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the magical ishqbaaz ep 9

hi guys…..i am so sad now…i dont want Obama to leave…i love him so much as a president.he is very funny nd kind..but in other side i am happy coz both my countries r rocking…the 500 nd 1000rs ban on india nd the excessive no of people who want to come into canada from usa that our immigration sites have crashed!!!!!!but i guess trump will be beneficial for india as he loves india nd modi

lets begin————————————————


shivaay tries a lot to make anika smile but fails nd atlast dozes off
anika hasnt seen harry since the results
anika:ron??where is harry
ron:i dont know

anika:come on…u r his bff
ron:who told…i have no relation with him….so stop asking about him
anika:but i have!!!he is my brother!!!so i will find him myself
ron:ohhh…so now u r leaving ur brother for him….
ron starts to shed some tears…ron: was never important to anyone…mom,dad,fred,george,percy….but i thought harry herm nd u were with me but harry….he betrayed me…nd u r also supporting him
anika hugs ron…..

harry has become very depressed now adays as ron nd others were not believing him…only herm ,hagrid,sirius,barry,nd shawn believes him
the gryffindors were returning after their summoning charm class
.harry: shawn i wanna tell u somehing
shawn: sure harry…go on

harry: i have really become close to u ….nd u r same like herm nd ron for me…so please dont leave me or doubt me…u guys r the only people left with me
shawn: harry come on….i will never leave u dude
harry nd shawn share a friendly hug
harry started considering shawn as a part of his family …nd dumbledore has given shivomru,barry nd shawn have got permission to be a student of hogwarts the entire year

harry:my scar pains rarely nowadays u know
shawn shocked: harry!!!!u must write to sirius immediately…but doest that mean voldemort is somewhere near
harry:chill…i wrote to sirius already…..nd he has asked me to come to the gryffindor common room today at 1 am…but how will voldemort be here??
shawn:what if that mean that…you know who…is becoming stronger nd not that he is somewhere around here
in library
anika:today i am gonna meet cedric….
shivaay:mh…i found the girls name….she is tia william robert
anika:so i am gonna tell i am in love with him too…coz i dont like keeping things with in me
shivaay:ya ok….u better kiss him also…nd tommo get married nd day after tomorrow u will have children itself in ur speed
annika laughs…but i have never kissed anyone…not even harry
shivaay:so…lets rehears it dude

anika:wht???!!with whom
shivaay: with me…
anika:ok…but its not a lovely one…its friendly ok?
shivaay:smirks nd says ok(feels happy within himself
Anika gets up and kisses shivaay cheek nd runs towards cedric
no precap guys


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