanskar: wait wait what is the scene here??
Laksh: I told u na I love a girl while coming back from the trip.
Sanskar: yes u tell than what the connection between her and ragini??😕
Laksh: bhai the girl I love is ragini and she also love me.☺☺
(Smile like a 1000 volt bulb lite up).
Sanskar: when this all happen laksh?? Did u proposed her?? And how she replied?? Where u proposed her?? How she reacted on that all?? I want to know everything.
Laksh: bhai bhai cool down …… Nothing happen till now I didn’t proposed her.
Sanskar: than how come u know about her love for u??
Laksh narrate him the whole story from the camp till now.
Laksh: now I am just waiting for tomorrow to propose her in a new way. Which make the day the bestest day of her life.
Sanskar: I am happy for u yr. Hope she accepts it. All the best bro.
They both hug.

After parting away.
Laksh: thanku bhai. I want one more favor from u . will u do??
Sanskar: no favor and all ask freely what u wanna.
Laksh : help me in this planning to make a wonderful day.
Sanskar: sure dude. Let’s plan it.
They both sit on the bed and plan all the things and arrangements and make all the things final and order all the persons whom they wanna for the arrangements.
here ragini can’t able to sleep thinking what laksh gonna to do to make her day wonderful.
After laksh went to his room sanskar start to call swara but no use she didn’t lifted after sometime he got call from her and hear the other side saying( mistakenly they call sanskar as he is in recent contacts)
Dida: shona is having leukaemia and u didn’t tell me.
Shomi:what to do ma we also got to know some days ago I hope this operation will get successful.
Dida: don’t worry shomi she will get. What did u told ragini??
Shomi: I told her that swara is having some in her head which she is having in her childhood that’s she is going to doctor and all. I don’t let her know about this all if she got to know she will fell bad.
Dida: yes u do right.
Sanskar cut the phone and shattered down he is not able to believe that swara is having such a big disease and she is hiding it from everyone . he don’t know but he feel some pain hearing to the news .he is thinking about that all and crying on his fate that whom he started loving the girl don’t tell him and anyone he hope she will get fine soon . the whole night he pass by searching things to do for his swara.

Ragini wake up with a alarm on her phone which say
Alarm: good morning my scolding queen . ready for the surprise of the day.
Raginu wake up hearing laksh voice (the alarm is in laksh voice) she look here and there and see toward her phone from where the voice is coming.
Ragini: good morning the day started ragu all the best.👍
She move toward washroom to fresh n up and she find a chit on the door of washroom with a flower saying:
Chit: may ur whole day be like the flower. Fresh and new . who spread freshness and happiness to all whom is near to her. Just like u always spread . miss scolding queen please spread happiness today no more fights no more arguments.
– urs laksh.
Ragini smile reading the chit and went to washroom after coming she move to her dressing table and there she find one more chit sticking on the mirror. It states.
Chit:- getting ready by the way u don’t need any cosmetics and products to look beautiful . u r naturally very beautiful. U r like this mirror always reflect what u get still it hurts or heals . that’s the best thing I ever get to know about . speaks what is there in ur heart without Anu guilt or gladness. But u hide something in ur heart from some days . will got to know it soon. But never ever changes ur this habit .am in love with this habit.
-urs laksh.

Ragini smile reading the chit and the word love make her heart beat fast . she say
Ragini: will tell u soon that I love u laksh.
She move to her wardrobe to get her dress. Again she find a chit on the handle of wardrobe . it states
Chit:- all colours suits u what to do they wanna to come in peoples eyes so they wanna that u wear them all. Simple ordesigner every dress suits u. Whatever u wear today suits u but on this day which meant to make wonderful for u please wear the dress which I buy for u . its in ur wardrobe if u like than wear it please.
-urs laksh.
After reading the chit ragini hurriedly opened the wardrobe and see the dress.its a pink black and golden colour mixture . all the designing is done by golden colour and the black colour is used in the border neck and arms.
The dress look like a gown in appearance but is a frock suit simple but yet looking the beautiful dress ever she get for her.

She wear the dress and do light makeup accordingly and than a message came on her phone it states:
Message: tum meri pasand mai itni khubsurat lag rahi ho ki mujhe dar hai ki kahi tumhe meri nazar na lag jaye ( u r looking so beautiful in my choice that I am afraid that my bad sight didn’t caught u.). What to say in ur praise my words I.e. beautiful , pretty …… Also become shy in front of u. How come I tell u how beautiful u r looking if I take example of moon than there is also some marks on moon . (Kaise batao ki tum kitni khubsurat lag rahi ho agar mai chand ki tulna karo to us par bhi to dag hai). Waiting for u at the door come down soon.
-urs laksh.

Reading the chit ragini went down as fast as she can and before laksh can ring the bell she herself open the door. laksh is memorized to see her. Ragini is also in the same condition.
Laksh is wearing a black jeans yellow T-shirt with black coat he is looking handsome . than laksh keep his hand in front of ragini to hold his hand and than they both go near the. Car laksh open the door for her. After her settling down he went to his seat and they drove to the venue . before entering laksh blindfolded her. And than took her hand in his and move inside .
Ragini: laksh where r u taking me??
Laksh: just wait for ur surprise dear. U will get to know it soon. Just enjoy the present moment.
Ragini : ok
They went inside and laksh ask ragini.
Laksh: r u ready to see ur surprise ragini.
Ragini: yes.

Laksh remove the blindfold and she see the room which is A very beautiful set up like a earthly heaven the floor is like clouds. And the whole room is decorated with red and white curtains and flowers in every corner there is a beautiful flower vase with flowers in it there is a screen where some moments of a girl and boy is flashing and on the next wall their is written with glittery thermocol pieces I love u ragini and on the next wall their are lots of pic of ragini and laksh doing masti, fight, teasing, dancing and much more and on the next wall their is a pic of ragini and laksh not a pic many pics join together that it form a heart and in between written love u for everything and at the centre of room there is a small stage on which there are only flowers and flowers and ragini is standing there in between the flowers and at the other end near the heart pic there is a table and candles are there on the table and 2 chairs on either sides laksh come and bend down in front of ragini and said

Laksh: ragini I don’t know when I fall in love with u may be during fighting , may be during dancing, may be while teasing, may be while doing silly things, I don’t know exactly when I fall maybe the first time only or may be the day before today or may be now only. But I fall in love with u. Don’t know why fall in love with u because of ur craziness, ur masti,ur scoldings, ur nature. Don’t know for what but fall for u surely. I don’t know how much I love u may be more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.but I love u veryuch. I don’t know how to measure it with the depths of earths or heights of sky but I know I love u more than anything I will love in my life ……… Ragini i love u will u accept me??
And he keep his hand in front of ragini to hold it.

Ragini bolded his hand and say yes
But the very next moment say
Ragini: no I will not Mr. Fighting kingBecause u tease me so much na so no from my side.
Laksh:ragini what r u saying ha just for a small reason u r saying no to ur love why ragini??
Ragini: my wish . I say no so no.
Laksh:ok so I am giving u dare that u have to accept my proposal.
Ragini: that’s cheating laksh . u can’t give me this dare.
Laksh: I can give u what I want tit for tat miss scolding queen now the Queen. Of my heart.
Ragini smile at his compliment and say yes and hug him.
They both than dance on the music and than eat the lunch which is all favourite dishes they feed each other.
Ragini: thanks for making my day so wonderful.
Laksh: there are many things to come my dear till now.
Ragini:what’s that ??
Laksh: that’s a surprise . so lets move
They both went to temple the favourite one of ragini.
Ragini: this is the surprise I am so happy. As u know I wanna share everything with god ji first. Thanku .
And they spent some time there only talking about ragini and god ji.

Than they went for dinner to a restaurant and eat dinner after that they went to. a party where they enjoy there self and then laksh went to drop ragini.
Ragini: thanku laksh for such a wonderful day today’s day is the best day of my life.
Laksh: my pleasure my love.
Ragini: I never thought that u will do so much.
Laksh: its just beggining still many things are gonna come .
Flashback ends
Laksh got someone’s call and he got very happy he go to ragini.
Laksh: ragini we got a clue about swara.
Ragini: really laksh.
Laksh: yes.
Ragini: where is she??
Laksh: she is in Punjab.
Ragini: and??
Laksh; we got her locations. Soon I will get my shona back.
Ragini: hmmmm my shona will be back.

On swasan side:
sanskar do all the planing how to fulfil her wishes and wait for the next day to come.
Sanskar went to swara room and see her sleeping. She is looking very cute while sleeping. Sanskar just stand there adoring her . just than his phone beep a message came and he have a smile after reading it. He go toward swara and wake her up.
Sanskar: swara wake up.
Swara: please let me for some more time na neetu.
Sanskar: its not neetu its me swara .
Swara just turn her face.
Sanskar: swara wake up if u wanna fulfill ur bucket list.
Swara get up hurriedly from her bed .
Swara: bucket list??
Sanskar: hmmm ur bucket list.
Swara: so what r u waiting for sanskar let’s move na.
Sanskar: I think someone here need to fresh n up .
Swara look at sanskar and than at herself.
Swara: give me two minutes I will came up by getting ready.
Sanskar: pakka 2 minutes na(surely 2 minutes)
Swara: no no…… 10 minutes.
Sanskar: pakka (sure)
Swara: yes. Now u go out.
She throw sanskar out and went to get ready.
She Come out by wearing simple jean and top . she is looking simply beautiful.
Swara: sanskar see am ready.
Sanskar: hmm let’s move.

They both get to sanskar car sanskar open the Door for her and after settling down he go to his side and sit and than both drove off.

Swara: which wish u r gonna to fulfil first??
Sanskar: its a surprise so, maintain the surprise till the end. Just wait for them to come
Swara: but sanskar I can’t sit like this na……
Sanskar: swara just enjoy the scene going all around u . enjoy the moment in which u r living now. Enjoy the present moment . enjoy every second of life don’t care what is about to gonna happen in the coming says just enjoy the place time in which u r living now.
Swara smile a little and nod her head in agreement. Suddenly sanskar stop the car.
Swara: why u stopped here??
Sanskar: we reached.
Swara: oko but what we have to do there??
A few men come to them they lifted some packets in there hand.
Swara: what is this all sanskar??
Sanskar: wait it is said that the result of waiting is sweet (savar ka fal meetha hota hai) .
Swara : oko.
Sanskar hold swara hand and they both enter the place .
And the men follow them there are many children’s playing . it looks like a school but the children’s are not wearing uniform . is this a playway or kindergarten ?? But children’s are of mix ages so how come it be a play way or kindergarten . than swara see the board where it is written orphanage. She look at the children who are playing , laughing, living all the moments of life fully . she think how the children are so happy without there parents.
Than sanskar came to her and call the men and ask her to distribute the things one by one to the children swara called all the children and they make a round all across her and sanskar .
Swara started giving them the packets after taking the packets a girl came up and kiss her check and say thanku di for giving us such a beautiful gift. Love u.

Swara also kissed her and say thanku. Than one by one all of them thanked swara and say thanku for making us smile and giving us the things bhai and di.
Swara fell very happy by bringing smile on there face . a happiness she feels which she can never explain by her words.
After coming out.
Sanskar: how was it??
Swaea: very very very. …….. Nice experience.
Sanskar: which wish was it .
swara: to make someone smile . thanku sanskar sanskar for fulfilling my wish thanku so much……..
Sanskar: ur welcome and hold some words because this is the first one still many are there in the list. So save some words for them also.
Swara: oko .
Sanskar: let’s move.
They both move toward the car and soon they drove to airport.
Swara: why we came here??
Sanskar: just wait and watch swara.come.
Swara: but where we r going ??
Sanskar: to fulfil ur next wish.to goa.
Swara: but…..,…….

Sanskar: no but what let’s move.
They both go to their the seats and sanskar advise swara to sleep for sometime as it is 5 and half hour journey. She is already not well being an obedient girl she sleep and sanakar also take some rest. They reach goa after reaching there they went to old goa and go to a restaurant.and eat some food and than move to somewhere. They stop in front of a huge building it look like a huge mansion . but this much huge mansion for whom and there are many shops nearby of candles and flowers swara don’t get anything than she read the board there it is written ” church-se-cathedral” she got to know sanskar is fulfilling her second wish of go to a church but she have a doubt.so she ask sanskar.
Swara: sanskar why u bought me here u can take me to any church na than why here so far away??
Sanskar: everything has a reason there are two reasons 1. This is know to be largest church in India and its ur first time Go to a church and that too with me so I wanna make this experience memorable. So that’s it.
Swara: that’s great and second??
Sanskar: will tell u later.

They go to a shop and buy candles and than both move inside the church and go near the lords statue and pray by folding their hands and than light up the candles and than place their seats. The church is very large.
And after sometime thy came out.
Swara: thanku sanskar for fulfuling my wishes u know what today I am very much happy as my some wishes got fulfil.
Sanskar: ur welcome.let’s go to hotel and take some rest they both move toward hotel and sanskar and swara order dinner in swara room and eat dinner together. All swara’s favourite dishes are there.
After completing the dinner m sanskar is going to his room.
Sanskar: good night
Swara: good night and thanku sanskar for making my day so wonderful.
Sanskar: its pleasure.
Swara: : I never thought that u will do so much.
Sanskar: its just beggining still many things are gonna come .



Thanku for reading guys..I don’t know much about the prayers and the way we worship in church as I never visited to church I think so , I go everywhere but not church so may be there is mistakes. Do tell me about the mistakes I done and today’s game here u go with the game : its simplest just ur self intro:- will tell u some facts about the things after u answer.
1.what is ur name ?? (Real name )
2.what is ur blood group??
3. Best compliment u have received??
4.what question do you hate to answer??
5.what is ur favourite colour??
6. What is ur favourite food??
Oko now answer them all will tell something about u .when u answer. Thnaku for commenting .


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