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Thoughts on Star Plus’ shows

Hey guys, I am Cynthia and I am writing my thoughts on star plus’ shows.
Lets begin.

5:30- Janana Dil Se Door
It was a good show untill Kailash Kashyap hurting Atharva. I am hating the character of Vividha as she is creating problems. She shamelessly hugged Athrava knowing she is married. Sorry if I have hurt any Vividha fans.


6:00- Mere Angne Mein
Saas-bahu type serial, greed is included. Ammaji and Sarla are very irritating. Riya-Shivam chemistry is not going that well.

6:30-Suhani Si Ek Ladki
Had a good concept at the start, beauty vs niceness. The leaps made this serial really bad, hate the character of Yuvan, first with his foolishness he made Suhani nearly marry that psycho Sambhav, then falling in love with that ediot Baby.

7:00- Saath Nibhana Saathiya
It was a nice serial, don’t like how Gopi wants to be the great. Gopi gets too much importance. I hate Meera, she is such a mental, first she married a man twice her age, same age as her father.

7:30- Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
A very nice show, Ruhi-Ishita bonding is very cute. Pihu is dragging as well as Shagun. Hate when Raman blames Ishita for no reason.

8:00- Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil
Love the chemistry of Raghav-Naina. My fav couple. Do not like how the Mehra family considers Raghav as their servant, he is ready to do anything. Though some members hate him. Naina has such a greed brother and sister-in-law, who always cares about self comfort and money.

8:30- ChandraNandini
It is a new concept. Hated the way that Ekta changed the history just for trps. Do not like Nandini, she is so blindfolded, always pita maharaj, pita maharaj. She is very rude and mannerless. She deserves to be Helena’s slave.

9:00- Naamkarann
Its a very good concept. I love the character of Avni, she is so ambitious, but sadly she has suffer because of parents’ mistakes.

9:30- Ishqbaaz
I love the Oberoi brother’s bond. The couples are complete opposite. Tia and Daksh are dragging. So much mysterious unsolved.

10:00- Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Its a good show. Do not like the replaced Naitik. Cvs should have made season 2. Kaira is good.

10:30- POW Bandi Yuddh Ki
Haven’t watched it as it doesn’t show in the UK where I live.

Guys leave comment below to share yoir thoughts in these shows.

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