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The Recent Offair News

SwaRagini is going off air in December! This news is haunting me for the past two days.Some are saying its true and some say its fake. Can anyone please tell me what the real situation is??

This is not the right time for the show to wrap up.Lots more to come. Moreover without any promotions,the channel and the creatives cannot blame the low TRPs. The show being sidelined is very clearly known to everyone. Even Simar show was rumoured to go off air but was changed then. Will this news be the same as that?RagLak and SwaSan are getting joint track now. I just felt hopeless when I watched the show tonight. I couldn’t even enjoy it.

Somewhere I read that Swaragini is one of the most watched in UK. But who cares? I always wondered why the TRPs got stuck at 1.6 and 1.7 even after the leap and the high drama. Can anyone tell me the actual reason? If we can do something to stop this, what can we?Will Twitter trending help us?We have to celebrate 2 years of SwaRagini, first anniversary of SwaSan and Raglak and lots more…..Please suggest something friends!!

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