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the pain that continues (episode 71 )

Hi guys . sorry for mistakes if any . not proof read .
Episode 71 :
After dinner both aadit n aaru comes to room . both looks at bed n then at each other’s face .
“ don’t ask me to sleep on couch ok “ aadit said in advance .
“ if I ask u will do ? no right . by the way no need for that … we both can sleep on bed “ aaru said looking him .
“ wat ? r u sure ? “ aadit asked surprised .
“ damn sure “ aaru replied .
“ that’s great yaar “ aadit said quickly lying one bed with his hands under his head .

“ I mean how wonderful it will be to wake up in each other’s arms daily like today … first u will blush n then I will smile n give u morning peck on ur forehead aww I cant wait come lets sleep “ aadit said teasingly looking up .
Aaru rolls her eyes n goes n gets some small cushions n dumps them on bed .
“ now wats all this ? “ aadit asked still lying .
“ hmm u will see “ aaru said sitting on bed .
She starts arranging cushions in between them dividing bed in two equal portions . aadit looks on . while aaru continues placing cushions in second step too .
“ oh so u r building china wall in between us … y arrogant maheshwari only this much confidence on u “ aadit asked in teasing manner .
“ think whatever u want to … but I did this for us so that both of us sleep on one bed with out any discomfort as we r just name sake wife n husband … n by the way u don’t that much hot to me to get tempted “ aaru said lying on bed .
“ then how look hot to u ? that zombie rivan “ aadit added .


“ don’t even dare to call rivs zombie n the real zombie is u ok “ aaru said getting up .
“ o so u accept he looks hot to u “ aadit asked getting up .
Both stares each other .
“ wat ever he be to me . wat for u haa ? y I should tell u ? “ aaru asked .
“ ofcourse u should tell me … as I’m ur hus….. “ aadit stops realizing .
“ u r my …. “ aaru raising her eye brows .
Aadit looks away .
“ husband … that’s wat u r going to tell na “ aaru said teasingly .
“ go to hell . n u r right wat for me ? if that zombie looks hot to u that’s ur taste . even I have my own taste “ aadit replied .
“ who ??? “ aaru asked looking him .
“ of course maira “ aadit added .

“ omg that drama queen looks hot to u … yuck “ aaru .
“ now u don’t dare to say anything about mairu baby … have u ever seen her big eyes … her cute lips … the way she looks in short prom dress … gorgeous “ aadit said looking aaru .
Aaru looks away . aadit smiles seeing her .
“ n then her …. “ aadit about to continues .
“ enough … don’t u feel any shame to talk about random girl like this that too infront of ur …. “ even aru stops .
Aadit smiles .
“ wife . that’s wat u want to tell right “ aadit added .
Aaru gets irked .
“ I don’t have any mood to fight with u like this whole night . sleep dreaming about ur mairu baby “ aaru said looking him .
“ u don’t need to tell arrogant maheshwari . my mairu baby comes daily in my dreams . u sleep “ aadit lying on bed .
Aaru clutches her fist in irritation . she too lies on bed .
@ morning .
Aadit wakes up n off alarm in his phone . he looks at aradhya still sleeping .
“ oye don’t u want to get up or wat ? “ aadit shouted .
“ 5 min “ aaru sleepy .
“ ok take ur time . I heard dadi is coming to talk to u something “ aadit said .
Aaru gets up at once .
“ is she really coming ? “ aaru asked looking him .
Aadit shrugs his shoulders smiling n gets down from bed .
“ monster “ Aaru murmurs .
Aaru sees aadit going towards washroom .
“ aadit wait “ aaru shouts suddenly getting down from bed .
She looses balances n about to fall n aadit holds her on right time . both shares eye lock . aadit tucks her hair behind her ear . soon both realizes n moves back .
“ u will take so long to come out let me go first “ aaru said avoiding eye contact n goes to washroom .
@ maheshwari residence .
Laksh comes to aaru’s room . he looks around sadly . he recalls how aaru used to keep her room n all her masti … n smiles . later he realizes she is no more here . he becomes dull n walks out of room with sad look .
Everyone r gathered at dinning table for breakfast except laksh . Arjun comes out of his room angrily n heads to main door .
“ Arjun where u going ? “ Annapurna asked looking him .
“ to get aaru back “ Arjun replied angrily .
“ wat ?? r u mad Arjun ? she is in her sasural “ sujatha said .
“ enough of this drama . watevr happened is not at all fair . u all can be normal after all this . u all can remain silent even after wat chachu did with aaru but cant keep my mouth shut anymore . I’ll bring my sister home at any cost “ Arjun said furiously .
“ no one will bring her back “ laksh said coming down .
All looks at him .
“ n Arjun don’t interfere in my daughter’s issue “ laksh said .
“ she is my sister n I have full rights to interfere . n wat a father u r chachu … ? all these years I was so sad seeing u that aaru never accepted u as her father still u love her a lot . but I was wrong . n now I realized u don’t even deserve to be her father . “ Arjun said .
“ Arjun mind ur words “ adarsh shouted .

“ u r right Arjun . I don’t deserve to be her father also may be that’s y I failed to recognize wat she really needs n was about to destroy her life blindly “ laksh said .
Everyone r shocked .
“ wat r u saying laksh “ Annapurna asked confused .
“ haan maa . I mean it . I never gave her one chance to express herself . not even once I noticed her sadness behind her fake smile . I made her alone all these days .bcoz of me how much pain my aaru went through n I was completely unaware “ laksh said with moist eyes .

Every one r more confused .
“ chachu I don’t understand wat u r trying to say at all ? but I just know one thing u did wrong by sending aaru like this . n now I will rectify it by bringing her back home “ Arjun said n about to go .
“ to separate the ones who r living just for each other is a big sin Arjun “ laksh said .
“ aaradhya n aadit love each other ? “ arjun asked shockingly .
“ yes … “ laksh replied .
Fb is shown where laksh hearing all aaru n aadit convo on rivan n disha wedding day outside home . laksh gets shocked . laksh comes inside before aaru n aadit can see him .
“ that means aradhya n aadit r in love with each other . “ Arjun shockingly .
“ n bcoz of me they both got separated … so I rectified my mistake by making them one … it doesn’t matter to me in wat way I just want them to be together forever n for this if i have to stay from aaradhya I can take it . only aaradhya happiness matters to me . “ laksh said .
Arjun comes to laksh n holds his hands .
“ I’m so sorry chachu . I thought really wrong about u . plz forgive me . but chachu malhotra family n our terms r not gud n that old lady was so angry on that day . wat about our aradhya there ? is she eally alright ? “ Arjun asked with concern .
“ she will be as she is with aadit . we have seen how aadit risked his own life without thinking once to save aaradhya that much love he have in his heart . he can save aaru from anything . I accept now misunderstanding r created between them but still love over comes everything . don’t worry Arjun . “ laksh said confidently .
“ but chachu bcoz of all this again aaradhya will start hating u . “ Arjun said .
“ doesn’t matter much Arjun . more than me I want aadit to be with her . “ laksh said with teary eyes .
Arjun hugs laksh . everyone becomes emotional .
@ malhotra mansion .
All elders r sitting in hall as maira n rajesh arrived .
“ whatever happened a big sorry from us rajesh . “ dadi said .
“ no revathiji . don’t be sorry its all consequences of situation . “ rajesh said politely .
“ that’s it dad … “ maira at once .
Every one looks at her .
“ beta I can understand ur feeling but aadit n aaradhya r married now “ parvathi said looking her .
“ maa plz don’t mix up things . how can they be wife n husband when they don’t even accept . “ maira impatiently .

“ all things wont happen with acceptance maira . some things will happen according to fate . we have to accept . “ rajesh said to maira .
“ papa I don’t believe in this fate n all . but I know about aaradhya . she must be not even ready to accept aadit as her husband even now … but already I accepted aadit as my husband . how can u all do this to me now ? “ maira shouts with tears .
Aadit n aaru comes down . n both gets shocked hearing all this . maira looks at aadit n runs to him n hugs . aaradhya is taken aback for a moment . aadit looks at aaradhya .
“ aadit see everyone telling all nonsense “ maira still hugging aadit .
Aadit breaks hug .
“ maira first calm down . “ rajesh coming to maira .
“ no dad I cant be . u all only said na I’m going to get married to aadit . u all decided . now how can u break our relation without any reason . “ maira said louder .
“ without any reason ? wat maira they r married . aaradhya is aadit’s wife now . “ usha said .
“ nonsense bademaa . there relation is a forced one n can be accepted for nothing . n to be frank that is not at all marriage . just a drama . “ maira said .
Aadit n aaru both becomes furious hearing this . but aadit waiting for aaradhya’s answer .

“ right aadit . tell them na even u wont accept aaradhya as ur wife …. “ maira asked .
Aadit looks at aaradhya . while aaradhya is glaring at aadit . while all family member expect dadi n alok r waiting for aaradhya to answer maira as they all know wat is aadit’s mind .
“ maira wo…. “ aadit started .

Aaradhya holds aadit’s hand . aadit looks at her . maira becomes furious n glares at aaradhya who is already looking maira angrily . aaradhya drags aadit with her .
“ wat the hell r u doing aaradhya “ maira shouted .
“ taking my husband with me n I hope for this I don’t need anyone’s permission “ aaradhya said firmly .
Aadit stares her . aaradhya walks away taking aadit with her holding his hand tighter .
“ maira I think u got ur answer . come lets go beta “ rajesh said .
“ nahi papa . still matter is incomplete . n I will only come after clearing all this . “ maira said stubbornly .
“ don’t act chldish maira “ rajesh said .
“ childish ? its not her childishness rajesh . this is her dare . now we r completely aware of her love for aadit . she is right still there r many things to know clearly in this home . maira have full rights to stay here . till six months maira will stay with us . after six months aadit n aaradhya will decide about their relation . n I’m sure that girl will surely leave this house . she don’t want to be with us . then maira can hold aadit’s hand with right “ dadi said .
“ but … “ rajesh .

“ dad plz . its my life let me decide it . I can marry no one except aadit . I cant live without him . when we know aaradhya n aadit’s relation going to break then y I should break my dreams . I will stay here only dad . it gonna be the same place where I have to stay for my whole after six months . plz let me “ maira pleaded .
“ ok maira . I hope u r going in right way . if aaradhya n aadit decides to be together even after six months then u have come with me forever “ rajesh said .
“ I will dad “ maira said .
Rajesh kisses her fore head n leaves .

@ aadit room .
Aaru drags aadit to room n leaves his hand angrily . aadit holds her hand . aaradhya looks away . he pulls her to him holding her waist .
“ leave me “ aaru said neutrally .
“ pakadna chodna sab kuch tumhari marzi hai kya ? “ aadit replied .
“ haan meri marzi hai . tume kya problem hai ? oh sorry i stopped u infront of everyone na so that’s y u r angry on me . I know ur answer monster . ur dirty mind remember we r in relationship . wife n husband relationship . “ aaru said angrily .
“ do u really know my answer ? “ aadit asked .
“ I don’t care wat ever be ur answer . “ aaru replied .
“ oh really then y did u stop me infront of every one . y u brought me here “ aadit asked .
“may be this relation is not accepted one from heart for us . but I cant let anyone insult this relation . “ aaru said .
“ so this relation is not accepted from heart for u . right “ aadit asked .
“ right “ aaru replied looking him .

Aadit rubs her eyes with his thumb still holding her .
“ then y this tears in ur eyes ? when u don’t accept from heart y all maira words affecting ur heart this much “ aadit asked .
Aaru looks away .
“ tell me ? now I’m not going to leave u without answer . y r u in tears ? “ aadit asked
“ I don’t want to answer u. leave me “ aaru said trying to push him back .
“ u have to “ aadit holding her more tighter .
Both get so close that they can feel each other warm breath . aaradhya tries to move back but both falls on bed .aadit on top of her . aaru tries to get up . but aadit pinned her against bed .
“ I said I need answer aaradhya “ aadit asked .

“ I don’t want to answer u n I cant “ aaru shouted with tears .
Both stares each other . both gets themselves lost feeling so close o each other . aaradhya feels tight grip on her hands becomes soothing touch . she looks at aadit whose eyes filled with a lot of emotions . aadit runs his fingers on her cheek . he leans forward slowly n kisses her neck curve . n aaradhya’s heart skips its beats for his sudden move . but she too gets lost soon . while aadit making it long intense kiss . aaradhya holds his jacket tighter . aadit moves to her cheek n plots intense kiss being so lost in aaradhya . he moves lil back n looks at aaradhya . aaradhya too looks at him . they shares intense eye lock . aadit leans in closing his eyes to kiss to her lips . aaradhya closes her eyes .
Maira is standing at door becomes furious seeing this n breaks vase n hides . aadit n aaru gets back to sense n looks at door n finds no one . both again looks at each other . aaru looks at aadit holding her hands still .

aadit leaves her . both gets up n sits . Aaradhya feels really embarrassed so she looks away . while aadit staring her thinking y she didn’t stop him . aaradhya get up from bed suddenly n about to head out . her dupatta falls on ground . aadit picks it up . he goes to aaradhya . aaradhya looks at aadit in mirror . he places dupatta on her shoulder properly . he inhales her fragrance closing his eyes . later he too looks into mirror .
“ u r really dangerous to my health arrogant maheshwari “ aadit said looking her in mirror .
Aadit goes away . aaradhya is still looking into mirror . aadit comes out of room . both recalls wat just happened n both smiles wider at a time .

Precap : far or close ….

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