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time teaches everything…….. part 13 (revealed)

Hi guys thanku for ur response on previous part thanku very much and one more thing this part is all about how swara got to her new family what problem is swara going through and all . all about swara past only nothing else no swasan and raglak scene only swara is there in whole part the next part is all about swasan and raglak this part is important for next parts and i don’t know what i wrote in todays part i just write whatever is there in my mind so don’t know how was it maybe very much bad sorry forfor that and a happy children’s day and happy gurpurab . may this gurpurab came up of lots of knowledge in all of ours life have a good day ahead .

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Recap:raglak convo ragininlost in something swara having some problem .
Present:sanskar get to know about his love for swara.

Today’s part:
Sanskar: I also lost my memory and get some flashes as swara do and at that time I also got some flashes when she got unconscious. Please tell me from start na.
Neetu: ok I will tell.
Me and swara know each other from 4 years. We both became best friends with time and share a good friendship bond. We both share everything and about she always get some flashes of her past. 2months ago also the same thing happen but first time she fell unconscious and we all bring her to hospital and there doctors do some tests and tell us that she is suffering from leukaemia and doctors say that its second time she is suffering from leukaemia. The thing second time make us shocked. Than we all turn to see uncle and he say that she is not our aashi.
And neetu brust out crying.
Sanskar console neetu and asked
Sanskar:neetu what did u meant by she is not our aashi?? If she is not aashi than who is she??
Neetu:she is swara . we don’t about her anything . from where she came who is she nothing. Than uncle told us about her.

Flashback:(2 months ago):
Neetu:if she is not aashi than who is she uncle??
Aashi dad: she is swara.
Neetu:who is she uncle I don’t know any swara?? Whom u r talking about?? Uncle please say na she is our aashi and u r saying lie. Say na uncle…..
Aashi dad: no neetu she is not our aashi she is swara. U remember 4and half year ago when we were in bombay for a board meet and we got the news of aashi accident that time I alone went there to see is aashi ok or not without telling anyone. When I go their I found aashi car and her dead body I was shattered at that time. I don’t know what to do I was in a state of shock I am not able to believe what happen at that time. My daughter whom I love more than anything is no more her dead body is there in front of me. She is lying lifeless in front of me I am not able to accept the fact and than ur aunty phone came and I say her about aashi car and her death and she is not able to get the shock and got a minor heart attack at that time I don’t wanna loose her as I already lost my life my daughter and now not my wife so I do all the things which is necessary to keep her healthy and alive. After all life can’t stop by going of one person or coming of someone.
Neetu:than uncle the girl who is in hospital at this time who is she??
Aashi dad: she is a look like of aashi. When we bring aashi mom to hospital I found a girl with various bandages and when I see her face she is just like aashi. For once I thought my aashi came back but when doctor say that her name is swara my thoughts get shattered and reality hits me that aashi is dead and the girl is just a look like of her. But still once again the thought of my wife came in my mind and the girl give me a hope . I thought to give a hope to her by saying swara as aashi and than plan some other story but I think destiny is also with us.
Neetu: what happen next uncle?? How destiny play its game??
Aashi dad: when I asked doctors about her parents they told me that they are no where to be found they do various things to find them but no results . I asked about her treatment and expences because now a days nobody give someone one time food and how come they manage to keep her checkup. Than the doctor say that there were a cash amount of 1 crore in her bag from where they are paying her expenses.
Neetu:1 crore rupees but uncle from where that much money came to her may be she is from a rich family or may be she is a thief.
Aashi dad: there are some files also and from that I came to know that she is from Bombay and is from a rich family but I can’t find anything about her family details just her name swara I got to know and address of a house in Bombay.
Neetu: did u go to that house uncle??
Aashi dad: yes I went to that address and the people living there say that they came their just 1 month ago and before them the house is in the name of a boy and he died in an accident and his relatives sell this house and I got to know that before the boy a family live in that house but they left the city about 3 years ago.
And nobody know where they went. And I got no information about them and swara already lost her memory she only remember the incident of her accident happening and rest is forgot about everything.
Neetu: yes uncle I know.
Flashback ends.
Sanskar: swara how she tell her about herself after she gain consciousness??
Neetu: she gain consciousness after 1 month after aashi death and 3months after her accident.
Sanskar:3 months ?? How u know about the time??
Neetu: when she gain her sense than she…….
Flashback (4and half year back):
Swara open her eyes and see the surrounding and get to know she is in hospital and see all the things nearby and get a flash where she is sitting and boy is feeding her saying u have to take care na. And she get pain in her head and she shout in pain.
Everyone came to the room and ask.
Aashi dad: how r u swara??
Swara see around and than say :me…,… Swara.
Aashi dad is shocked that why she is saying like that many questions are arising in his minds that is she swara or someone else.
Swara:is my name swara??
Aashi dad just node his head.
Swara:who r u??
He is gonna say about his identity when doctor came and say
Doctor: he is Mr. Rakesh and sir we have to do some tests please let us do that.
Aashi dad(rakesh): okay doctor I am waiting outside.
After examining swara doctor got to know she lost her memory and say this to Mr. Rakesh its like a shock to him at one side and happiness at other as his work is easy now but feeling bad that she not know anything about her family.
So he went inside and say swara

Swara:u r my dad.
Rakesh nod in yes .
Swara:why r u calling me from two names ?? What is my name between them both.
Rakesh:ur name is swara aashi.
Swara: why this type of name??
Rakesh:my doll now u take rest u need rest to get well na.
Swara:hmmmm yes.
He is about to go when swara called him.
Swara: papa .
Rakesh felt a felling of happiness capturing him but soon he remember its not aashi but swara.
Rakesh:yes beta.
Swara:what date is today.
Rakesh :why??
Swara:tell na.
Rakesh: 10/4/2012.
Swara:means I am here from three months.
Rakesh:3 months??
Swara:my accident happen on7/01/2012 na my birthday.
Rakesh don’t know what to say he is blank.
Swara:doctor uncle only say na that I remember the accident day .
Rakesh:swara what u remember about the day??
Swara: that day was my birthday I was going in my car and someone called me and wished me happy birthday and thanked him after the call I was going to home in the way the area is not so good it is forest area and I was at a cliff one side forests and the other is just nothing suddenly my car go out of track and the next moment I know my car get stick by a tree and catch fire and to safe my life I open the door and than I fall down I don’t know anything else . I am blank.
Flashback ends.
Sanskar :and how come he convince u all to call aashi means fake aashi as swara.
Neetu: he say that doctor keep her name as swara and she is known by this name and this name only make her alive the name is lucky and all and one pandit ji also say that so from now on her name is swara aashi . as u know people can do anything by hearing the name of pandits babas and all the same happen with aunty for her daughter she is able to keep any name . so from that we call her swara aashi.
Sanskar:the date 7january .
Sanskar:and how come uncle accept her as aashi .
Neetu:as we tell her about her antics and past means aashi nature she slowly start behaving like her even sometime more than her but sometime she talk so seriously that we can’t know why she talk like that but when I got to know that she is swara I got it swara may be very much mature and serious girl but aashi is different . it is said na habits can be changed but nature that can’t change because….
Sanskar:because nature is with us from birth but habits came to us by the persons living around us and the environment where we live.
Neetu:how come u know about it. Swara always say that.
Sanskar:I don’t know just my mind say that and speak it up. Someone is saying this lines to me . I don’t know who is the girl which always came up in my mind. My family also not tell me anything.
Neetu:u never try to find out??
Sanskar: I tried but nothing work?? Leave it. What’s the condition of swara. She is fine na.
Neetu:I don’t know sanskar there is only 1 month and than her operation and their is 50-50 chance . so I don’t know.
Sanskar: no this can’t happen how can she leave me like this . she have to live for me. Live with me and I am damn sure that she will live. The operation will be successful.
Neetu:I don’t know about the operation but there is one thing which can bring happiness on her face.
Sanskar: what’s that I can di anything for u her.
Neetu: her wish list.
Sanskar:what’s that??
Neetu:she never tell us. She say she will tell whom who can fulfil them all not whom which can’t .maybe she tell u.
Sanskar:I will try.


SO here the part end. Hope I don’t bore u very much and give ur comments for suggestions of wish list and if I do any mistake do tell me. Thanks for reading .and today’s game is somehow different let’s see how many of u do the game . as I know very less will do the game ….. .. And if large number do the game my imagination will go wrong……. So let’s give u the game its very simple here is the game…

Lets play A game
❣Open Ur Birthday month

❣& Jo pic ayega make dat pic as ur dp for one day 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻😉
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then your pair💏

❤january -👪happy love

💛 February – 💏Made for each other love

💚March – 💟jealousy love

💙 April – 💑caring love

💕 May -😉 naughtiness fulfilled love

💞June – 👫amazing love

💓 july – 😆fun filled love

💜 August -☺ cuteness overload love

💝 September – 😍childish love

💖 October – 😊ever green love
❤November – 😘pretty love

💗December – 😎coolest love
And yup don’t forgot to tell ur dateof both also let’s see how many do the game all the best and the status will be
Challenge accepted #my name (Radhika)

All the best

Credit to: all who read and comment love u all😃😃😘😘

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